Oh, dear! The Left is disenchanted with Chuck Todd?

Yes, lefties are quite annoyed.

As we reported, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu tag-team mocked Chuck Todd during their joint presser in Israel. President Obama, of course, got snippy when an actual question slipped out.

He doesn’t like questions, you know.

Poor Chuck must be licking his wounds in the lapdog house.


Pitifully, Andrea Mitchell dons her cheerleader outfit.

Oh, but it does not end there. Twitter has now been tagged in, and continues with the hilarious mockery. It’s a win-win! President Obama showed his usual snippy and sneering contempt “charm,” and Chuck Todd showed his mockable “real journalism.”

So, Twitter has come up with some more questions for Mr. Todd.

We’ll catch you up: Take it away, Twitter, in “bipartisan’ form!


Chuck Todd mockery is the new reaching across the aisle!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6YMEYFCV2MVO2RIRDZ54WUSG6A Marianne

    During the 2012 campaign, every time Chuck Todd got to ask a question at a presidential news conference, the question was always the same: “Mr. President, is there anything I can do, anything at all, to help you get re-elected?”

  • Scott Carroll

    Anyone notice at the end of the clip Obama gave Todd his patented Passive/Aggressive Pretend Like I’m Scratching My Chin Middle Finger Salute?

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.a.white.16 Joseph A White

      And with his other hand I believe he was clutching at his crotch…..

    • nottasheep

      That was the first thing I noticed!

    • nottasheep

      That was the first thing I noticed!

    • papertiger0

      Aww come on. He’s the President of the United States. If he wanted to flip off a surly reporter, he would have whipped the dirty digit out there for the world to see. You wouldn’t have to read between the fingers.

      I’m thinking it was just an aborted nose pick.

  • Billie Slash

    Chuck Todd is a polyp.

    • NeoKong

      That would be a promotion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.a.white.16 Joseph A White

      And Andrea Mitchell is just passing through…..

      • CitizenEgg

        Andrea has her head so far up Obama’s azz she can see Chris Matthew’s cankles.

  • 3seven77

    Did you notice Obama gave Todd the ol’ “one finger salute” right at the end as he “scratched” his cheek? Same gesture Hillary got when she got out of line.

  • Stan

    I can’t wait for Chucky to spin this around, if he can.

  • Matt

    I love that liberals have this strange view that guys like Todd are right wing and the minute they criticize the President, he’s heading to work at Fox. Though if it comes down to a choice between Todd and Obama, I’d pick Todd.