Another year, another unspecified virus!

Once again, the mystery illness known as “CPAC Plague” has hit many happy warriors hard, after last weekend’s CPAC 2013. It’s mysterious, but it’s real.

It is real, but it is not spectacular, as these victims can attest.

Oh, dear. Yes, it is. We feel for you. We feel for all of you. Oh, the humanity.

Nope. Magically, some others avoided the nefarious plague.

Braggart! Did you bogart all the hand sanitizer? Redistribute the sanitizer!  This Twitter user and CPAC attendee also managed to avoid the plague. But at what cost?


Feel better, all!

  • Tangchung

    It was first time most of them were in same room as Liberal media reporters covering the event. Immune system needs to build up liberal media anti-virus.

  • DarkKnight2016

    God is punishing conservatives for not being Christ like.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      Not all conservatives are Christians. I’m not.

    • J. Cox

      Stupidest reply of the day…tell me,is it Christ like to kill 55 million babies?Is it Christ like to Boo God?Please tell me how great you progs are at being Christ like.

      • DarkKnight2016

        Is it Christ like to call children of immigrants anchor babies? Is it Christ like to berate another faith like many on the hard right do to Muslims? Is it Christ like to attempt to dictate to others using your faith as justification? I love when you on the FAR-right call anyone who criticizes you a progressive or liberal. I am center-right.

        • J. Cox

          Q1…yes..that is the can call them whatever the heck you want.And..they are illegals,immigrants do not need to pop out a kid to stay.Glad to know being PC is better than following the law.
          Q2…Are all members of the right Christians now?So no one on the left says bad things about Islam?<—-pointless question since you know is is the same as calling out SQUIRREEEEELLLLLLLL to deflect the point of your 1st post…which is still pointless.Unless of course,you think that group-think is the way to go.
          Q3 Please cite an example of where the right is "dictating" just want the left to dictate to everyone and that's progressive right?And BS on you being center right..your democrat lite,and don't have the guts to say it.

 calling people out not acting "Christ-like"…just self answered your 3rd question,but please…do tell everyone else how to behave,and espouse how great of a Christian you are while passive-aggressively attacking others.I also want to know…did God tell you he was punishing cons for not being more like you?

          • DarkKnight2016

            1) It’s not being politically correct, it is respecting a child of God.
            2) Children of God are children of God regardless of their nationality or legal status.
            3) Yes when you believe that all Muslims must be defeated it is not being evil. I know many Muslims who aren’t terrorists. Puritan Christians are not so innocent.
            4) Do you not attempt to force your beliefs on others? I do not want anyone dictating to one another.
            5) Oh please, stop listening to Moron Levin. To be honest most of America is moderate, not conservative.
            6) I didn’t tell anyone how to behave, good job reading what I wrote. I haven’t attacked you, have I?

          • J. Cox

            Another drivel filled post deflecting the truth.You are telling me not to call illegals who have babies in the U.S. anchor babies because it hurts who’s feelings exactly?Yours most likely…And again..If non-Christians do it…are you not FORCING your belief on them…”Children of God are children of God regardless of their nationality or legal status.”..Please…what part of illegal confuses you?I am sure breaking the law is Christ-like right?

            Who is Moron Levin?You assume way too much….but that is easier than say,I dunno,thinking perhaps.You are nothing more than a passive aggressive hypocrite.A 3rd grader reading your post can see that,and you using God as your justification to attack people on the right is downright pitiful. / “God is punishing conservatives for not being Christ like.” / remember that? It is you using God to push YOUR belief on an entire party….then stating its not Christlike to dictate beliefs.How you can’t see the irony of your dreck is beyond me….but come back and make more assumptions.It’s not like you haven’t made a complete ass of yourself yet.

    • shimauma

      you’re confused, God is giving conservatives an immunity build up to future libturd exposure.

      • DarkKnight2016

        No, God doesn’t like the Christian right using his name to act as dictators to others.

        • shimauma

          It’s funny to see a secular libturd like yourself interpreting what God doesn’t or does like. Whyn’t you just go scuttle off to your atheist commune with your dumb observances and carve out some fake god like barry hussien obama to worship.
          Or better yet go find a God loving evangalistic church that’ll help you read the Bible and see for real what God does and doesn’t like.

          • DarkKnight2016

            I am not a liberal atheist genius. I am Roman Catholic

  • Netmilsmom

    I got the CPAC Plague and I didn’t even go to CPAC.
    It’s just something going around.

    • Lady 12


  • Finrod Felagund

    Lots of large conventions have this happen, from Dragon*Con on down to the smaller geek conventions. It’s often known as Con Crud, and is a natural fallout from having a number of people together in a limited space for multiple days.

  • $23629333

    Maybe – next time – the members of the Demedia should be quarantined.

  • font9a

    i don’t know whether to change my views on antivaxx