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Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer  tweeted out some ideas for growing the GOP this morning. He is part of a reform committee that is unveiling its report today.

He previewed some of the ideas in tweets.

Some praised the ideas, including members of the media, natch.

Interesting, but many are wondering if this is Democrat Lite.


Will any of that be in the full proposal?

Stay tuned.

Update: Report released:

  • Republicanvet

    Can someone PUHLEEEEEZE fix the Twitchy droid app? Posts sometimes don’t show up, show up with tweets chopped up, or in the case this morning, the top 4 posts don’t show up at all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

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  • Susan Poper Gordon

    If this is the plan – I have NO party.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      And no matter how many times we tell them this, they don’t consider that a “recommendation.”

  • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

    As far as amnesty is concerned- I think the Republicans only need to make clear just how many people are going though the proper channels to become citizens only to be pushed back by the illegals- I really don’t think the general low info public has a clue. They just think the nasty republicans hate Mexicans, lol.
    They do however, need to embrace marriage equality. CPAC showed that by the empty seats at the pro- marriage conference vs. the packed seats for marriage equality. BTW, I thought it was a tiny step forward for Buzzfeed to report that there are in fact, conservatives that are FOR marriage equality.
    And for crying out loud they need to debunk the myth that republicans hate poor people and minorities. That being a black Republican is not being an Uncle Tom, but a free thinker. They need to push back the media at every turn and explain that giving a hand up>>>>> hand out. Dr. Carson is doing a good job of it.
    And lastly, whether you agree with their policies or not, everyone should be supporting ALL the up and comers like Rand, Rubio, Cruz and Lee till the very end. I think they are showing a united front and everyone should embrace that whether you think one of them is a RINO or not . Better yet, stop saying the word RINO, lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

      Agree 100% Jimni. There is already a grass root/ground swell that is doing exactly what Conservatives should have been for the last 20+ years. These RINO’s are just trying to stay in the game; I am done with them…

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Jim, I’m with you other than marriage “equality.” Unless government gets entirely out of legally defining marriage, “equality” means including whatever group next wants to be “married.” Even including homosexuals will change many existing laws and affect benefits in government and private sector.

      Including homosexuals will set the precedent that no other group can be denied this “equality.” The obvious guess will be “trans-sexuals”, which will lead to government funded treatments and operations. But there will be polygamists, incest, and eventually the lowering of the age of consent to pre-teens. There are already people advocating that in public

      Now consider the combinations. Are we OK with a legal and “equal” marriage being 3 brothers, one of whom is a girl but wants to be a boy? It’s not that far fetched. Are we OK with forcing a business to pay benefits for 4 spouses of one employee?

      My contention is that just because something is a good idea (which I don’t think this is), it doesn’t always make a good law.

      • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

        As long it’s two adults who want to make a commitment to each other, I am fine with it. Traditional marriage should be through the church. Civil unions should be at the state level.

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

          That’s the LEGAL question here. Will you be as supportive when it’s more than two adults? Will you be ok when your business is forced by law to honor marriage benefits for 3 “wives?” 4 “husbands?” How many adults do you support for marriage as long as “they love each other?

          When the political push is on to change “adult” from 18 or 16 to 12, will you be as supportive? You don’t really believe in 2013 that this will stop with homosexual “marriage” being legal in all 57 states do you?

          How supportive will you be when the legal definition for “consenting” is about to be changed to include people not mentally able to make decisions and animals? Yeah that’s stupid, but consider it’s the year 2027 and America hasn’t financially collapsed. How far are you willing to legislate and codify what “consenting” “adults” can legally do, and our entire legal and business systems must be forced to honor?

          You don’t have to answer, but if you can’t look down the road and put it in the perspective of what our current legal system has become, you are remaining willfully naive.

          • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

            People always want to progressively push the definition. Give an inch take a mile. They are lucky I am willing to give an inch, but it stops there. Some Libertarian’s are fine with polygimal or incestual relationships if love is the only qualifier. I am not in that camp. I agree it may/will get progressively ridiculous but I am willing to make a small concession, very small.

            We all know this push isn’t pro gay, it’s anti Christian. I am not a ‘gay marriage support’ so it’s a hard concession to make…ugh.

          • AMSilver

            If you know this is an opening salvo to try and get further and further changes made to the laws that govern our society, and you aren’t happy about making that first small concession – why make it? Why give them the first victory – a victory that won’t really increase the rights of gays, but will provide footing to take away the religious and moral liberties of the vast majority of the population?

          • GTFOBigGovt

            Why are you thinking marriage equality “won’t really increase the rights of gays”? Is that even an argument anyone is making in the real world?

            And with what logic or constitutional or legal basis are you thinking it’s ok to dictate fewer/limited rights for gay Americans?

            Can you prove that being gay is a choice? Or do you believe they should just accept that whyever they’re gay, they should just go through their insignificant 80 year lifespan and buck up and accept they’re not worthy of the rights YOU have even though they are the same 100% flesh and blood citizen that YOU are?

            Until a cow can sign a legal document, he cannot enter into marriage.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            Until people lobby for the cow to be considered a “consenting adult”, and then the cow can be married. You are thinking of next week. Libs and Regressives think decades down the road.

            I can no more prove homosexuality is a choice than you can that it is an inborn trait. However, science and medicine have yet to find any reason, other than a mental disorder, for that behavior.

            I’m not arguing that they are insignificant, merely that they are not a distinct species and deserving of special legislation.

          • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

            It’s essentially a birth defect. I sent you links a couple weeks ago on epigenetic androgen signaling. More research needs to be done and not every ‘gay’ person is born gay. I do however truly believe for about 6% of human beings it happens in the womb.

          • GTFOBigGovt

            I CAN ABSOLUTELY “prove it”. Having grown up with a gay brother who prayed to God every night to wake up as a normal person who could find a place in society. His orientation was completely obvious from an age too young to be influenced by ANY environmental factors. Our father believed that every boy, especially gay, needed to learn marksmanship and martial arts and sent us both. (I’m a girl). But it was always ME clocking the awful people attacking him. In martial arts class, my brother used to cry because he didn’t want to remove his socks. He used to say to our mom “You’re asking too much of me” when she complained about the sock issue…at age FOUR.

            We both “played” sports. One of us actually played and the other one killed time picking up the “flowers” (weeds) out of the grass on the field. You can guess who was who. And I’m straight.

            He was born a sweet and gentle soul. As were the 100’s of his friends I knew.

            Furthermore, gender variance has been documented since the beginning of documented civilization see circa 500-400 BC Plato’s Symposium. Aristophanes. I realize that being Greek, I’ve had to study all that but a bit of UNBIASED research like actually KNOWING gay people would change the hearts and minds of many people. Native American Two Spirit beliefs were here way before today’s culture and Two Spirit people were considered having a special gift.

            And as gay people feel more courage to live openly, it will happen. Maybe not in my lifetime but it WILL. :)

          • GTFOBigGovt

            WAIT. I just reread your post. “not a distinct species and deserving of special legislation”. Special legislation and laws prohibiting two members of the same species are already on the books. I really don’t understand your point there. You’re sort of making mine. We ARE all one species.

          • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

            Let’s talk traditional marriage for a sec. You remember the show Frasier? How is it okay that Kelsey Grammer has been married 4 times and his co star David Hyde Pierce has been with the same man for 25 years ( recently married). Which one do you consider the traditional marriage and which one is making it a mockery?

          • Cambria

            You missed his point. The real question is, where will we draw the line?

      • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

        I just have to ask- do you have anyone in your real life that has come out as gay? Just like GTFO said above, as more people come out of the closet, chances are you are going to know many more gay people in the future, and that DOES change minds. Just in the last two years, four of my kids’ friends have, and it’s heartbreaking to see how they struggle to let their parents know. The more people you get to know who are the more you will realize this is NOT something someone would choose to go through willingly because of it being a “choice”. It is not a choice, it is not a lifestyle.

        I think it’s not fair to try to bring in other factors like the three wives/ brothers/ whatever. One issue at a time. Those other things are not even on the table right now. No one is asking anyone to change their personal beliefs, just understand that being in favor of marriage equality is quickly becoming the norm/ majority. I have no problem with it being a state issue, because a lot of states/ regions are more deeply religious as a whole.

        BTW- my name’s not Jim, but my husband’s is 😉 Jim and I, get it? :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

          Hey Ni, google epigenetic androgen signaling, it’s really interesting. New research has come to light very recently (last couple months).

          I totally agree with one issue at a time. To make the leap to incest, bestiality, and polygamy at this point is premature. Those arguments are definitely different and separate issues.

          • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

            That IS interesting. And just another reason why the brain should be on the forefront of research and funding. So much we don’t know, and so many misconceptions about how it works.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Exactly. Fighting marriage equality is a headstrong,stubborn, uninformed, naive and losing proposition. Worst case scenario, marriage equality eventually WILL HAPPEN through attrition. Changed by hearts not the law.

      People saying traditional marriage should be through the church and not the government is an idealistic pipe dream. Even though I am fully supportive of marriage equality, nothing would make me happier than to see government out of that business but it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN. Hello? Taxes, divorce, custody and property resolutions? That horse has left the barn. You can’t get tort reform for healthcare, you’re going to get millions of lawyers to give up divorce/tax practice, and the IRS to have a complete re-write BEFORE marriage equality? – just for starters?

      Traditional marriage is already through the state. Until you can disaggregate marriage from all federal and state jurisdiction that’s an non argument.

      It’s also an impossible argument to win once you KNOW a gay person (i.e. your own son or daughter) and look them in the eye insisting that they want to change laws to allow group marriage or marriage to a cow.

      Lastly, outside of the “slippery slope” argument about what MIGHT come up in the future, like wanting to marry your cow, there is NO rational argument to prevent a gay person from entering traditional marriage other than the last resort: religion “cuz God said so”. Good luck with that one. It’s as successful as telling people they can’t use any birth control, *facepalm.. That religious argument ALSO has no place at “state” level.

      Let’s be real. The problem with marriage equality is nothing more than the ick factor. While there’s a valid concern for children not being raised with a close association with both genders as a parent, THAT argument doesn’t pass the smell test of “let marriage be a factor of ONLY the church”, either.Can’t have it both ways.

  • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

    Democrat Lite© is exactly what this is. The fact is the Tea Party does speak to the ‘young people’ once they realize what the message is. I am feed up with establishment Repub’s thinking we need to go moderate to ‘fix’ the party.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Hey, Ari! Here’s a recommendation to attract young people, stop trying to be DEMOCRATS! They already have that choice to vote for, and they give them “free” stuff!

    How about telling them every day, how much money they owe during the remainder of their lives, or else offer discount editions of Rosetta Stone – Mandarin.

    • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

      Do you have kids? Have you ever tried to tell a young adult about consequences? They aren’t thinking of the future- they live in the here and now and they know nothing about future planning. You do, however, need to talk in their language, and use things like humor and social networking to do it.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        And you can’t communicate financial bleakness and consequences of overspending with humor and social networking? Then just tell them to vote Democrat so you don’t upset them.

        I talk to my kids all the time. They’re both into their 30s and making better choices than I ever did at their age.

        • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

          Same here Tug. EVERYDAY! ~_^

      • Michael Anderson (WB)

        I talk to my kids all the time about their futures. My oldest is 14 and working hard because he PLANS to go to the Air Force Academy.
        Kids have to face their future in their early teens long before they can vote. They’re best served if they are aware of what’s going on in the world around them.

        • http://twitter.com/jimni27 Jimni27

          I know that, and you know that, but I’m sorry, most kids will not head the warnings or plan until they are left to their own devices. Your oldest is 14? Wait until you take them into freshman orientation to college and find out most kids change their major 5 times.

    • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

      The biggest problem with your approach is that they don’t ever expect the piper to come calling for all that debt we’ve racked up. They truly expect that the “Millionaires and Billionaires” will be forced to just write a check and absolve us of all these trillions of dollars.

      The only way to get them to realize the gravity of the situation is to make them feel some pain over it. And since our governing officials have mastered the game of “kick the can down the road”, that isn’t happening any time soon.

  • Steve_J

    I’ve had enough “compassionate conservatism”, which was nothing but big government expansion and big government give aways.

  • Maxx

    First off, we have to stop assigning evil to the word “caring” with this self defeating attachment of the word to moderate and Democrat. When did caring about your neighbor suddenly become strictly a liberal idea that should be maligned? Reagan damn sure didn’t run on “me, myself and I.” We have allowed the left to paint the right as a collection of people who only care about the rich which in of itself, is a preposterous association unless of course you think the 59M people who voted for Romney were all millionaires.

    This notion that caring about our own citizenry somehow translates into entitlements, giveaways and a weakening of our party is ludicrous. If I help my neighbor find a job, is that a bad thing? Does that make me a liberal? We must return to the days when conservatives were known as the party of helping hands. Let the other folks continue to be known as the hand-outs.

    Romney was correct. There will always be a segment of the population that wants to be breast fed economically. However, I live in south Florida and I see the work ethic of Hispanics. Performing tasks and jobs I know very few others would even consider. Why are these incredibly hard-working people NOT conservative? We are the party of self-sufficiency and hard work. We are the party that fixes our own problems and doesn’t blame them on everyone else. Hispanics should be voting for conservatives 3 to 1 over liberals and so should Asians but we’ve allowed ourselves to be painting as a party which simply doesn’t care about those less fortunate than ourselves. Look at how support from both factions have fallen off a cliff since 2000.

    Now, I expect a down arrow from the left because they don’t want to see conservatives helping their base but if you’re a conservative who “down arrows” my observation, you need to ask yourself why you think it’s a bad thing that conservatives should care about those less fortunate than ourselves? We don’t have to become Democrats to help others. Isn’t that why our politicians run for political office in the first place….to help ALL Americans? Do you think Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are in this to find the solutions to the problems of millionaires?

    We must acknowledge the changing landscape of this country and open our arms to others by following the Reagan model…proudly celebrating the value of conservatism and the joy of accomplishment following fruits not given…

    …but earned.

    Do that…and the votes will come…just as they did when Reagan won 49 out of 50.

    • http://www.facebook.com/138900508 Patrick Dennehy

      Hispanics are by enlarge Christian, as well, so it really makes no sense that they would vote Dem. It’s really that the message has been distorted, it’s not that we don’t want them, it just needs to be legal and orderly immigration. We need to Christian model of Caritas. That is the message we need to send. Exactly right helping hands not hand outs.

    • Stone Bryson

      Mouthful of truth, Maxx. Well said…

    • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

      I’m originally from Northern California, and I agree with you 110% Maxx. Hispanics in CA, and elsewhere for that matter, are some of the hardest working, dedicated & dependable. They do the complete SH!T jobs that you cannot get a single “looking for work” lefty to even answer the phone for…. And very conservative. Most can’t vote “legally” but many I know are in the US on work visas, so they are here permanently, essentially. The reason they turn toward dumbocraps is they feel the rebups want to ship them back to their countries of origin, which are poor, corrupted & dangerous, thanks in part to Holder and this administration.
      What is the answer? I have a few ideas. Amnesty not being one, but a lot of these people have been here for YEARS, have children & grandchildren that are US citizens. Deportation is NOT the answer.

      • Cambria

        I live in a rural area of Southern California and the majority of Hispanics down here are devout Catholics and hard workers. Liberals are trying to change that though…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQIGXRVWW5XRETNV25R4FATCOM ssenecal5000

        Yeah great idea , don’t deport the law breakers, because you like them
        Folllow the current laws, which are already the fairest in the world
        ALL illegals must go home

        • Lady 12

          If they refuse to become legal, yes. People have died trying to escape tyrannies and get to America (Elian Gonzalez’s mother comes to mind.) They have absolutely no excuse to not become legal citizens.

        • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

          -You go with that. It’s working.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQIGXRVWW5XRETNV25R4FATCOM ssenecal5000

      Moron, the “hispanics” in south Florida are cubans and all legal.

      • Maxx

        Only 32% of the Hispanics in Florida are Cuban and by and large, they traditionally vote conservative already (Romney carried the Cuban-American vote). However, 28% of Latinos in Florida are from Puerto Rico and they voted for Obama 83-17 percent in 2012. Not good.


        Finally, where I live in south Florida, there are very few Cubans.

        Please educate yourself, a declaration teeming with ignorance is not a solution.

  • Guest

    Okay I know millions read this – please copy and RT this Tweet:

    RT @conteach #FSC Party – Fiscal and Social Conservatives. RT if this is YOU! .@GOP ->LOST #Opportunity #war

  • Susan Poper Gordon

    Okay I know millions read this – please copy and RT this Tweet:

    RT @conteach: #FSC Party – Fiscal and Social Conservatives. RT if this is YOU! .@GOP ->LOST #Opportunity #war

  • Marie

    Every single argument for the ridiculous farce that is “gay marriage” is largely emotional and has zero to do with logic or facts.

    If that many CPAC attendees bought that “marriage equality” crap, then CPAC and the Republican Party is not for me. I am tired of being told that I have to give up my first amendment rights just to make the poor widdle gays feel better about themselves.

    That, by the way, is the goal of this “marriage equality” crap (nice euphemism, by the way. Taking propaganda lessons from Goebbels?). It is the eradication of Christianity from society. It’s already happening in states where Christian owned businesses are forced to do business with these..people, or are fined for not wanting to do business with them.

    • http://twitter.com/Carvaughall Pabs C Carvajal

      Good leave the party at once and join the Democrats or dixiecrats! That’s where intolerant ppl belong. I’m for the Liberty Constitution Lincoln GOP

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQIGXRVWW5XRETNV25R4FATCOM ssenecal5000

        No , you belong in the Democraty party if you think sexual desires, or any desire themselves emit rights
        Homosexuals demanding to have their relationships recorded by the government , without the government having a compelling reason to do so, is the OPPOSITE of small government.
        The Government should only do what it has a compelling reason to do. It does have a compelling reason to record the relationships of heterosexual couples to secure the biological rights of children. in a court of law This insure that daddy is financially responsible for his children and the taxpayers are off the hook

    • thoughtsfromflorida

      What first amendment rights are you “being told you have to give up”?

      I am unaware of any country that allows gay marriage, nor any state in the U.S. that does, where Christianity as been eradicated from society. How does requiring a business not discriminate according to the law equate to “eradication of Christianity from society”?

      Since you seem to be objecting to a business owner being required to abide by the anti-discrimination laws which are in place where the business operates, are you pressing for the repeal of the Civil Rights Act and the protections it provides regarding discrimination based upon religious belief?

      No one has been fined for “not wanting to do business with” gay people. “Wanting” or “not wanting” is not covered under law. “Doing” is covered under the law.

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    The political ability to stop the Leviathan is already gone. Look at Boehner, we elect supposed conservatives and they stab us in the back. Yeah, I will go the Ghandi route, my response, peaceful non compliance to the District of Corruption. Your move tyrants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.a.white.16 Joseph A White

    To the devil with the GOP. I’m all for the third party called “The Conservative Party”.. A party that is actually conservative and NOT willing to compromise principles for the “big tent”.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    I read through a bit of this “report”. I was shocked at the lack of genuine understanding in its pages. This report,basically, is just pandering to the establishment portion of republicans. You will find rationalization for all the warm fuzzy “Moderate” ideas. The one thing I did find in the pages was this……our campaigns spend nothing to nearly nothing in the ethnic/minority media sources. How is anyone going to even HEAR the message if we do not send it? This is unreal. Our policies have something for everyone,we just need to do a better job tailoring the message. I am being kind….we need to actually try. This report wants the republicans…..just like dems, to divide people into their groups of like individuals,thereby eliminating the individual. This is simply unacceptable. Liberty and freedom to BE an individual and be free of over-reaching government have always been what (I thought) to be what the repubs were all about. If this is what the squishies want, they can have it. I will no longer consider myself even affiliated with these folks.

  • Burn_the_Witch

    Read the report. A bunch of consultant fluff. Trying to figure out the last war on their terms.


  • GaryTheBrave

    Let me make this real simple for Ari. People want to be on successful teams AND they want to personally benefit from being on the team.

    If the GOP wants to attract all these people they must define their principles, their mission, and their goals and explain how the INDIVIDUAL benefits. It’s Basic Sales 101: Features and Benefits. This also holds true for Conservatives. (Note I did not imply that GOP meant Conservative.)

  • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

    The only way to save conservatism is to get rid of the DC consultant class like Ari Fleischer, Karl Rove, and Bill Kristol. These people have lost us two straight elections now by trying to play the moderate card, it isn’t working.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Ari Fleischer:

    If it looks, sounds, feels, smells and tastes like BS.

    Chances are very good that it IS BS!

    “Talk’s cheap, but action gets results!” Yet election after election there’s far more talk. Next to no action. And you wonder why you’ve chalked up yet another loss?

  • Steve_J

    Must be more inclusive, inviting, and thoughtful. Just can’t have principles.

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    What does Ari Fleischer know? The GOP needs to stick with what they know best. Policies that resonate with a shrinking number of Americans and losing elections. Those are their strong suits.

  • Donna W

    This autopsy they did, revealed nothing new about the GOP. Except that they are going to spend more money, not adhere to their own principles, and they want to sound just like the Democrats.
    This is their plan. Doom on…

  • Dick Beninya

    Liberty, Freedom, Constitution. G-sus H!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I got a suggestion, take all the rino’s out of the GOP and use constitution and freedom loving conservatives, while you are at it please have all the bush clan disappear, they have done enough damage already.

  • Tish

    Hey kid’s it’s as simple as this.. If you vote democrat, your paycheck will be smaller, and you will only be able to buy1 cd instead of 3 or those jeans you want to buy will cost $300 with all the democratic taxes vs $150 if you vote republican. now were talkin there language !

  • lcky9

    well I want to say this on that.. 1. I KNOW young people and they are NOT rolling their eyes at ANY of the things the DUMB GOP thinks they are..2. LEGAL Latino’s DO NOT like any of their IMMIGRATION proposals they want FAIRNESS which would be that the ILLEGALS do NOT get what they had to wait and WORK for.,. they will see this RAND PAUL immigration thing as a stab in the back.. most kids do NOT support GAY marriage that is a left wing propaganda tactic, made to make the right seem like they are not tolerant.. what kids and adult DO want is the truth.. they want someone with BACKBONE and PLAYS by the rules they set.. why do you think Obama is losing ground?? Those that voted for him see him as a back slider.. a man with a fork tongue.and right now with these rules the REPUBLICAN’S look the same.. I personally left the DEMOCRATIC party 8 years ago.. after the obvious PROGRESSIVE move made the writing on the wall clear.. the first election they ran McCain and I couldn’t even vote REPUBLICAN because he is NO CONSERVATIVE he’s just another PROGRESSIVE.. last election I did vote for ROMNEY NOT because he was a CONSERVATIVE but for his business smarts.. last week I received a letter asking me to donate to the REPUBLICAN party so THEY not WE could support a candidate.. I will tell you what I told them… I will support with my $ a candidate on EITHER side the isle who meets at least 5 out of 10 of my top priorities and I will ONLY donate directly to THEIR campaign.. and I will encourage my family and friends to do the same as well as work for their candidate.. maybe it’s time the CONSERVATIVES go back to being just that.. they can use a kinder tone but QUIT pandering… My guess is I will be voting 3rd party in 2016 IF all the right has to offer is the SAME was we have now.. POLITICIANS who think they KNOW better than I do how WE should live.. what WE should accept.. and THEY will tell us.. we have that now .. HOW’S it working for US???