U.S. hardly innocent, indeed. And not only because Joe Biden refused to “second-guess” China’s horrifying one-child policy.

336 million abortions in China. 163 million “missing women” due to abortion worldwide: A global gendercide that is not only ignored, but condoned, by alleged feminists.

Since Roe v. Wade, there have been over 50 million lives snuffed out right here in America. When the lives are snuffed out here, it’s a normal day: 3,500 lives lost each “normal day.”

When will it end?

Their voices have been silenced.

We cannot remain silent either.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    If the femagogues really cared about women, they’d speak out against sex-selective abortions, the horrors in China, and how even here in America, women die from botched, legal abortions, or are coerced by their families. Yet they only cry about vaginae, and turn a blind eye to all the pain this causes not just for the babies, but also for the women who undergo the procedure.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      In the US-if the women didn’t go in to have their children murdered…they wouldn’t be dying or getting maimed. In the US-the ONLY innocents during an abortion…are the unborn. *China’s a totally different situation.*

      • Catchance

        I understand your contempt, but really it should be for the actual purveyors of death. Planned Parenthood and their ilk have been telling women for years that the baby is only a collection of cells and tissue, that it’s not really a baby. I work in a pregnancy center, and the ultrasound is our biggest pro-life tool. Once they see those little legs kicking and arms waving or the baby sucking its thumb (at 10 weeks!) 90%+ of the time they change their minds. (That’s why Planned Parenthood never showed the ultrasound pictures to the mother until they were forced by law to do so.) We are just as pro-woman as we are pro-life, and we know the emotional hell that many of those women will go through as a result of having an abortion, because of the lies that have been told in the name of ‘women’s rights’.

        • Cambria

          I’m 3 months pregnant and called Planned Parenthood of Southern California to see if I could get prenatal care from them. I was told that none of their SoCal locations offer prenatal services. But they all provide abortions. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the word “parenthood” imply something about kids?

          • Catchance

            It should, of course, but liberals typically use adjectives like “Progressive” instead of “Marxist” and “undocumented” instead of “illegal”. In this case, “Planned” is a euphemism for “Eugenics”. What it all really means is big bucks for the baby killers.

  • J. Cox

    Cmon Christian Democrats…..tell us how you voted for this in good conscience while booing God….I will wait.

    • SpinMeNot

      I’ve been around this block several times with acquaintances that claim to be Christian and yet are pro-choice, pro-nanny state, and believe the constitution should be re-written to restrict that people rather than the federal government.

      They tell me that being pro-choice is not a big deal, and that my military service is going to present more of a problem for me when I am judged by Christ, than their pro-choice positions are going to be for them.

      • Judy B

        One cannot be a Christian & pro-abortion, no matter the excuses your acquaintances use. Thank you for your military service, you’ll be just fine with God on that great & terrible day!

        • SpinMeNot

          I’m not worried about me, either way, I’ll be in the best company I can imagine. Some people wear their 201 files on their sleeves or their license plates — me, I wear it in my tears.

      • Leigh Ann Coudriet

        God allows us to protect and defend innocent people from evil people. Obviously your pro-choice friends don’t read the scriptures. In fact, Christ came for peace but also knows He will have war with His enemies and will destroy them – engaging the saints(believers) in this war. However…murdering children is NOT ACCEPTABLE to God. He is a defender of the weak and destitute — and EXPECTS US TO PROTECT THEM TOO! The pro-choice is living a lie and are greatly deceived by the Father of Lies because of their refusal to believe and put faith in Christ. When they choose Christ only then will they see the evil that exists around them and even in their own selves. It takes a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and PERSONAL REPENTANCE for this to happen.

      • almarquardt

        Wow. They obviously don’t know their scripture. Nowhere did Jesus condemn military service, but he talked quite a bit about taking care of children. Plus the fact one of God’s commandments was to go out and be fruitful; yet never did he say, “Thou shalt not be soldiers.”

  • http://bnafreedom.wordpress.com runnymeadeuk

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  • Maxx

    336M? Tragic.

    Give me 100 lifetimes and it would still not be enough hours to understand how an entire country can treat its own flesh and blood as if it was nothing but water.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Guess it’s ok for Democrats to be on the wrong side of history on some things.

    • E Quilibrate

      I can’t remember when they have been on the right side of anything.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        They keep telling us they’re on the right side of everything, except the political aisle.

        • SpinMeNot

          Ya know, I just realized something — traditionally being left handed was viewed as bad. Hrmm, someday I’ll have to research how left and right were assigned on the political spectrum.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            Not saying it’s the reason, but in the Middle East, the left hand is used in lieu of Charmin. Kind of appropriate if that’s it.

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            I’m a left-handed righty. Go figger.

          • J. Cox

            The left and right was started in France pre-revolution,the right being the nobles and the left were the commoners,funny how that is reversed now as Obama likes his royal cronies on the left.(courtesy of the BR ..Uncles Johns 3rd edition)

        • E Quilibrate

          They’re a little short on empirical evidence at every turn ‘cordin’ to my compass.

  • nc

    It’s hard to imagine anyone can be blasé about these numbers, yet so many are. Can they really not know? Or do they really not care?

    • stellatruman

      they really do’t believe it is anything more than removing a suspicious mole

  • TocksNedlog

    The left — those of the “keep the government out of my ladyparts” rant — are being deafeningly silent on this one.

  • Larry G.

    the truth is that abortion will never be seen as a “slaughter against humanity” by those that support it. if you take the emotion out of it it boils down to one thing: one side views fetuses as not yet human (pro-abortion) and the other side views them as human. if you dont consider a fetus human you will never see it as a crime against humanity.


    • SCinGB

      Why do so many pro choicers say they would never have one themselves, but don’t think it should be outlawed? If abortion is morally neutral (not a human), people shouldn’t care if its rare or not. I used to think the same way….that they just don’t believe the fetus is human. But their responses proved me wrong.

  • socalcon

    Obama : if we could ‘save just one child’…


  • sqeptiq

    There isn’t a damn thing the US can do about forced abortions in China, or to free Tibet, for that matter. China is way too powerful and has the Bomb.

    • MBrooks

      Not true. We can call out evil for what it is, even if preventing it is out of our hands. I’d much rather we speak out against something like this than remain silent.

  • http://twitter.com/mnburford Michele

    Check out the All Girls Allowed web-site, a group helping prevent gendercide in China. Great group, making a difference.

  • $23629333

    I rarely make a point of agreeing with Grandpa Munster, but I must do so on this issue.