Bingo. As Twitchy reported, singer Josh Groban attempted to make a funny about CPAC. Stick to your day job, dude. Maybe.

Josh Groban was none too pleased when Twitter users, including Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin, questioned why he would diss a large segment of his fan base.

How dare you question him?! Conservative-slamming is par for the course in the entertainment business. So edgy!

He’s totally funny! Because he says he is.

Shame on … Michelle. For what? Bitterly clinging to discussions and engagement? Diversity! Unless, of course, that means diversity of thought.

Waah! Discussions are now war.

He is taking a page from NPR’s book, where even simple questions are considered “trolling.” Malkin gives Groban the business, with a huge dose of reality and common sense.

Precisely. Groban then bravely runs away.

Soup is the new squirrel! Bless his heart. Michelle Malkin and other Twitter users continued to try to enlighten Mr. Groban.


And that score will keep climbing.

This Twitter user puts it in a tweet-nutshell.

But you can’t even mention that, without being accused of waging a war, right Mr. Groban?

Precisely. It’s okay, though. No one need buy that album either.


The most offensive part is how lame and tired it all is. Artists, musical and otherwise, like to pretend to be oh-so-edgy and enlightened (never mind tolerant). They are anything but. They are trite, hackneyed and cowardly.


Groban insists he didn’t mean to slam conservatives, just our bad jokes:

He’d make fun of Obama, too, if Obama ever told a lousy joke:

  • seek456

    Let me give you a hint Josh, you’re done. I think the reason you were liked is that you appeared to realize you are a singer and not a politician, and kept yourself clean. Perhaps one too many chugs of apple juice, or was it apple cider have managed to undo your image in 140 characters or less.

  • Tangchung

    That was like watching the Rodney King beat down on twitter. Josh playing the role on Rodney.
    A Ref would of stopped it in the 4th tweet.
    (I tried to stop it)

  • Frank Smiles

    Most of us engage in politics for the courage that it takes. Minstrels engage in politics for the money that it makes.

    • almarquardt

      And it even rhymes!

    • E Quilibrate

      There’s a “hit” in there.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Maybe Josh could write a song with that line. Oh, never mind.

    • Donna W

      That’s Conservative rap …better than Lil’ Wayne :)

  • TDWilson

    “Conservative Politicians Attempting Comedy”
    Groban thought this was funny? Even if it was aimed at the Left, this still isn’t funny. Lame. Pathetic.

    • Mark Youngkin

      It wasn’t funny. Nor was it ideological. I’m as conservative as they come and I know that we don’t tell jokes well as a group. Maybe we need to lighten up.

      • Mellow Melon

        yeah, I would tend not to disagree on that, but I think the bigger problem was that we all know he would never make any kind of joke like that about the left.

      • tacticomp

        You’re a ‘Conservative’ and you’re still clueless to the reality that you’re the butt of jokes of these leftist clowns?

      • GaryTheBrave

        If he had tweeted, “The speakers at CPAC need to hire professional comedy writers,” it MAY not have been taken as sourly. The problem is that he is known for his musical stylings, not his comical stylings,

        If Leno had said it we may have understood the “comedic” basis. Since Leno, Letterman, or even Maher didn’t go there they obviously knew it wasn’t funny.

        • Annalisse Mayer

          Wrong. Josh is a great comedian. You are ignorant of his art.

          • marine pat

            obviously the right wingers only know what they want to know about any one particular person. josh is funnier than the whole lot of them.

          • tacticomp

            And obviously, you’re a Leftist useful Idiot whose taste on comedic talent is as rotten as Obama’s credibility!

          • tacticomp

            Sky Song spins: “Josh is a great comedian” (“and we are ignorant of his art”)
            Sky’s trolling is a great example of a “Liberal Slant”!
            Btw: NO, we are not ignorant of his art! —we know he can belt out elevator songs, but he sucks on his one sided ‘comedy’
            Some may be clueless on the latter, but we sure got a rude awakening of his hypocrisy!

      • Amy Lowery

        The “comedy” he was referring to was the entire conservative agenda. He wasn’t making a funny. He dissed the right.

      • PeterP

        I agree Mark. This is the “boy who cried wolf.” Nothing whatsoever offensive about Groban’s comment.

        • tacticomp

          It’s the hypocrisy stupid!

    • Pendog

      He needs to take the brilliant advice of Ashley Judd and ‘find his pig’.

    • Klawnet

      Give him a break. This is a guy who thinks Obama is “excellent” at comedy. So….yeah. Lame.

  • Nora MacFie

    The majority of his fans who would even know what CPAC is are going to be conservative. What a silly, little man. I am going to continue not buying his music and I will never go to one of his concerts — that I’ve never been to — again! This will be easy.

  • nc

    It’s the same old libbie story. Whenever they get challenged, or caught on their double standards, it’s either, “Can’t you take a joke?” or “Gee, both sides do it.” Every time.

    • TonyMontana3

      Both sides do it all the time. Including this website.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    How many more…..

  • JR48

    Har, har, not.

    He’s an idiot. As a conservative my first advice to the young man is that he’s his own product. He’s selling himself and his music to the masses. The first rule of sales is to not piss off your customers.

    He’s free to do so. He’s free to do whatever he wants. But mooning your audience will have some of them walk out of the concert venue.

    And if you ARE going to do it, have the courage of your convictions and engage those that respond. One could respect the conversation at the very least. To cut and run is juvenile.

    Foolish little boy.

  • my2centshere

    Ah another for the growing list of people that will never see another dime of my money because they are just that dumb.

    • pajamakat

      Just thinking the same thing.

    • plumberskid

      With all of the money i’m saving on concerts, movies and the like, I might just be able to retire….someday.

    • marine pat

      the concerts may be a lot more fun if all of you stay away. thin skinned???

      • my2centshere

        Gee only 6 comments and the attempt to troll fails.

  • arttie

    Not particularly offensive and not particularly funny either. He should give up on his comedy gig and stick to singing.

    • DavidKramer

      Shorter, shut up and sing.

    • CherDash

      But the point is, @facebook-100000439086946:disqus, is that he would never say what he did about liberals.

  • Jer

    *sigh* If only there were other musicians to listen to and whose music to buy.

  • 24fan

    Bye Josh, I liked your stuff but it has to end sometime. This crack was as good a time as any. Toodles.

    • CherDash

      @24fan:disqus My feelings exactly. We went to our local movie theater and watched his concert broadcast live there. Sorry I wasted the $ on that and the albums I downloaded on my iPod.

  • Amy

    Conservatives can’t win. Either we are old, boring, and lame or we are wannabe jokesters, bad comedians, and not funny. We can’t be serious. We can’t be funny. No
    matter how we approach our side it isn’t good enough for the left.

    • pajamakat

      You forgot to add “racists”.

    • plumberskid

      Which is precisely why we need to tell everyone on the left “We don’t give a rat’s patootie what you think”, and get on with our lives.

      • Rabid


  • TocksNedlog

    Boom!!! Michelle downed him like a 32oz soda.

  • JD Olson

    Groban is an over-rated, pansy of a fellow. Rose to prominence through the gracious promotion of Sarah Brightman who also has the grace to keep her nose in her beautiful music and out of politics.

  • Trish Misczuk

    Josh has been a known liberal for quite some time, I’m surprised he “stepped in it” on this one though. He is known for doing his own thing even though it may alienate some of his fans. Outrageous, bordering on vulgar, various guest appearances and going in a different direction with his music that many of his vans are not tolerating well. Any of these things he is perfectly able to do as he chooses, at a price of a possible dwindling fan base. This shows that many of them are conservative and hold conservative values, not to be messed with lightly, we all learn, sometimes the hard way. As Michelle said, this is a politically charged atmosphere at this time, chose your words well, but if you are coddled by yes men and like minded liberals you are sheltered from us screwy conservatives.

  • NatesMama


  • TheOriginalDonald

    Tell Josh Groban I ALREADY did a song about being bullied by conservatives!-Taylor Swift

  • Cory

    We have a 16.7T dollar debt, and conservatives are outraged by a tepid Josh Groban joke? I’ve heard more offensive jokes in elementary school. Man up conservatives, and grow a pair. How can Malkin say grow a pair, when she’s offended by that “joke”.

    • J. Cox

      I am guessing reading comprehension whoops your ass 99% of the time.Try harder.

      • Cory

        Lol, sir you seem to be upset about something? Were you hurt by that Josh Groban joke? I’m sorry, I know how sensitive you guys are. Man up.

        • J. Cox

          And yet again,instead of rereading and understanding what this all about,you feel that saying I am angry.Did not listen to his “joke”,don’t really care what he said either.

          Leftist jokes..
          1.Sumthin sunthin racist
          2 Sumthin sumthin Palin
          3. Sumthin sumthin teabaggers.

          Man-up?Thats real funny coming from mom’s basement…amirite?See..I can do the lame jokes too.You must still be mad you voted for a complete moron…twice,so you came to troll here to feel better?See…the jokes come so easy…just like liberal women like you.Oh stop..I am cracking myself up.

          • Cory

            Lol, looks like I touched a nerve. I like that passion lol. I won’t respond by name calling because that’s not what Christians do, but obviously you don’t ascribe to that philosophy or maybe we read a different Bible. To respond, first, Gary Johnson has only run for president once not twice. He’s not a moron and had way better ideas than Mitt Romney. Secondly, my mother doesn’t have a basement as Texas has very flat land, so there aren’t many basements there, also I live in Ohio so it would be impractical for me to fly home every night to stay in her non-existent basement. That coupled with the fact that I’m a married man and that would be awkward. It would be nice though, it could save me 1000 a month in rent. Thirdly I have not called you a racist, mentioned Palin, or mentioned a hot beverage at all. You’ve mentioned all those things. The only thing I alluded to is that this joke was not even offensive, and I don’t understand why conservatives get all uptight every time someone makes fun of them. Libertarians get made fun of all the time, and most the time I’m laughing with them because it’s hilarious. Take a joke and stop the constant outrage by the GOP. That’s why people see the GOP as uptight and soft, because y’all get outraged about small things like this. That’s why a say “Man Up.”

          • tacticomp

            You’re a “Christian”?? And you’re a lefty defending the *SHAMS?
            (*Secularists, Humanists, Atheists/Abortionists, Marxists, Socialists)
            Can you spell H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.S.Y. for me?

          • Cory

            The only people I defend are my family members. I don’t identify with any political affiliate besides maybe Libertarians because they believe in maximum liberty. The other parties believe in too big of government.

        • tacticomp

          It’s not the left’s corny jokes, we are sensitive to Liberal useful idiots’ rhetoric and their double standard hypocrisy like yours.

          • Cory

            I don’t have a double standard. I don’t care what people say about me. I’m confident enough in myself to take jokes. If you can’t handle a joke, just tell one on the liberals lol. Hypocrisy solved.

          • tacticomp

            “Confident to take a joke” but not analytical enough to decipher the consequences, (unintended or intended) of some closeted partisan hack’s one sided “comedic attempt” to disparage only one group but not the other.

            Facts are facts, the SHAMS are what they are–The real motivation is to expose them and it’s not even a joke– and it’s obvious you can’t handled that accurate description.
            So hypocrisy still applies to you.

          • Cory

            I don’t look at life through the lens of politics. I look at life at the lens of myself. I could care less what partisans do because partisans suck. They divide people and make them believe that they really care about you. But they don’t, they just want your money, both GOP and Dems. Also I put quotes around the joke.

          • tacticomp

            These are platitudes that certainly contradict your actions or defies your reality–you just made comments that are politically partisan in nature in this page and yet you turn around and pontificate us on these inconsistent psychobabble.

          • Cory

            Well I was responding to the conservatives on this site. When I’m on liberal sites I respond accordingly. I’m saying stop the stupid partisan outrage and worry about real life problems. Not what any liberal says. I tell liberals that all the time.

          • Cory

            Also you don’t know my reality. You don’t know me so you can’t possibly know my reality. Telling someone to man up isn’t partisan. I told my teammates to man up when I was in college, is that partisan too? Lol.

    • DavidKramer

      erm, chew gum and walk at the same time?

    • Stranded in Sonoma

      She wasn’t offended. She engaged Groban in a discussion, he “liberaled up” and tried to deflect his dissing of part of his fan base, then ran away when he actually read what his fans said. Then he tried to say he was insulting the jokes the conservatives were telling; that he wasn’t insulting the conservatives themselves. Groban needs to understand that when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

    • tacticomp

      Did Malkin literally or actually or even figuratively say “She’s offended” ?
      I think you should hone up your reading comprehension, Cory! –and try ‘Analytical Thinking’ sometimes!.
      (Oh I forgot you’re a freaking Liberal Loon Useful Idiot programmed to suck-up Leftist talking points).

      • Cory

        If she wasn’t offended she wouldn’t be worried about it. Most people don’t engage in a discussion about a joke if they aren’t offended. Most people My reading comprehension is fine lol.

        • tacticomp

          Not so, that’s not how the blogosphere works–Besides being her (Malkin’s) main profession as a blogger, political analyst, writer, bestseller author, it’s her job to upheld her convictions, make commentaries, give opinions, defend her conservative core beliefs and hold Leftist partisan hacks like Groban rightly accountable to their loony liberal rhetoric that they spew on any blog!
          That’s why she’s prolific and gets the big bucks–enjoying her work at the same time.

          • Cory

            I’m not knocking her hustle. If I had the time I’d be a rabble rouser myself. Easy to get the base riled up. I just don’t understand the constant outrage by both sides even for benign statements like Josh’s.

          • tacticomp

            “Benign” to you, cause your worldview is obviously similar to Groban’s –and more than likely, in agreement with his liberal tirade disguised as ‘comedy’.

            If you don’t understand the Left’s vitriol and the vile ‘scorch earth’ politics they shove on our collective throats every day on their willing accomplices dominant establishment media’s networks, then you just need to be more attentive before you could effectively engage in a meaningful discussion here and not just rant about platitudes–cause that’s where the Liberal loons’ predilection are—emotions over substance.

          • Cory

            So because I don’t agree with you over the outrageousness of this “joke” I’m naive? Lol talk about a big tent. The difference between me and you is I don’t care what the left say. They aren’t God so what do their words have to do with me. It’s just words. I’m not against you, I’m against the stupid outrage by both sides over dumb things like this statement and the chick fil a fiasco. My point is both sides of the aisle are soft and people need to man up. That’s not partisan that’s just the truth.

  • stellatruman

    I agree with comments by Brandon Morse. Every time I hear or read that a celebrity insulting conservatives , it makes me cross them off my lists of who to watch on tv, movies or music to listen to…that and a kitten dies

  • Andrew Beider

    He dated my daughter and was an absolute jerk to her. His liberal, Hollywood-elitist ideas don’t belong in my family. We are honest, hard-working people. I wish his fans knew what kind of a person they support.

    • Saturdaynight

      I mean no disrespect but your daughter Rachel is liberal. She was sharp tongued to several of his fans who supported Romney. That doesn’t make it okay for Josh to be a jerk to her and I have to take your word as her father Josh was a jerk.

  • David Hamm

    Josh are you a Marxist? I think so .

  • Andrew Beider

    He was an absolute jerk to my daughter when he dated her. We don’t need some Hollywood elitist in our family. They sell him as the guy you want to bring home to meet the parents. If his fans only knew the kind of person he really is.

    • Annalisse Mayer

      If you are who you claim to be, I suspect you are shortly going to be sorry that you have invited this sort of attention to yourself. Do you have any clue how some very strange, obsessed people are avidly following Josh’s love life?

    • marine pat

      why because he dumped her??? so sorry rachel. you must have crossed some kind of line. so sorry…..

  • Love4life

    I follow Josh on Facebook and listen to his music almost daily. For the most part, I was thankful I hadn’t heard one way or the other on his political leanings. Bad timing and bad joke Josh. I hope I don’t have to send you the way of Penn, Clooney, Hanks, Madonna, Longoria, et al.

  • Gallatin

    Brandon Morse
    What sucks even more is when I’m a fan of their work or appreciate their talent, and then I hear they hate me, or think I suck.

    Brandon summed it up best. If elitist punks like josh groban want me to appreciate their talent then show me the tweets where you have made fun of the left. That goes for everyone in the entertainment industry. In the meantime I will keep my hard earned money and not waste it on the ass clowns.

    • Stephanie Szymaszek

      I believe I will send you the same message I sent to someone else who posted here. I love the way you know absolutely NOTHING about Josh and need to resort to grade school name calling to get your point across. Obviously, you also know nothing about Josh’s comedic talent. Gee seems to me you obviously don’t know much about ANYTHING. Perhaps you sir, should keep your comments to yourself. Lord give me strength to put up with the cretins who posted here who cannot even comprehend the word culture.

      • DavidKramer

        Hmmmm, I am sure the person you commented to really cares about what you think………………yeah no.

      • Gallatin

        “I love the way you know absolutely NOTHING about Josh”

        All I need to know about Josh is this:

        josh groban ✔

        CPAC stands for Conservative Politicians Attempting Comedy right?

        Now if joshy sent out a tweet last year concerning the collection of clowns at the democratic national convention —please post it so we can all revel in his CULTURE.

  • Bill Board

    Who the Hell is Josh Groban? I’ve never heard of him.

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      “Who the Hell is Josh Groban? I’ve never heard of HER.”

    • Rabid

      Me neither…

    • Ken Alan Draper

      think music that bores you to death on elevators, makes you contemplate suicide while waiting to get in to see the doctor, & the assinine music that they play over the phone when you are put on hold.

  • Guest

    So Groban does NOT want sales from 50% of the American public,
    alrighty then…just follow the Dixie Chicks business model.

    • Squirrel!

      The 50% that have money to spend at that. Well, less now than before but still the productive 50%.

  • Frank Drebin

    “I dissed their poor comedy chops and you should too. #strikethegong”

    Followed by –

    “@michellemalkin in what was was I dissing my conservative fan base?”

    “@michellemalkin Michelle, I would never “diss my fans””

    Not quite following the logical progression there, but whatever…

  • Billie Slash

    Never heard of this guy. Lucky me.

  • moonsbreath

    It’s really pathetic when you have to sink to doing sophomoric jokes to get yourself noticed to sell a new album. Right, Josh?

  • Abiss

    Good Lord, his shows are sponsored by Massengill, cater to overweight menopausal libs and you’re all shocked to find out he’s douchetastic?!?! Leave the mewling little mincer be…

    • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

      The hairyleg brigade huh?

      • tacticomp

        Or the grotesque hairy Armpits parade!

        • *✿*Blueburb*✿*



    I like the ‘elevator’ reference concerning this dude’s music. I would add ‘dentist office.’

    • Ken Alan Draper

      or the $5.00 cd rack at walmart.

    • GaryTheBrave

      TAKE THAT BACK!! My dentist has better taste in music.

  • Junie3

    Wonder if he feels like Dr. Ben Carson is an Uncle Tom too.

  • kim

    Strange how after 5 years, the left can still find nothing to laugh at Obama about.
    Yet on this side… oh heck! We don’t find anything he does funny either.

    • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

      But the liberals are laugh a minute!!

  • $18912735

    I like turtles.

  • Liberty

    I hate his politics but I love his music & usually him. He is really lovely & loving to his fans generally. It makes me sad that he couldn’t just be a man & not tweet stupid crap like that.

  • Wren Evans

    I think you should all chill out…seriously there are more important things in this world to worry about or comment on..In Australia you should see the way people make jokes about politics and politicians but most of us can laugh about it.What ever side you are on is your decision and your choice but people have the right to free speech and apparently bad jokes don’t they? I mean after all isn’t your country a Democracy ?

    • KhadijahMuhammad

      Free speech is not in question. However, we (conservatives) have precisely zero sense of humor about these sorts of matters because of the beating we take daily from the entertainment elites who continue to support politicians with insane views.

      • Wren Evans

        It is actually because Josh or anyone should be able to say what they like without being attacked.It’s just keyboard heroes brave behind their computer having a go at someone because they trod on their toes.Me thinks if the Conservatives are so used to attacks you would have much thicker skin by now :-)

        • carla5731

          Twitter isn’t a one-way medium, it’s used for dialog. The feeds are public and there’s no expectation of protection from the opinions of others. It sounds like your position is “Grow a thick skin, conservatives, and leave poor thin-skinned Josh Groban alone. He shouldn’t be attacked.”

        • tacticomp

          Let’s just say: We Conservatives will not take it anymore!
          Including the lecture and pontification of Leftist Loons like you!

    • Guest

      No, our country isn’t a democracy. It’s a Republic. Next question?

    • tacticomp

      It’s a Republic genius!–And keep your affairs to yourself–your country is the great example of tyranny when the powerful “democratic” government confiscated all the guns from its law abiding citizens! so don’t freaking lecture us us on democracy!

      • Wren Evans

        Oh really???? well you tell me the last terrible shooting we had and we will discuss guns.I am not a leftist loon as you say ..I just think you should all take a chill pill or 2 or 100.This includes all political parties be you Conservative or like me an apparent leftist loon lol.

  • Luke Givens

    Wow, Michelle, you’re coming across as a little desperate and needy there, just because you have nothing better to do than sit on twitter for hours and hours and hours fighting little piddle wars with celebs doesn’t mean everyone should engage you, honey. By the way didn’t twitchy also have quite a few critical things to say about CPAC as well?

    • DavidKramer

      Concern troll…………acting concerned……..yawn.

    • tacticomp

      Hey Luke, Blogging is just one of Malkin’s many well paid job–she gets the big bucks to rattle you little brain dead Leftist Loons SHAMS (Secularist, Humanist, Atheist/Abortionist, Marxist, Socialist) or the POSSE (Piece Of S**t Socialist Elitist)!

    • KayGee

      I’d thank her for serving up such a delicious crumpet of Conservative butt-hurt to go with the morning’s coffee. While we’re at it, please do remind me about how thin skinned liberals are and that they can’t take a joke like real Americans.

      • carla5731

        You and Luke Givens must have missed the thread about Steve Crowder being attacked for repeating Ashley Judd’s comments.

        • KayGee

          Read that one too, and was not disappointed. Again, Come for the butt hurt, stay for the “lol rape” comments… oh, jeez, i don’t know maybe it has something to do with a traumatic life history, but whatever let’s roast her and dance around the issue because libs are dumb. Although Ashley Judd really does suck because she’s still using Satanic Steve Jobs iPhones, and I have no respect for someone who holds anti-apple views yet still uses apple products. They really are the devil. Android/Linux all the way.. free open, and as secure as you want them to be.

  • DavidKramer

    Here was my tweet to a guy I never knew existed a day ago…………..@joshgroban @SirenSong1985 Let me help you, Obama is the greatest comedian ever, said Josh Groban, just a really bad President, #humorishard

  • Ken Alan Draper

    what I find funny is that these people feel insulted by said celeb but still spend money to watch him perform, I refuse to give my money to people who come out & insult me, my family, & my life. there’s a lot of movies i don’t see, music that I refuse to listen to. but I refuse to subsidise people who detest me. I will never own a dodge or a GM product, or a GE product because they’ve betrayed me as an American & quite frankly I haven’t missed any of it.

  • Kattilac

    Don’t performers ever learn from the Dixie Chicks’ mistake? They are pretty much toast now after they dipped their tongues in the political pool and alienated most of their loyal fan base. But “Conservative Politicians Attempting Comedy”? Epic fail in the comedy department there too, buddy. Now will Stephanie Szymaszek go all postal on me? *awaits with bated breath*

    Oh and conservatives can be some of the funniest MFers out there.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Another total libtard ass-clown exposed. Here’s your sign……

  • PeterP

    Groban’s joke – “CPAC stands for Conservative Politicians Attempting Comedy” – was inoffensive and any conservative who got upset by it needs to toughen up or have his head checked. This is like when the left cries racism when it doesn’t exist. Groban did nothing wrong. Why try to destroy him?

    • Wren Evans

      Exactly ..couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

    • journogal

      Double-standards…what has he said about the left? Does he take any shots at the left? Why is it always the conservatives that seem to have a target painted on them? It’s tiring, and Twitchy is pointing this out. Why hasn’t he said the same about the left? Why does the left constantly get a pass? Why are they special snowflakes? And why do we have to constantly accept things? Why can’t we call people out?

    • tacticomp

      You’re a clueless twit for NOT even recognizing the double standards of these hypocrites!

      • PeterP

        There’s no there there. It’s not even an insult, really. Unless conservatives are known for their wit.

  • PurpAv

    Maybe Groban’s career will “take a nap”…

  • Julescat

    wait! there’s a singer named Josh Groban????? who knew?????

    • my2centshere

      The first O did.

  • CitizenEgg

    Who is Josh Grobin?

  • Diane Stephan

    When are these celebs going to realize that their twitter accounts are nothing but trouble if not proofread by their PR people first.

  • therantinggeek

    Josh Groban: “Obama happens to be excellent at comedy. When he tells a few duds I’ll call that out, too.”

    We’re still waiting…

  • Yabba_Dabba

    “When he tells a few duds I’ll call that out too.” Lol lol lol… Now THAT’s funny… Very laughable.

  • Ken Dauer

    @joshgroban I think u can c 2 many people taking themselves 2 seriously.

  • CavalierX

    “Obama happens to be excellent at comedy.”

    Well, that’s true — but only when he’s trying to be serious.

  • RightThinking1

    “When he tells a few duds I’ll call that out too”

    Here ya go Josh: “We don’t have a spending problem.”

    You ought to be able to turn that into a real knee-slapper…

  • KateNE

    Obama is excellent at comedy – yeah that joke he told about his bowling being like the Special Olympics was hilarious.

  • Stranded in Sonoma

    Obama happens to be excellent at comedy.

    Yeah. I’m still laughing at 23% unemployment, ObamaTax, his wife’s vacations and his golfing.

  • Pulchritudinous

    I seriously don’t think a single, offensive tweet of his will really change his career, though.

    • tacticomp

      Hello Dixie Chicks! ever heard of them?

  • Bali Bali Zingo

    It’s called pop culture and he is part of that. His views on the left are necessary in the culture he moves through. There is no changing his mind. He will have to grow maturely and realize for himself libertarian views. Why give him the time. We need ot focus in the low information voters who view the pop culture trendist from the outside. The people who don;t have a platform. This “sie of the isle” needs to get with the 21st century and mass media. Focusing on this type of media story here at twitchy is unfocused on the real problems. Convincing the people who don;t think they have a voice anymore to see our libertarian ideals.

  • tucsondon

    Never heard of him………….

  • justlittlolme

    >>I never insulted the politics.Except making jokes about CPAC>> Everyone needs to take a nap.Like we’re children>>Lost in translation.TRANSLATION: You’re too stupid to understand——I swear…. I’d like to see the country crash & burn just to watch the proggies demise.They’ll die in the street, tearing their hair out and banging their head against the pavement because they JUST can’t seem to get the world to understand it supposed to revolve around THEIR idea of ‘reality’.

  • TocksNedlog

    Groban: “Obama happens to be excellent at comedy.”
    — Now THAT ^^^ is funny!
    [Note to Josh, there is a difference between being ‘excellent at comedy’ and being the biggest joke ever perpetrated against the citizens of the United States.]

  • BryanB61

    Let me help you out a bit young man. Look, to be honest, I really don’t like your music, and am not a fan. I don’t buy your CD’s and will never attend a concert. The difference between you and I is that I don’t feel the need to go on Twitter and share that info with the world. However if for some reason I did choose to do that, I would stand behind my words, and my opinion. You get more respect that way son. My suggestion to you Mr. Groban is to stick with what you know. You do the warbling, and leave the politics to the big boys.

  • dissidentX

    Can’t believe I wasted the time to read some of this and even comment. This was the most boring twitter conversation ever.

  • luckycat76

    In August of 2004 Eldest Daughter and I saw Josh Groban in concert in Kansas City. She had just gotten engaged to her USNA midshipman, and this was a fine way to celebrate before she returned to college for her senior year.
    I was concerned that he might take a political turn, what with the RNC and DNC fresh off their conventions, and Kerry and Bush facing each other. He did not. Instead it was a politics free concert, attended by people of many different ages. No dirty jokes, no vulgarites, no politics. It was an enjoyable evening.
    He needs to return to Ingraham’s Law: Shut Up and Sing!

  • TheDoktor

    Josh Groban made a terrible mistake in this Tweet:

    @SirenSong1985 Obama happens to be excellent at comedy. When he tells a few duds I’ll call that out too. Ps OMG A MERMAID—
    josh groban (@joshgroban) March 17, 2013

    Obozo IS a joke – a joke for 9 years running. He is so target rich for comedy that he has to hide behind a freakin’ Wookie and VP Clown for protection. The only comedy he excels at is when he imitates an American.

  • bo ure

    As we say at the butcher shop, “live and loin.”

  • AaronBrandt

    Nobody wins in this immature hissy fight. Malkin played right into his hand.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    First rule in business: Never discuss religion or politics with your customers. These celebs need to take heed. They are the business, fans are the customers. !

    We buy your shit music and watch your shit movies to be entertained. Your job is to entertain me. If I wanted to hear about your stance on politics, I’d write you letters begging you to run for office.

    What gets in these idiots heads that males them think we give a flying crap what they think…about anything? SHUT UP AND ENTERTAIN ME…or I will take my hard-earned money elsewhere.

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Who the heck is Josh Groban? Was he the singing hobbit?

  • Justin Mars

    Michelle is like a tiger pouncing on her prey. Josh is like a little mouse that she bats back and forth between her paws. He is so confused by the beating, that he can talk about nothing else but soup.

  • DavidEKnight

    Who is Jose Gorgan? Is he a comedian?

  • © Sponge

    Seriously, I’m not looking him up. Who is he? And Obama is excellent at comedy?!? Wow……what a maroon. Sorry Josh, that even makes you look MORE like a clown. Just STFU and entertain, you jester.

  • Joe Dokes

    One can always tell when celebrities are concerned about diminishing returns on their talent (whatever that talent is purported to be): they start tossing out random political opinions.

    So, question: What’s Grobam’s album sales looking like lately?

  • Joe Dokes

    One can always tell when celebrities are concerned about diminishing returns on their talent (whatever that talent is purported to be): they start tossing out random political opinions.

    So, question: What’s Grobam’s album sales looking like lately?

  • Julie the Jarhead

    Ms. Malkin … if you keep this up with Mr. Groban, Ms. Loesch will get jealous.