That Twitter user may have been waiting for Kirsten Powers’ take on the news, but we don’t have to wait to hear actor Dean Cain’s thoughts on the disgraceful matter.

Preach it, Dean!

That’s right; mumblings are once again surfacing about a potential comeback attempt by the disgraced former congressman.

Unreal. Twitter users agree with Mr. Cain.


Double-truth. Forced to resign over sending unsolicited photos of your junk over Twitter? No problem! Even “feminists” exposed themselves by defending Weiner. Oh, the shameful excusing power of the (D).

Twitter users have praise for the actor, however.

Indeed. Keep the refreshing and honest tweets coming, Dean Cain!


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  • TugboatPhil

    I see that Fox News referred to him as “Disgraced former Representative.”

    When has a Democrat EVER been disgraced? Didn’t they give the whoremonger his own show on CNN? Didn’t Billy Jeff play Dip the Stogie in the Oval Office? Didn’t Ted Kennedy leave a woman to die? Wasn’t Robert Byrd a Grand Kleagel in the CCClan? Didn’t Gerry Studds rape an underage, male Page?

    Yes, you can make a list of Republicans doing the same type of stuff, but THEY were publicly shamed for it and it usually ended their careers. This type of stuff is a resume’ enhancer for Democrats. Being disgraced requires one to have some sense of shame and a semblance of moral values.

  • Gallatin

    While we are on where does the money come from, where does chelsea clinton get 10.5 million dollars for new digs in New York? Oh but don’t say that she is part of the evil 1%, she is a democrat after all.

    • Catchance

      Good question. How did Harry Reid get rich? Where do any of these pols get their money? Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, yet is still Hillary’s top aide, and she and Anthony moved into a $3.3 million Manhattan apartment owned by a very wealthy democrat. I wonder what he expects in return for lending them that? This administration is a big steaming pile, they have far-reaching tentacles, and everyone is intertwined.

    • Brett McMicken

      who cares? romney is rich. your hateful question makes no sense. you don’t expect her to live among the great unwashed whose pain she and her parents constantly feel, do you? did i mention that romney is rich? rich, Rich, RICH!

      • Gallatin

        Oh crap I forgot, thanks for reminding me that chelsea’s money (wherever she got it) is okay because she cares cares cares about the little “ordinary” people. Romney money evil evil evil.

      • $18912735

        Down votes, that’s funny. You need to be more clear with your sarcasm. LOL

        • Brett McMicken

          i added a /sarcasm tag to another post and was told it wasn’t necessary. turns out, i guess it is!

  • Edwina

    Look what Clinton did and more popular than ever. Dems love their junk.

    • $23629333

      “Dems love their junk”? Anthony was certainly proud of his.

      • KansasGirl

        How right you are.
        After all, he let it alllll hang out. lol

  • arttie

    Looking at a race heavy with double entendre and guffaws galore!

  • $23629333

    Imagine Anthony Weiner vs. Alec Baldwin. That’d be like Iran vs. Iraq.

    • TugboatPhil

      Weiner vs A-hole.

      • DurkaDurka

        Penetration and STD’s galore.

  • Tony0920

    So, one can tell an underage woman/girl they have a snake under their desk for her and remain in office, ‘cos we all know the “out of context” card is trump, or one can share their wiener with someone via email and jump back in the game. Either way, just goes to show the double standard – perpetual lack of real reporting and resultant lack of responsible demand by the uninformed, blind faith public left. Betcha he gets what he wants?

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Libnuts will vote him back in, are you serious they have no moral foundation and would rehire a murderer if they recognized the name on the ballot.

  • Jim

    Just another reminder that having a D next to your name is a lifetime pass.

    • DavidKramer

      A bunch of twitter folks added a (D) to their handle…………for that purpose. It makes them invisible….

  • Neil Leininger

    I hear John Edwards thinks Weiner’s attempt at a comeback is retarded.

    • Brett McMicken

      look for that snake to attempt the same thing

  • Karl Morey

    Waiting for the headlines.

    “Anthony Weiner: On the Rise?”

    • jacamina

      LOL! Now that was good…

  • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

    Alrighty time for Weiner jokes

    • Joseph A White

      Love his wife’s name = “Huma Weiner”…….

      • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

        There ya go

      • RightThinking1

        You may already be a weiner!

  • jb

    Actually, I think it would be smart to allow these types of people to win Demo primaries…. and then label the crap out of them in the general election. You think the Dems don’t wait until the Rep. primaries to then start airing the dirt on the primary pick? Long term strategy…… (but not a John McCain surrender).

  • RightThinking1

    Malsfeasance is a resume enhancer among the Democrats. Barry, Hastings, Clinton, Spitzer, etc. One expects Condit to show up any day now. Blagovitch, Jackson, Edwards, Kilpatrick, etc., are in the queue for come-backs at a later date.

  • Paul Citro

    Listen up, we are talking about NY he could get in.

    • $18912735

      COULD get in? He is almost a shoo-in, unless some even less-experienced community organizer of a minority persuasion jumps into the race.

  • Diane Stephan

    He is getting the money from the Clintons.

  • Clayton Grant

    ***** Weiner/Holder 2016! *****
    The Ticket That Grabs Your Junk!

  • $18912735

    The real problem with politics is not the self-absorbed morons like Anthony Wiener, it is the lack of term limits across the board. We have city councilmen all over the place who have been there for 30 years (WTF!?!?), all the way up to US Senators who have never held a job in the private sector but been in office for decades – *ahem* Joe Biden – and others who have become multimillionaires as politicians – Harry Reid. We have old farts like John McCain who just can’t seem to step aside for the younger generation – I guess cause he thinks he is the only one with any answers – and complete dinosaurs like Robert Byrd (may god NOT rest his soul) who redefined the meaning of graft, to a whole new level. Feinstein, Pilosi, etc etc ad nauseum. On both sides of the aisle.

    Anthony Wiener isn’t the problem; people should be free to vote for whatever twisted, ignorant and/or perverted jerkoff they want. But that twisted, ignorant and/or perverted jerkoff should be limited to 2 terms in any one elected office.

  • lillymckim

    Weiner misses all the perks with being in DC like those free haircuts the tax payers pay for and the lobbyists who will one day make him a millionaire.

  • Donna W

    Anthony Wiener, back in politics. And just when we thought they’d outlawed Pink Slime.


  • jb

    Why shouldn’t Wiener attempt a comeback — Menendez is still in the Senate, right?

  • qfashion

    This is my favorite actor. Thanks for this article!

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