They really do not have a clue! Ah, nothing like an inadvertent zinger. CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been covering the papal conclave.

Along with many other members of the media from across the globe.

Cuomo explains his “no clue” tweet.

It’s especially tough to cover when one knows nothing about it, as prescient Twitter users already predicted.

This Twitter user summed it up in her response to Mr. Cuomo.

Heh. Don’t forget the Google glasses!

  • $45065723

    Honestly, is this the most secretive event of the modern era?

    I know everyone’s going to come back with the Obama administration, but they have leaks and reporters (typically bad reporters) have at least limited access.

    • operanerd1986

      I think the last conclave, the one that elected Benedict XVI, was also very secretive. I think the idea is to protect the cardinals from outside influence when they are making their decision.

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        Not so much the cardinals as the church itself, but you’re getting the idea.

        The entire point of this exercise is to safeguard the continued work of what the membership consider the one church Christ founded. Consequently, the process of (s)election is engineered to minimize outside pressures on anybody involved, and to ensure that none of the cardinals need think of themselves with regard to the election result (as in, “why did you vote for that jackass, dumbo?”, to use a secular version of possible recriminations, had information on the proceedings been available).

        As for secretive, try the freemasons on for size… (incidentally, freemason is one thing a catholic cannot become, as it is strictly forbidden).

        • operanerd1986

          I fully agree with the need for privacy on this. Anything that can be done to minimize the influence of the news media on this is a good thing.

          • Infinite_Indeterminism

            News media is the minor problem – how about, to take a historical example, a Ukrainian cardinal in the time of Stalin, voting for a decisively anti-oppression pope ? (Imagine Stalin’s reaction, had JP II been elected pope while Stalin was the ruler of the Soviet empire…)

            That’s the general thinking behind this – that secular powers, governmental or otherwise, should not be allowed influence here, as it is the interest of the church that is the important thing here, not the pleasure or otherwise of secular rulers.

          • $45065723

            I wouldn’t even call media the problem, as Infinite_Indeterminism said, there are people that are way more destructive than the media.

    • nc

      That’s how the cardinals roll (and I mean that with great respect).

  • Spatial Awareness

    “I expect the U.S. media to cover Roman Catholicism about as well as it does” ===> 0bama.

    • Lady 12

      “I expect the U.S. media to cover Roman Catholicism about as well as it does” ===> Anything real.

  • Tangchung

    Media thinks mass transit is praying your train on time.

  • grais

    Ah, Chris Cuomo, the brainiac who announced Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rouge, (lol), gets one right! Impressive!

  • nc

    This doesn’t seem that difficult to me. The cardinals “sequester” themselves until they make their final decision, then they clearly signal when that happens. Til then, don’t these reporters have better things to do? Or am I missing something?

    • Lady 12

      You are missing nothing. They are missing Benghazi.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      Yes, you are. This kind of event is an excellent opportunity for many of them to divert attention from whatever they want their viewers (or listeners) to ignore – and for the guys who get sent there, they get a chance to see Rome on their employer’s dime. From their point of view, a winner all around…