The most news-worthy person this week, according to the Sunday shows? Jeb Bush. Wait, what?

That’s right: He’s pulling the old “full Ginsburg.”

Conspicuously missing? Senator Rand Paul. Impressive and epic filibuster? Whatever! Someone has a book to push!

Many conservatives already said, “no, thanks” to talks of a Jeb Bush presidential run. They also don’t want to see him all over their televisions.

Heh. Twitter users are also calling out the media on the Sen. Paul snubs. Gee, what could lapdog reasons be?

Lame, lapdogs. Lame.

  • Tangchung

    Jeb Bush making a sales pitch like a escort on Las Vegas Boulevard, me me me me

    • CatHerder

      Kind of like an aging actress, huh?

      • Tangchung


  • Spatial Awareness

    Jeb Bush. NO. >:^(

  • Ben Bollman

    Figured as much, anything us plebs care about that makes Obama look bad will get buried faster than a snitch in an Italian Restaurant.

  • leybaterry

    Constitutional America have awaken, with the continual assault on our liberties,freedoms,
    of course MSM does not want to put more fuel on the fire by allowing A great Patriot like Senator Rand Paul to further bring to light the injustice of our Constitution by Obama’s administration! !!!

  • Stone Bryson

    This is The CMC (corporate-media complex), controlling the narrative and manipulating the masses… or trying to, anyhow. And yes, The CMC includes Fox News these days (I wish it were not so – I once loved FNC), for aside from a couple or three hosts it abandoned its ‘alternative media’ honor ages ago.

    • nc

      I sadly agree. Yesterday, watching Gregg Jarrett “moderate” a discussion between right and left, his questions leaned clearly left. Also, I would enjoy the “fair and balanced” mini-debates much more if they didn’t rush them so much and cut off just as they were making their key points.

      However, I don’t really see the corporate manipulation as being anything other than trying to make money. But those who teach our children have had a huge impact on changing attitudes, values and the way they see their place in the world. So I blame the AMC (academia-media complex), where the media combines news and all forms of entertainment.

  • gracepmc

    I think that decision was finalized last night at the Gridiron dinner.

  • leybaterry

    Jed Bush is the kind of moderate lapdog Republican MSM loves passive ,non confrontational,go along to get along what happened to GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH nooooo to Jed Bush

  • Maxx

    Who determines the legitimacy of Rand Paul won’t be Sunday morning talk shows… it will be us.

    “Meet the Press?”

    What a load of sanctimonious crap.

    “Hey Press…

    …Meet the People.”

    • mdtljt

      Predictable & pathetic. I made my dad laugh harder than I’d ever seen him laugh when I was 14 & disgusted with the bloviating, re-naming the shows Beat The Mess, Issues & Evasions (Issues & Answers), etc. Sadly, it still holds true 35 years later…*sigh*

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    I’m not watching, but is he blaming a video on #Benghazi?

  • nc

    It’s crystal clear they have chosen Bush for 2016 (because we’re too stupidbackwardsracistsplit to decide for ourselves). Who are “they?” For those in Rio Linda (and trolls), “they” are RINOs and Establishment Repubs who insist we must lose our values and principles and “do what it takes to win.” Poor fools. The other “they” are the Dems who are all too happy to push Bush because they know he will go the way of McCain and Romney.

  • Midge

    I saw a few minutes of MTP this morning with bits from a Jeb Bush interview and switched to Face the Nation where Bush was also being interviewed and turned that off without hearing a word. Now, to find he was on all 5 Sunday shows. Weird. I’m assuming its all about this amnesty immigration push, which is a dagger aimed at the interests of working Americans. I’m watching Rand Paul on that one. Unemployment is very high; good jobs are very scarce.

  • TocksNedlog

    Promoting Jeb because Rand terrifies them.

  • Guest

    Rand Paul has created a spark…
    will it become a flame,
    before it is extinguished by Obamamedia..?

  • TocksNedlog

    Now listen to my story ’bout a man named Jeb,
    Poor second son — barely kept his ego fed;
    And then one day he wrote himself a book,
    And up from the swamp came the babbling fools;
    Gregory, Amanpour — Schieffer, Bob.
    [Y’all come back in 2016 now, ya hear?]

  • jacksonjay

    Sounds like they have picked the GOP sacrifice for 2016! Clinton v. Bush! That would be a good one, huh?

  • Gallatin

    No Rand Paul says it all, both the Rinos and the LSM are terrified.

  • Red Fred

    You would think standing for 13 hours to get a simple yes or no answer would be noteworthy. Whether you put him on the Sunday shows or not, he has captivated us, along with some others who supported him. Thank you especially to Wyden.