Man, does Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld have a way with words! He offered that zinger during today’s “The Five,” in reference to the end of Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster last night. As Twitchy readers know, it ended when the senator had to, um, take care of business. The senator ended the filibuster by saying he had to break the filibuster because he needed to “pee:

Yep, giggle-worthy indeed.

The new cool and they can hold their water! Or, sip it.

  • EOD

    The true comedic genius and rapier-like wit that is @greggutfeld once again does not disappoint.

  • Billie Slash

    Sen. Rand should have peed on McCain & Graham.

    • Gallatin

      He couldn’t they were probably in bed after dining with obowmao.

      • sonicmoon

        I think they all dined ‘in bed’ with Oblamo

        • Gallatin

          I was going to say something to the affect of the two Rinos having their heads up obowmao’s butt and I decided not to go there. Now after mcshamnesty’s recent tirade at the huffandpuff post I don’t care. I’m sick of the republican establishment not supporting the new Constitutional supporting members of the party. The old farts need to be put out to pasture.

          • sonicmoon

            absolutely… and you know that they’ll be kicking and screeming their stodgy rhetoric about serving their country all the way out the door.

          • Gallatin

            Oh don’t I know it. I’m a Hoosier that did his part to get rid of Lugar only to watch the old gasbag offer no support to Mourdock and whine on and on and on about his years of service.

          • sonicmoon

            it’s ashame really.. they could be useful doing speaking engagements and encouraging the upcoming leaders – outside of DC

  • Marty Luther

    Gutfeld makes politicians feel the sharp point of the angry Unicorn’s horn.

  • aegean1

    Was he not able (or allowed) to run out for a bathroom break when the other senators stood up to “ask questions?” I had assumed that was one of the reasons for them, as well as to rest his voice and just show support.

    • RogueRose

      Greta asked those questions last night, and he wasn’t allowed to sit down or leave the floor of the Senate.

      • aegean1

        Thanks. I’ve heard of what senators sometimes do to ‘survive’ filibusters, but I guess I figured that was just because they didn’t want to, or had no one to, step up and take their place for a bit. Didn’t know they were pretty much locked into that room.

    • Guest

      No. Not allowed to leave Senate floor.

  • SunnyJS

    GG is such a manic evil elf with wit that won’t quit. Flat out makes me laugh.

  • Pfsdriver

    McCain and Graham were busy eating chickenshit sandwiches with our fearless leader.

  • Bill Board

    On a scale of 1 to 10, Gutfeld….ur an eight.

  • sqeptiq

    Senator Strom Thurmond (D-South Carolina) carried out the longest filibuster in history in 1957, against a civil rights bill backed by President Eisenhower (R-America). Thurmond did a better job of preparing himself for his filibuster than Rand Paul, though. Thurmond dehydrated himself in advance so he wouldn’t have to piss.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Great point about the Dems being against civil rights. Neither history nor truth seems to help those kids…

      • sqeptiq

        *The* Democrats didn’t oppose civil rights; *Southern* Democrats did (along with the handful of Southern Republicans). Northern Democrats and Republicans alike overwhelmingly supported civil rights.

    • CavalierX

      “Thurmond dehydrated himself in advance so he wouldn’t have to piss.”

      When he finally couldn’t hold it anymore. he placed a pail outside the door and kept one foot in the chamber while he went. Couldn’t get away with that today, with all the cellphone cameras. So it was really more of a “filabucket.”

  • $23639361

    Rand could of really used a Stadium Pal…

  • BlueStateRepub

    Gutfeld was so funny yesterday when Eric Bolling offered to personally finance White House tours. “I think we all just became aware that The Five is not your primary source of income-do you just do this show for fun?”