As Twitchy reported last night, actor John Cusack took to Twitter in support of Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster. The actor opposes the use of drones, and he wondered where the Democrats were, whom he believes should be standing up to “regressive corporate warlord” Obama.

Today, he used Twitter to praise Sen. Wyden, the one Democrat who did #StandwithRand during his “filiblizzard.”

He also continued to ding liberals for remaining silent, by retweeting these tweets from Glenn Greenwald.

Of course, note the snide slam to Sen. Rand and the Tea Party: How can it be only that dumb old rube? Taking a sneering page straight from WaPo’s Eugene Robinson’s clueless book.

  • me

    Why must we rely on a “Tea Party Republican” to champion this issue? Because dear Amy Goodman, the Tea Party is not what you think it is.

    • Desertcatn

      Can journalists like Amy be that ignorant? Please don’t answer, I’m pretty sure I know.

  • Lady 12

    My fingers stayed crossed for Patty Murray or Maria Cantwell to follow Sen. Wyden’s example, but that didn’t happen so I’ll settle for cheering for Wyden.

    • milletime810

      You have much higher esteem for Patty Murray than you should

      • Lady 12

        Hopes, not esteem. But I expected her to support Rand Paul before Code Pink did!

    • ked5

      what have you been drinking? patty murry does what she’s told. cantwell is nuts. (that’s from someone who has actually worked with her).

      • Lady 12

        My fingers were crossed for a miracle. I did not actually expect either of them to do anything. When did you work with Cantwell?

        • ked5

          I’ve a friend who has had close first-hand dealings with the entire washington delegation. iow: after she went to DC

  • Lord Foggybottom

    “How can it be only that dumb old rube?” Because the majority of Republicans are in bed with the Democrats, that’s how.

    • AngelaTC

      Absolutely. They bicker about who gets the power to control and kill us, but they definitely agree that we need to be controlled by any means necessary.

    • Desertcatn

      Sadly, you are right about that, wish we could find a way to change the situation.

      • Michael Capanelli

        Well, the path for change was laid out in the constitution and the federalist papers. It’s also why the second amendment is so important. Ever wonder why returning vets are deemed security risks as son as the come home? Think about it.

        • Desertcatn

          I agree, no doubt; I’m anxious to read this violence against women act, I bet it is packed with goodies. Nobody will even want to get treated for depression anymore, much less PTSD.

        • Desertcatn

          I think history was made last night and Rand Paul’s stand will be a catalyst for a new standard of expectation; that we aren’t just going to keep eating it; the line has been drawn.

        • BillinDetroit

          Nah … no need to wonder. They know why to use arms and how to do it effectively. They’ve also been abroad and when they come home, see more clearly than when they left.

  • Bazookachew

    Obama was on TV talking up Women in Violence bill- I think the Dems ought to read the fine print to make sure they are protected against DRONES!! THANK YOU DR PAUL for standing up to these phonies!!!

  • John Boyd

    How is this different from a SWAT sniper taking out a purported bad guy? Doesn’t THAT individual deserve due process? Is death by AGM-114 Hellfire missile somehow fundamentally different from death by .308 caliber, 168-grain Match King boat tail hollow point ammo – other than the mess, I mean? I’m curious…shouldn’t we have the same controls in place ANYTIME the govt decides to take out an American citizen…by any means?

    • AngelaTC

      The difference is that a SWAT team killing a bad guy is only permissible when it’s self-defense. They’re mission is supposed to be limited to capturing bad guys so they can stand trial.

      Like it or not, DUE process is a constitutional right. Treason is even specifically addressed in the constitution and it does not give the President the right to kill someone he deems treasonous without a trial.

      I listened for years to the f*cking neocons yammer that non-Americans didn’t get Constitutional protections, and now they’re trying to convince me that Americans aren’t actually entitled to them, either?

      This country is so screwed. The Constitution is supposed to be a tool to protect us for government, not a tool for government to protect us. But as long as half of us see the rest of the world as an enemy to be conquered instead of a trading partner, we get everything we deserve. See you in hell.

    • Desertcatn

      I think like any extreme action, there will be exceptions and we always need to consider them. My beef is that Pres. Obama has been acting like a dictator of sorts. I think that there was a line that needed to be drawn to try to reign in Pres. Obama’s overreach and this was it. I gave you a thumbs up, because you asked a great question and I think that is good to keep talking about this subject. Frankly, I’m in shock at how rude people are on some of these comments, but it looks like there are a lot of thoughtful people also.

  • milletime810

    John Cusack is still nutzo

  • oneword

    The Tea Party is nothing what these idiot liberals think, you can thank the liberal msm for that

  • Michael Capanelli

    Well Amy, the problems are:

    1) the Tea Party has been misrepresented by the Media.

    2) At his core, Rand, much like his father, is really a Libertarian. They only use the Republican moniker because the two party corporate run system won’t let a third party even be heard, let alone run for a major office.

    If people would understand Libertarian principles and stop listening to corporate run media that is designed to keep us divided they’d see that we have a lot in common with not only the true conservatives, but the social progressives as well. We need to stand for ideals, not branding. At this point we might as well vote for Coca cola corp or Time-Warner for office because that’s what your all doing by ignoring the ideals of your party and just paying attention to the labeling. Jokes on YOU America, now what are you going to do about it?