Zing! Conservative Party member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan caused some confusion with that tweet a few days ago.


But, these Twitter users “got” the zinger, and loved it.

We giggled, too. But don’t tell actor Matthew Modine, the New York Times or Matt Yglesias, you bitter “archaic Constitution” clingers!


It’s not always Bush’s fault; Thatcher to blame in Britain, says Daniel Hannan

  • http://navalwarfare.blogspot.com/ Libertyship46

    Perhaps Hannan means that we’ve strayed so far from the original intent of the Constitution that we should be going BACK to it, rather than straying from it. We’re ending up more and more like Europe, and that is exactly where we won our independence from. It would be a crime to throw our freedom away like this.

    • CatHerder


    • V the K

      A point far too subtle for a liberal to catch; maybe they would understand if Jon Stewart said it while feigning surprise and making goo-goo faces.

      Besides, as WaPo Boy-Genius Ezra Klein noted, “The Constitution was written, like, a hundred years ago, or whatever. And it has way too many big words in it.”

      • Guest

        V the K your finger is indeed on the pulse :)

    • V the K

      A point far too subtle for a liberal to catch; maybe they would understand if Jon Stewart said it while feigning surprise and making goo-goo faces.

      Besides, as WaPo Boy-Genius Ezra Klein noted, “The Constitution was written, like, a hundred years ago, or whatever. And it has way too many big words in it.”

  • Maxx

    The Constitution only becomes “flawed” when a liberal President, who fancies himself smarter than the founding fathers, treats it like his daughter’s Silly Putty.

    • Shawn Smith

      I think our Constitution is good. I would defend it against any NYT-editorial writing moron who wants to bash it. But I’m not going to say it’s perfect either. It’s the product of imperfect men, and will reflect their imperfections. On the other hand, it also has built in a mechanism to address failures.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Hannan is the British Rand Paul. Been following his speeches before the EU on YouTube for a couple of years now. Would love to work out a trade to send Piers Morgan back to Britain in exchange for bringing Hannan to the USA.

    • BayouLimey

      We (the British people and my fellow members of the Conservative Party) would happily give you Daniel Hannan but you can only have him if you promise to keep Piers Morgan as well (lock him up in Gitmo for all we care).

    • Guest

      I’m not so sure where Rand Paul is at but it looks like Hannan believes some kind of ‘democratic’ Islam is compatible with liberty found in democracy. When reading his argument it makes me wonder if he’s given in… http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100201891/western-conservatives-need-to-engage-with-democratic-islam/

    • gtwreck

      think you under estimate the Brits. They are not that stupid. May even be smarter than us. They threw him out we took him in.

  • bobbymike34

    Any future Republican would do well to take dabate and oratory lessons from Mr. Hannan. He would have eviscerated Obama in the debates.

  • The Monster

    “What we have now” is not the Constitution, but whatever 5 Justices say the Constitution is.

    Explain how Wickard v. Filburn makes any sense, just for one example.

  • TocksNedlog

    We’re gonna need a lot of Scotch Tape after this president is done running the Constitution through the shredder.

  • $23629333

    While Daniel Hannan warns about America straying from and/or ignoring its Constitution, George Soros is strangely silent. While the younger George Bush was POTUS, Soros was always whining, and indicating that he would invest his fortune towards Bush’s defeat. He may have failed in that effort, but he was able to replace him in the White House with a man who would govern as he – Soros – saw fit.

    We’re told that Soros – directly or indirectly – contributes to the campaigns of Democrats AND Republicans. That suggests that he has a donkey puppet on one hand, and an elephant puppet on the other. Constitutional authority has been replaced by Soros supremacy.

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    We have obama tyranny now, courtesy of a treasonous media and low-information morons.

    Burn your American flag. It stands for tyranny and communism now.

    • gtwreck

      This country used to produce Statesmen. Now it produces politicians and lawyers.

  • Steve_J

    Currently we have an administration that is ignoring the Constitution.

  • Gary Rudick

    US Constitution March 4, 1789- January 20, 2009 (George W. to George W. Bush)

    • Ken Mitchell

      Disagree. The Constitution died in 1994 with Bill Clinton’s signature on the “crime bill”, aka “Bills Crime”.

    • gtwreck

      You should have stopped at Reagan. The Bush pair was not as bad as this one but nothing to write home about.

    • richard40

      Our adherance to the constitution has been declining for years, starting with when FDR bullyed the supreme court to agreeing that the commerce cluse was no longer cnfined to commerce that actually crossed state lines, to now allow regulation of anything even remoteoly connected to commerce. Of course now with Obamacare you done even have to engage in commerce, you just have to exist.
      Now it is so bad that many dem sigislators, when asked whether some law violates the constitution, will truthfuly answer why should that matter.

  • Lorne Russell

    If you don’t understand what Hannan said
    then you MUST be a Liberal.

  • http://twitter.com/sasha_ari Sasha Williams

    Spoken like someone who has no idea what the Constitution entails.

  • Ken Mitchell

    Jay Leno had a similar comment during the beginning stages of the Afghan war; something to the effect that we should give the Afghans our constitution because it had served us well, had been written by a bunch of really smart people, and hey!, we weren’t using it now anyway.

  • Sauer Thirtyeight

    Pretty good. I imagine Hannon is referring primarily to the concept of a limited federal government of enumerated powers, instead of a government of unlimited size in an unseemly stampede to grab all the powers it can. Perhaps he even remembers how the Weimar state, with its modern and meticulously crafted constitution, was perverted and destroyed that way by one of its parties.

  • Guest

    Hannan is accurate in pointing out that the present administration,
    is deviating from the Constitution, without any conscience whatsoever;
    aided and abetted by a left wing media, quite content to bring a new world order.