And for good reason. Family pizza night? No 2-liter bottles of soda for you!

Nanny Bloomberg knows best, you see. You poor dears can’t be trusted to make your own beverage decisions, for goodness sake! Nanny Bloomberg unveiled his plans to further deprive New Yorkers of some yummy eats (or drinks) last year. Twitter users were, of course, outraged. Now comes news that the soda ban has quite a few surprises.

Birthday party for your child? No pitchers allowed.

More from The New York Post:

And consumers, especially families, will soon see how the rules will affect their wallets — forcing them to pay higher unit prices for smaller bottles.
Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. But under the ban, customers would have to buy six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda.

“I really feel bad for the customers,” said Lupe Balbuena of World Pie in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Priorities! During a time when many families are suffering and pinching pennies, let’s make things harder and more expensive for them, says Nanny Bloomberg.

A super-sized Nanny State. We’ve said it before: New York is no longer the Big Apple; it’s the Big Brother.

Now with more pain in your wallet.

  • Steve_J

    If they don’t like his rules they shouldn’t have reelected him. Of course if there’d been enough perceptive people in NYC, they wouldn’t have elected the monocratic midget in the first place.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    People of NY. Get out while you can. Why are you putting up with high taxes and 1 person telling you what you can eat & drink?

    • tombee

      No, please tell them to stay. We don’t need them polluting the rest of the country with their idiocy.

      • traffic_robot

        Exactly. We suffer the same fate in central California. Bay Area refugees bring with them their democrat voting ways.

        • $36544368

          Same here in So Cal.

      • Gallatin

        Amen, stay in New York. You voted for nanny bloomberg 3 times don’t bring your stupidity to the rest of the nation.

    • Billie Slash

      Texas is closed!!! Don’t bring that sh*t down here!

  • Joe W.

    Just like Barack Obama, folks…y’all get who you elect….New Yorkers are ignorant fools, and they deserve the gouging they are getting for their stupidity in re-electing this douche nozzle.

  • tsmmar

    I thought he was so concerned about the enviroment. Wouldn’t it take a lot more petro and landfill space for a bunch of small plastic bottles then one large plastic bottle?

    • Vennoye

      Don’t try to apply logic…….only about power!

  • Jack Levitt

    The people of NYC deserve no soda at all for electing a nincompoop as mayor.

    • Orlando Cee

      Three times(!) no less.

    • Maxx

      Speaking of soda, hey Mayor Blooming Idiot, if I visit New York and fill up a scary black “military-assault style” Super Soaker with 120-ounces of Mountain Dew and point the barrel into my mouth and start firing, how many laws would I be breaking?

      • Billie Slash


      • Lady 12

        If you ever do that, take pictures, especially of Bloomberg’s face.

      • Adi

        Answer: All of them!

        But relax. When you’ll be in the Nevada desert at a FEMA camp assembling green energy windmill components for no pay—you will always remember ‘da moment you chose to challenge my AUTHORITAH!

        • KayGee

          Wait wait, you forgot about the gay marriage he will be entitled (forced) into with Juan Gonzalez while at FEMA, so they can pass out green cards for his whole family in order for them to take the jobs of any citizen that isn’t already in the camps..

    • tjp77

      Here’t the thing; I live in NYC, and we have no options.

      Bloomberg was elected immediately after 9/11 as Giuliani’s hand-picked successor. He ran as a Republican and had Giuliani’s support, which won him comfortable victory. He was a good mayor for his first term. Other than banning cigarettes in bars and restaurants, which frankly a lot of people supported, he kept the nanny state crap to himself and did a very good job with the local economy while keeping all of Giuliani’s anti-crime policies. When his reelection came around, he was a popular guy and ran essentially unopposed, winning by a HUGE margin.

      He didn’t really get nuts until about halfway through his second term when he declared himself an independent and distanced himself from the Bush administration. That’s when things started to get out of hand.

      At that point he changed the term limit laws so that he could run for a third term. But the thing is, as bad as Bloomberg was getting, the alternatives were WAYYYYY worse. Like exponentially worse. It was literally either keep Bloomberg around for another term, or risk electing someone just to the left of the Black Panthers or Karl Max.

      So we all voted for Bloomberg again. And to be completely honest, as much as I genuinely loathe him, I’m quite frankly scared that his term is coming to an end. There is no solid Republican candidate — the only Republicans who can win NYC are high-profile moderates like Giuliani, and there simply aren’t any running — and in the current political climate, I doubt even a Giuliani clone could win. Meanwhile, the current field of potential Democrat candidates are all in a frantic race to the left, eager to undo what the Giuliani/Bloomberg era gave us. Anyone who lived in NYC during the Dinkins era knows how genuinely frightening that prospect really is. It would basically hand the city back over to the criminals and labor unions, and turn us into what Chicago has become.

      Its incredibly stupid that I can’t get a two-liter Coke with a pizza. But at least I don’t have to worry about being shot on my way home from work every day. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to move out of here sooner rather than later.

      • CatsPolitics

        Jack, as a fellow NYCer, I endorse your comments.

        • Judy B

          Must be the pits to be stuck there…

      • carla5731

        “Its incredibly stupid that I can’t get a two-liter Coke with a pizza. But at least I don’t have to worry about being shot on my way home from work every day.”

        Most parts of the country don’t have to choose one or the other. New Yorkers are responsible for what their city has become.

      • Kim

        “Its incredibly stupid that I can’t get a two-liter Coke with a pizza. But at least I don’t have to worry about being shot on my way home from work every day.”

        Come on, now. The Chicago gang problem is BAD, but the average working Chicagoan is NOT worried about getting shot on the way home from work. The places you’re likely to get shot, are not places the average working person would be frequenting – ever.

        • tjp77

          You obviously don’t understand the difference in how Chicago is laid out vs. New York, and what NYC looked like before Giuliani came in. We’re packed much tighter here than in Chicago, and crime can’t be contained the same way.

          The office in Chelsea where I currently work is a thriving commercial hub, but twenty years ago you were taking your life in your hands if you stayed past 8pm. Some of the most expensive retail and residential property in the world is located in Soho, but that was an extremely dangerous place too after a certain hour. Ditto the Meatpacking district, Hells Kitchen, Flatiron, the East Village, etc.

          People find it really hard to wrap their heads around exactly how dangerous NYC really was. Getting accosted on the street was just an accepted part of life no matter where in the city you were; everyone got mugged at least once or twice a year, the homeless were VERY agressive in their panhandling, and shootings/stabbings of totally average working people happened daily. This was right up until the early 1990’s.

          Everyone is fooling themselves if they think the city can’t go back in that direction again. And I’m afraid that without someone in charge who takes crime and quality of life very, very seriously, it will. Unfortunately, it seems like the Democrat candidates currently seeking office here all sound very much like David Dinkins used to, which is a very bad thing indeed.

          • Judy B

            NYC then, & maybe again, sounds like a preview of hell!

          • jonhartz

            Isn’t Hell’s Kitchen now PC’d into “Clinton”? Like 40 years ago? Ironic.

          • tjp77

            Heh. Not really… some real estate people try to call it Clinton, but I’ve never heard a normal person call it anything other than Hells Kitchen.

        • Judy B

          As the economy tanks, & morality crumbles even more, the circles of crime will be ever widening.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        But don’t you realize, you will likely be getting a lesbian mayor? That’s hugely important, because it’s an ID politics historical first! You get to replace your old white tyrant with a younger sexually deviant tyrant.

        Caring about public policy or personal responsibility no longer matters as long as we’re “making history” for the liberal protected classes.

      • Andrew

        Your comment speaks the truth. As a fellow New Yorker, Bloomberg really was the best of a bunch of bad options, and I’m quite worried about our next mayor being much worse.

      • D Steele

        “Here’t the thing; I live in NYC, and we have no options.”
        Yeah you do – stop re-electing the guy.

      • Judy B

        Interesting to hear it from someone who’s up close & personal. Surprised there isn’t a mass exodus.

        • Jack Levitt

          The NY conservatives could sure help some of the purple states!

        • jonhartz

          All the people fleeing NY will crash into the fleeing Californians somewhere in Kansas…

      • Jack Levitt

        “I’m afraid that I’m going to have to move out of here sooner rather than later.”

        Being a native South Floridian, I have known hundreds if not thousands of folks fleeing NYC for one reason or another.

      • John Kerry’s Forehead

        Move now. WTF are you waiting for? I used to like to visit the city, now I won’t set foot in the state, let alone risk my freedom if I accidentally break one of those insane laws. I feel for you. Move to TX.

        • tjp77

          Funny you should say that, because I’m actually looking to move to Dallas. I work in advertising though, which is pretty NY-centric so it’s taking me some time to find work down there. But as soon as I find something I’m out of here.

      • jonhartz

        Sounds like he developed a brain tumor…

    • V the K

      New York City contains a massive number of people paying $3000 a month in rent live in apartments the size of my bathroom, paying the highest taxes in the universe, and they think it’s worth it because “where else can you get a Cannoli at 3:00 in the morning?”

      And they think they’re the smartest people in the world.

      • dantheman08822

        Maybe you can get a cannoli at 3 AM, but you won’t be able to get a 1-liter bottle of Coke to wash it down.

        • Judy B

          But you’ll have no worries about being mugged on your way to get your Cannoli, since we know all the criminals will be turning in their guns.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      And they’ll complain about this fool. They’ll wring their hands over their lack of soda and lack of freedoms. They’ll ask what the point is for all of this regulation. Then they’ll turn around and elect a Democrat this November.

      No sympathy for any of them, aside from the few small business owners and rare conservative voter stuck under his regulation, unable to afford moving out of the city.

    • $41341954

      In his defense, soda from a 2L bottle is never as good as a can or smaller bottle.

      • Judy B

        That is not the point. Adults should have the right to make decisions for themselves.

        • $41341954

          I know. I was being ironic, but I honestly dislike 2L bottles.

      • jonhartz

        And in California, Coke made in Mexico is the tastiest! True Dat!

    • Rulz

      Finally! Someone who’s NOT afraid to call out voters!

  • peteee363

    this soda ban will save lives, see gang bangers will no longer be fat, so the cops will now have to run faster. as a result, the cops will now have to be in better shape, and perhaps less of them will have grabbers.

  • Stone Bryson

    You get what you ask for, right? I would tell New Yorkers to leave if they don’t like it, but considering the fact they brought this on themselves I’d rather they stay put. I don’t want them spreading their progressive policies to freer parts of the nation; I’ve seen what the migration of Californians to Colorado has done to that once-great state, and I’d rather not watch that repeat itself. Again.

    You’ve made your bed, NYC. Sleep in it.

  • ThomasL

    If the people in NYC are stupid enough to take this crap, then they deserve it. You get the government you vote for.

    • Garth Haycock

      Exactly. Whether they realize it or not, this is what the voters in NY wanted, otherwise they would not have voted in Bloomberg. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the country because Dear Leader was reelected.

      • Judy B

        Dear Leader reelected, you sure about that?

    • Vennoye

      So U.S. has an empirical president and NYC has a empirical mayor!! Thank God for politicians who do not decide they have been elected Emperors.

      Remember when we thought that 1980’s film “Escape from New York” was only entertainment!!

  • Tom MapleSt

    Dear Al Qaeda, instead of trying to hijack another plane for your next and long delayed suicide mission. Why not just buy or lease a good used plane from North Korea or Iran? Like duh! And this time don’t muck it up by going after civilian targets.

  • Tangchung

    Let the soda police only enforce the silly law on democrats. They voted for the schmuck.

  • Adela Wagner

    No one becomes an adult at any age anymore. We used to not be able to wait until we grew up, and could move out on our own and do what we wanted. What’s next Mayor? Lights out at 9PM?

  • John (it true me am)

    So he is just going to pretend a single person drinks a 2L like a 16oz bottle now?
    This is unbelievable, and is clearly just a backdoor way to doing away with soft drinks entirely. Someone needs to take this clown to court already.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Hey wait a minute! That must mean that ONE SINGLE PERSON is gonna eat ONE WHOLE PIZZA!!! OMG, can’t have that, WE NEED ANOTHER LAW!

      • Judy B

        That occurred to me as well….

    • stuckinIL4now

      I agree–sue his stupid sleazy dumb-arse and ask the court to compel him to provide proof that his bans have anything but an adverse effect on the economy and absolutely no positive effect at all on whatever it is he claims he’s fixing or improving.

  • JohnnyN2O

    Thank God for term limits.

    • TocksNedlog

      Yeah well, Bloomberg managed to massage that one too, didn’t he.

  • NRPax

    Why are people acting so surprised? These people need control the way meth addicts need another hit.

  • CatHerder

    Trying to imagine any Texas mayor pulling this…image not loading.

    • TocksNedlog

      No more gallon jugs of sweet tea? Sacrilege!

      • CatHerder

        Hah, iced tea is survival rations come summer :)

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Come summer? You mean every month besides February, right?

          To explain for the Northerners… in Texas there’s only two seasons: Summer…and February.

          • TexSizzle

            Occasionally as early as late December.

            My wife is from Wisconsin. Several years after she moved to Texas, she was visiting her parents for Thanksgiving, and they went out for dinner. She asked the waitress for iced tea, and was told it was “out of season”. So she ordered hot tea with 2 tea bags and a glass of ice, and had iced tea anyway.

    • Billie Slash

      Darn right! They know what a can of “Whoop Azz” feels like!

    • Stone Bryson

      I could see them pulling it off in Austin, which has become the progressive hotbed in the Lone Star State.

      • CatHerder

        Yep, we like to keep ’em all in one place where we can keep an eye on ’em!

      • Judy B

        Ya’ll better nip that in the bud, liberalism is highly contagious, highly toxic!

  • Moogiechan

    100% juice is OK? 8 oz. of Coke has 26 grams of sugar and 93 calories, and 8 oz. of orange juice has 24 grams of sugar and 110 calories. But you’ll only see the 8 oz orange juice compared with a larger serving of cola because math is hard.

    • Jay Stevens

      Well, math IS hard. Ask any liberal. There’s a reason most engineers are conservatives. And a reason most liberal arts majors aren’t.

  • Moogiechan

    Also, soda can be had without sugar or calories. Or do we want to ban chemicals we can’t pronounce? Let’s start with dihydrogen monoxide because chemistry is hard, too.

    • dantheman08822

      If this little twerp had his way, he’d ban that too, if it comes in plastic bottles. They already have in Concord, Ma.

  • $27789750

    I bet that’s not legal. Surprised that NYC puts up with it. Surely would not pass a court test.

    • TocksNedlog

      There’s a difference between what they can do and what they should do.

  • Moogiechan

    Maybe Chuck E Cheese will have to become a BYOB in New York City.

  • Kurtis

    According to a report in the Daily Rash, during his appearance on the Maury Povich Show, Bloomberg told the host that women who refuse to breastfeed in NYC hospitals could face jail time.

  • Jack Levitt

    “Those who see their lives as spoiled and wasted crave equality and
    fraternity more than they do freedom. If they clamor for freedom, it is
    but freedom to establish equality and uniformity. The passion for
    equality is partly a passion for anonymity: to be one thread of the many
    which make up a tunic; one thread not distinguishable from the others.
    No one can then point us out, measure us against others and expose our

  • Kabong30

    I don’t understand why people just don’t stand up and say. “No.” Too many laws make criminals of us all. And while I love Texas and appreciate the previous comment, we are not immune to the disease of stupid people in our government trying to make us do stupid things. We all have to be vigilant and we have to be willing to say, “No.” to this BS. We’ll get there eventually.

    • Judy B

      Tea Party Patriotism is the answer.

    • TexSizzle

      And the more people who ruin their states and then move here and vote here the same way they did there to ruin them, the more vigilant we have to be to prevent it from happening.

  • Gallatin

    You New Yorkers voted for this clown, you deserve what you get.

  • TocksNedlog

    A Study In Contrasts:
    Giuliani — Cracked down on crime, protecting the innocent
    Bloomberg — Criminalized normal behavior of the innocent

    • V the K

      If I drank a two-liter soda in my bedroom, would the liberals stay out of it?

      • journogal

        Only if you are using the two-liter to wash down your free birth control. Priorities! Forward, comrade!

  • WisconsinPatriot

    HA HA HA HA HA! NYC is where the subjects peer out of their windows and wish they were free!

    • John

      Their state motto should be, “Distract the guards while we swim for it.”

  • Ben Bollman

    ha ha, do the people of NYC realize this is what they voted for? Probably not since us meanie pants conservative are just morons for warning them for months that this is what would happen. They deserve what they get.

  • lillymckim

    There is something so wrong with Bloomberg that he has to control every aspect of the people in NYC lives.

    and even more troubling what in Gods name is wrong with the people of NYC that they would ALLOW THIS MAN TO CONTROL THEM?

    • Judy B

      In the same way the nation is allowing all the crap that’s been going on all over, case in point the TSA molestations….when are Americans going to say enough is enough?

    • RightThinking1

      Napoleon complex.

    • jonhartz

      Isn’t there a city council?

      • dantheman08822

        This was imposed by fiat, e.g., Bloomberg’s hand-picked Kommisar of Heath. The City Council never voted on it. I suspect they would have rejected it. Now the bloomin’ idiot wants to have NY State do it the same way, but having the state Department of Agriculture ban all sodas and sweetened drinks from being on store shelves in sizes greater than 16 oz. The NY State Legislature wouldn’t vote on this, either, if Bloombat had his way.
        Thank God I live in a state where we have a fat governor.

  • GaryTheBrave

    We must encourage NONE of NYC’s subjects to escape. Simultaneously we must encourage everyone else to NOT move to NYC.

  • Edward Tiegs

    No sympathy, NY. You voted for him.

  • DJLugoff

    Anyone stupid enough to vote for loonburg deserves what they get. Remember elections have consequences. I am shocked that New Yorkers put up with this things have sure changed since I was there last. I know for sure I won’t visit again.

  • Guest

    Hey Mayor Blooming Idiot, if I visit New York and fill up a scary black military-assault style Super Soaker with 120-ounces of Mountain Dew and point the barrel into my mouth and start firing, how many laws would I be breaking?

  • Guest

    Hey y’all in New York City, elections have consequences. Beginning to be reminded of one of my favorite all time commercials – New York City! get a rope.

  • Soapy Johnson

    It gets worse — Mayor Bloomberg to ban cannibals in New York City from
    eating anyone over 5-foot-4 —

    • $23629333

      Considering how short and self-serving he is, I’d expect him to pass a law prohibiting the eating of anyone – like him – UNDER 5-foot-4.

  • bidentime

    Apparently NYs can’t wipe their own behinds. Not to worry, Mayor Blooberg will be along shortly.

  • Booker

    The Nanny State Enthusiast is the epitome of the ruling elite.

  • $23629333

    I’ve got no sympathy for the folks in New York City. When the little dictator decided that the mayoral term limits would NOT apply to him – and the citizenry did not rise to run him out of office and the city itself – the folks there got exactly what they deserved.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the guy now occupying the Oval Office will obey the 22nd Amendment.

  • Eric Schmitt

    New York City is probably the greatest city the world has never known. it’s sad that Bloomberg is ruining it, but we’ve been through worse and we’ll survive him.

  • James O Donnell

    New Yorkers apparently like being bossed around by little rich pricks.

    If they’re not willing to stand up for themselves and tell Mike Bloomberg to fuck off, then they deserve whatever they get.

  • RightThinking1

    Meanwhile, NYC makes Forbes list of the 20 worst places to live…, comes in at no. 10.

    To their credit, they DID finish ahead of Detroit

    • stuckinIL4now

      And Chicago. Also did you notice that of the 9 places ahead of NY, 3 are in Michigan, 3 are in Illinois and 3 are in California–all rotten-to-the-core dumbmass corrupt blue states.

    • John

      Wow! Philly didn’t even make the list. It sure shows what difference 90 miles and a couple of state lines makes.

      I lived in NYC for a few years as a kid, and just outside Philly for over 35. The difference in layout and mentality makes all the difference. In NYC, the City is Everything ™. All the jobs are in the city, so everyone has to either live there or live within reasonable commuting distance (or more often, near enough to a train station).

      Philadelphia is just he opposite — all the best jobs are *outside* the city, out in the surrounding counties. Whether you’re talking about the 202 corridor, up by Horsham, or anywhere else, the best jobs are all in suburban business campuses. No one works in the city unless they really have to, and there is plenty to do in the four collar counties when not working. Mass transit isn’t nearly as important as the regional highways here, and the doings of our small towns is far more important than what the Philly city council does (which is not important at all for most everyone).

      As for myself, I live within 15 minutes of the city and I haven’t been there in six or seven years, unless you count passing through it on I-95 on the way to somewhere else. There just isn’t any reason to go there.

      We don’t have Broadway shows — but we’ll soldier on without them (grin). At least we have our low (flat) income tax.

      • RightThinking1

        Yep. Same way with me and Atlanta. I lived in one of the outlying areas, never went downtown without some specific purpose. In fact, when I left, the metro area had a population of ~2.5 million (as I recall), but the city only had ~450,000.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Well! About time someone did something about those high-capacity assault sodas!

  • MissyT111

    Bloomberg would like to thank all the sheep that voted for him as well as those who changed the law to give him a third term….think about that for the future.

  • Michelle

    This man is so out of control and has some serious control issues. I’d like to simply sit back, read about his increasing control over the lives of NYC residents, chuckle and think to myself, “You voted for him!” but even as a Californian, I get to loathe him also. Nanny Bloomberg inserts himself (and his money) in the politics of MY state. He often contributes money to campaigns here. Last November, he pumped a few million bucks into the campaign of the proposed law to raise our taxes. What.The.Flip? Yes, he really did that! He donated millions in an effort to raise MY taxes here in California! Dude, get your busy body hands off my state! At the moment we have an election coming up for members of the LA Unified School Board and guess what? Yep, he gave $1M dollars to the campaign of the folks he wants to win. Seriously? Who does this guy think he is?

    So the good/funny news – although Bloomberg dumped a few million into the effort to raise my taxes in CA, the proposition failed, it didn’t pass. Nanny lost a few million. It’s bad enough he’s soooooo controlling over the residents of NYC, but it’s absolutely INFURIATING that he also pumps millions of dollars into trying to control what goes on in my state AND my city – on the other side of the country. The man is on a SERIOUS power trip.

  • littleones

    Ree donk you lus

  • Hand of Doom

    I bet Bubbles Brzezynski on Mess-NBC is gonna be her normal giggly self tomorrow morning. Nah, its just the vodka talking

  • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

    Has anyone demanded that Bloomingidiotberg submit to a full psychiatric
    evaluation ?

    • Michelle

      What would the point of that be? It’s already extremely evident he’s outta his flippin’ mind.

  • Guest

    Bloomberg is George Orwell’s poster boy. Is he really Big Brother? This is truly incredible that this moron can get away with this.

  • Billy boy

    Isn’t is way past overdo for some civil disobedience here. How about an underground market for 2 liter soda and a pizza enforced by the mob. The mafia has a pizza presence in NYC and could do a bang up job. “Speak easy” like in the 1930’s but instead of booze flowing in to the black market we now could have soda.

  • BeeKaaay


    Leftwingwackos always scream about abortion that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her body.

    But now if she wants to drink 16 oz of soda, NO YOU CANNOT do what you want to do with with your body!


    • carla5731

      It gets worse. Bloomberg instituted Latch On NYC, a program that attempts to force women to breastfeed their newborns. His position is abort all you want, but if you’re one of the 6 in 10 New York women that does give birth, you better not feed that baby infant formula because the city can tell you what to do with your postpartum body.

  • D Steele

    Noo Yawkuhs shouldn’t be complaining about ANYTHING that this mayor does. After all – you elected him…

    • Eric Schmitt

      so i’m guessing you don’t complain about anything Obama does – after all, the country elected him.

  • Brett McMicken

    personally, i find it difficult to get worked up over an extremely leftist city getting served a very liberal dose of extreme leftism. put a nipple on the soda bottles you are allowed to have (for now) and suck it up!

  • Shannon Piper

    Oddly enough, I don’t think this element of the ban even achieves the desired effect. When we buy a 2-liter I think the kids all end up drinking LESS soda, than when they each get their own can or bottle. And as a parent of 5, I’d be most pissed about the economic side of this. Forcing families to buy their soda in the most inefficient way possible… so government. So sh*tty.

  • John

    We need a PA citizenship vetting process–you don’t get to escape here from NY (or NJ) unless you can demonstrate basic understanding of the principles of liberty and can demonstrate a history of supporting them. Failing that, we need a way to make life for arrogant NYC leftists *really* uncomfortable.

    Thankfully when they retire it seems they still prefer to despoil FL before they die, but Cuomo’s prison state is still too close for comfort.

  • Judy B

    Funny soda is limited to 16 oz, but Kool-Aid is unlimited! New Yorkers getting what they begged for!

  • JohnFLob

    Perhaps NYC is now the Big Olive, It is now the pits.

  • RightThinking1

    I sense an opportunity for bootleggers. I imagine that just as you pass out of the city limits, there will be lots of signs advertising, “Two Liter Soft Drinks! Case Discounts!”

  • Michael Rice

    Are 2 liter bottles consider “assault bottles”? What about a singel liter? is that a “semi auto” bottle that dispenses liquid every time the cap is released?

  • Hiraghm

    Why isn’t there a movement to impeach him?

  • Post-a-CommentHere

    I can’t believe New Yorkers allowed this government intrusion into their lives! What’s next? Limits on alcohol, ice cream, tobacco? Limits on how many tricks you can do at a skateboard park? If someone weighs less than 160 lbs or can provide proof of gym membership can they get a 24 ounce soda? 20 ounces maybe? Please?

  • HWGood

    Remember that this is a city that has voted to be disarmed for over a century.

  • patriot fan

    Well New Yorkers voted for him. I supposed they like being told what to eat and what not to eat. How to protect yourself at work with a stapler. I just hope all those crazy New Yorkers stay the heck in New York.

  • DariusSmith

    Just tax the shit out of that shit and be done with it. I propose a 1-5 cent tax on every 12 oz. of soda and the resulting revenues shall go into a trust fund to fund obesity prevention and treatment and research into finding out the causes and solutions to this epidemic. Internalizing the externalities is my specialty.

  • Brian Garmon

    In future news… NY citizens institute ban on any amount of total votes for Bloomberg equalling a plurality or larger.

  • rant stocks

    I’m thinking new yorkers can’t wait for bloomberg to get the hell out of office, and bring a sane mayor to office….look out whitehouse?

  • Alan Peterson

    So, New Yorkers are too stupid to decide how much Coke to pour in a cup without the Mayor yelling, “Whoa.” How embarrassing.

  • MerlePearl

    How can that nincompoop get away with this petty, ridiculous and insulting law? And why does no one in govt call him on it?

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    They keep electing that clown. They get what they deserve.

  • Michael E Rupp

    But at least increasing the number of plastic containers required for the same volume of soda is good for the environment! Right?

  • Visit_AesopsRetreat_Com

    So, its final. New York is where all the Pansy asses live.

  • Zoltanne

    Bloomberg’s 2L Soda Ban is part of Bloomberg’s strategic policy to alter the behavior of people in NYC. He recently submitted a paper to the the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda where he lists ways that human behavior can be controlled within a community or government system. It’s all at bloomberg dot org

  • jonhartz

    New Yawkers have always been crybabies, now they have something real to cry about. You get what you vote for, children., bless your little hearts.

  • Love of Country

    Nice policy – not really helping in this economy. Think of all the jobs this will affect – from the soda distributors to the pizza shops…….but they elected him… just wait until the Obama voters see what he has in store for them.

  • dantheman08822

    Bloomberg isn’t married. So I, as shadchan, propose the following: Mike, you obviously need someone who’d look up to you, given your Napoleonic complex. But given that you’re a shrimp, the pickins’ are slim. But there’s a lovely woman in New Jersey who would make a perfect wife; in fact the two of you would be a perfect couple. And she’d certainly look up to you, even in heels or platforms. She’s not married either, at least not yet. The package includes an adorable little boy. Mike, meet Snooki.