That’s right. And Senator Cornyn (R-Texas) is making sure that isn’t forgotten.

Zing! From his website:


It’s a hit.


Conservatives craft handy #ObamaBudgetExcuse list for our lazy POTUS

Leadership: Obama misses budget filing deadline for 4th time in 5 years

Eric Cantor: ‘The last time the Senate passed a budget, the iPad did not exist’

#NoBudgetNoPay hashtag takes off among Republican lawmakers

Zing! Senate Republicans ask for retweets equalling number of days since Senate Dems passed budget

  • Spatial Awareness

    Tick Tock……………

  • richard

    Terrific idea.

  • Joe W.

    Gotta love Texas!! We got Cruz, too!!!

    • An Abstraction

      You can keep Canadian Cruz – he’s just another reason to never visit that state except for Austin (it’s the only concentrated area in the state where the average person has an I.Q. well above the rest of the state’s average….. which I’m guessing, from your posts, hovers in the high 80’s range).

      • geronl

        Austin is the dumbest place in Texas

        • An Abstraction

          In your up-is-down & down-is-up world it is. The dumbest place in Texas is actually wherever Rick Perry is standing at any given moment.

          • NachoCheese (D)

            Still wanting to talk about anything other than Obamao and the Dems failure to pass a budget since before the iPad’s release I see.

          • Joe W.

            Well, like its screen name, its an “abstraction”….

          • WisconsinPatriot


          • camnpat

            Aren’t you precious. Bless your heart, and may God, at some point, illuminate you to have a moment of clear thinking. For your own good, not for that of others.

            Isn’t that funny that you consider personal responsibility, economic growth, the Constitution, and freedom, upside down things? Because that’s what the majority of Texans, save for enclaves like Austin, believe in and fight for.

          • Shawn Smith

            Does it trouble you at all that the “idiotic” state of Texas is running budget surplus while the presumably “brilliant” state of California is collapsing economically?

      • Joe W.

        Figures you would want to be where we keep all our libs, gays, and Muslims.

      • Morneau_for_4

        It has the highest IQ because of all the tech jobs leaving California, right?

      • WisconsinPatriot

        An Aneurism, Austin is infested with LEFTIES……..why would anyone choose to go there? And it would take an awful lot of conservatives to bring the IQ up that HIGH. Most lefties IQ’s match or are slightly less than their shoe size.

      • Penmar

        Believe you me, I’m pretty sure the Texans are happy you won’t have a reason to be visiting their state.

  • An Abstraction

    Whatta ZINGER!!!!! Next Twitchy breaking news update: “BOOM! DEDT CLOCK UNEARTHED AT http://WWW.USDEBTCLOCK.ORG

    • NachoCheese (D)

      Anything to avoid talking about Obamao and the Democrats failure to pass a budget since before the iPad’s release, huh?

    • Shawn Smith

      You realize the debt clock doesn’t make Obama look very good either, right?

    • Penmar

      That is out there for you libs because “Math is Hard”.

  • NumbuhOne

    Excellent way to highlight Senator Reid’s inaction. I’d suggest the Senator add the total value from the Debt Clock next to or below the Budget Clock.

  • BigBossOgg

    Hey everybody, look! George Soros’ troll is here to get everyone off-topic and generally show it’s ass. It’s name is misspelled, though, but after that rapier sharp riposte about IQ’s, I imagine it thinks we won’t know the difference between ‘Abstraction’ and ‘Distraction’.

    Pfft… Typical…

  • Love of Country

    “You don’t want to elect John McCain …. he’s way, way, way too erratic and our debt is just way, way, way too great to gamble on the likes of him!”

    Fast forward to five years later …… “Has five years gone by? Well come on …. do we really even need annual budgets every single year?”

    I don’t know about you folks, but all this insanity has got me seeing double, lol.

  • stuckinIL4now

    What took him (or anyone) so long?

    • BeeKaaay

      Because the RINOpublican and Marxicrat parties are both dominated by Marxists.

      We are a one party country now.

  • Bryan

    Gladly, I didn’t watch the SOTU, but I did see a recap video of the president–yet again–talking about not adding one dime of additional debt to the budget. In his mind he isn’t lying because there is no budget.