Actor Adam Baldwin took on Amanda Marcotte and her idiocy today, after she labeled him a “crazed gun nut” and a “sexist pig.”

Where is her latest delusional persecution complex stemming from? Once again, her own idiocy. As Twitchy reported, the dim-witted Marcotte bowed down to her paternalistic, liberal gun-grabbing masters when weighing in on the foul rape comments made by the cretinous Bob Beckel. Suck it up, ladies! It’s better to be raped than to shoot a rapist.

Hypocrisy and twisted “logic” that seeks to empower women … by disempowering them?

Plus, does she ever get out of her soy latte-riddled Ivory tower?

Heh. Marcotte, the “empowered” woman, then does what all strong and independent women do. She bravely runs away.

Aww. Maybe President Obama will pull a Fluke move and give her a phone call, so he can pat her on her poor, little head. In the meantime, giving Twitter users are trying to explain some facts of life to Ms. Marcotte, including how to truly be empowered.

Zing! But he has a (D) next to his name, so he gets a pass. “Feminists” like Ms. Marcotte aid leftist men in their war on women.

Adam Baldwin himself sums it all up.

Her irrational liberal logic, which says men who support a woman’s right to self-defense are sexist pigs, is logical only when one continuously shrouds herself in veil of victim-hood. To “feminists,” fighting like a girl means leaving women powerless. It’s for their own good and all. Wow. You’ve come a long way, baby!

No, thank you. We’ll stick with the Right.

Now that’s empowerment!

  • Rabid

    I guess she really is a Dunce , she forgot all about Animal Mother!!!

    • V the K

      As smart as she is pretty.

  • $41341954

    Yeah, high class Twitchy. Let’s complain that liberals are libeling conservatives and turn around and call them a dunce. That’ll really win our war on the hearts and minds of the independent and/or apolitical Americans. Way to be down for the cause…

    • Iacobus

      Well…if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

      (And that’s coming from an independent.)

    • NachoCheese (D)

      Using a proper adjective to describe someone’s based on their statements is not offensive, merely accurate.

    • Stephen K

      Concern troll is obvious concern troll.

    • Jack Deth

      Does disqus_lal975ESXwz need a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhbulance???

      “Independent voters are a myth. Just like Eskimos and leprechauns.”
      (Apologies to Homer Simpson)

    • Ben Bollman

      We will win the hearts and minds of independents by being ourselves i.e. not morons. All we have to do is wait for Democrats to out-stupid themselves out of office, shouldn’t be too much longer.

    • J. Cox

      In other words…go be silent in the corner while the liberals spend all day lying….because surely the MSM will call them on it.

      • $41341954

        No. Just don’t throw around insults. It’s simple. You say something like, “you’re wrong about (issue), and here is why (explanation).” This is called debate and eventually the correct (or most correct) response wins.

    • NRPax

      Kind of hard to explain a point of view politely when the other side automatically throws out childish insults then blocks your ability to respond.

    • DavidKramer

      Here you go………….

  • ceemack

    Apparently she doesn’t quite get the difference between a character on television and the actor/actress playing the character.

  • stuckinIL4now

    If nothing else, trying to take on Adam Baldwin earned her the Dunce cap.

  • Avey Owyns

    You have to get to: “amanda marc” before google even knows who this chick is.

    • Jack Deth

      I guess “Amanda Hugandkiss” is more popular on Google.

    • grais

      Even John Edwards didn’t want her. She was an embarrassment to him!


      • wwbdinct

        Is this true? Was she stalking him or something? I mean, Edwards wasn’t exactly picky with his choice of mistresses. How sceevy do you have to be if John Edwards won’t even hit it!

        • grais

          Oh, he might have hit it. But she obviously wasn’t worth keeping around. She ran his campaign blog or something. Offended everyone that could possibly be offended, of course. I never imagined something could offend Edwards, but she did. A real champ.

          • wwbdinct

            Ha ha. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know much about her and didn’t know she was involved with the low life Edwards. Birds of a feather.

  • Jack Deth

    One does not mess with “Animal Mother” or “The Hero of Canton”!

    Even if “Jayne a girl’s name.”

    • BlueGood

      I wonder how Jesse Duff feels about this Defence against RAPE stuff??!

      No doubt Jesse’s take might differ from O’Bama’s “Julia”…snort….

    • Lisa Dean

      @disqus_sd8CCAl8aq:disqus – I would much rather hang with a guy named “Jayne”, especially since it’s Adam Baldwin, than a chic named Amanda Marcotte.

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Lisa and BlueGood:

        Let’s have a competition where Amanda Marcotte fights off an office intruder with “White Out”, rubber bands and a staple remover. And Emily Miller or Jesse Duff confronts the same individual(s) with a 9mm Glock, 1911A1 ACP or a 4 inch K-Frame S&W and see who wins.

        • Lisa Dean

          I know my personal preference is the 9mm @disqus_sd8CCAl8aq:disqus, although I am pretty accurate with my rubber band gun abilities too. 😉

    • Garth Haycock

      Well, Clifford did hire Linderman to be his bodyguard for a reason.

    • Zach Brewer

      Who IS Amanda Manicotti anyway?

  • Steve_J

    She’s going to block everyone tweeting invective. She’s going to block herself?

    • Jim Denney

      Not only that, she’s going to use an illegal “auto-blocker.”

    • $36544368

      “Invective”…such a big word for such a small-minded liberal that she is.

  • Paratisi

    Project Much? This is the same Mental Midget who just yesterday, suggested the “Just Say No To Rape Campaign”(Cue Video of Eggs Frying in a Pan). “This is Your Brain On Rape”.

    Someone please tell this Hateful, Bigot Marcotte, to stop trying to prove she has the Intellect of a Coconut. We Believe Her!

    God Bless America!

  • Jennifer

    Another day, another ugly, bitter, lesbian liberal.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    He’s no “sexist pig”…

    He named his favorite gun ‘Vera’.

  • BrendaStarr

    Amanda who? No, really. WTH is she and why does anyone care about what she has to say?

  • roccolore

    FYI, Adam Baldwin is NOT related to Alec.

    • Conservativesniper

      Good to know.

  • $23089169

    Never heard of Amanda Marcotte until this and just read some of her tweets and blog – that girl is in need of some serious prayers. She’s a hater from head to toe and it’s sad there are so many people who follow her. I want to reach through twitter and ask what happened in her life to make her so full of disdain and hatred. Seriously, she is a sick and sad individual.

  • Gallatin

    Will the libturd disconnect with reality ever end?

    Conservatives want blacks to be armed and able to defend themselves and we are the “racists”.
    Conservatives want women to be armed and able to defend themselves and we are the “sexist pigs”.

    I’ve had enough I’m officially giving libturds something to fear when I become President.
    All libturds will be rounded up and shipped by freight car to Kalifornia. A border fence will be built around Kalifornia. This fence will be patrolled by AR-15 toting conservatives. In Kalifornia they will be left alone to live whatever libturd wet dream they want to live, they simply won’t be allowed to mess with the rest of us.

    • Cambria

      I can’t wait for the day California falls into the ocean.

      • Gallatin

        You’d think that global warming would take care of that for us.

      • Matthew Morris

        I used to root for Lex Luthor in Superman :-)

    • Richard Jefferies

      California is a beautiful state. We need to ship them south like a modern day trail of tears and make them go live in the third world countries they tell us are so blissfully happy.

      • Gallatin

        I apologize to all “right” thinking Californians if you feel that I’ve given insult. It’s just that all that I’ve read and seen about government in Kalifornia (not to be confused with your beautiful California) is a lost cause. I chose Kalifornia for the libturd paradise for two reasons:

        1. Kalifornia is already so far down the libturd wet dream road that I don’t know that there is any turning back.
        2. I want the libturd wet dream close enough so that the rest of America can see the disaster that it becomes. I may even by executive order have school children take field trips into the mess.

  • NRPax

    Is there anyone here who can explain to me in small words (Come on; I’m a former Marine. Help me out here) why it’s sexist to think that women can and should be able to defend themselves?

    • DV S1EOG

      because by using the term sexist she is intending to silence him. It also shows that she does not have a single valid argument to back her position.

      • NRPax

        Ah. Got it. Thanks; I stopped being a Democrat in the 90s so the translation was really tough for me.

    • Jim Denney

      Sorry, I can’t help bro. But I have a photo of Harry Reid’s latest beach bunny; maybe we can ask her?

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Ummm, because a liberal said so…….best I can do. I don’t believe in “former” Marines!

      • NRPax

        “Former” isn’t a bad term. “Ex” is an insult or what we call one of ours that really messed up.

    • $22639970

      Because getting them to defend themselves is the first step toward getting them to rely on themselves instead of the government, which is, in turn, the first step toward ending the government statists’ power buying racket.

  • Canadian in USA

    Brave Miss Marcotte ran away.
    Bravely ran away away.
    When logic reared it’s ugly head,
    She bravely turned her tail and fled.
    Yes, brave Miss Marcotte turned about
    And gallantly she chickened out.
    Swiftly taking a brave retreat
    And blocked everybody and their logical tweets.
    Bravest of the brave, Miss Marcotte!

    (With apologies to Monty Python)

    • WisconsinPatriot

      That wouldn’t be “invective” would it???

    • $36544368

      LOL…her tweets and posts are just ‘spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam’ (with apologies to Monty Python as well).

      • Shaun Mullin

        With her line of thinking, “Bring out your dead” applies here and it’s not the intruder.

    • Robin Nelson-Herlihy

      Your comment was reminding me of The Holy Grail…..I KNEW IT!lol

    • Richard Jefferies

      “I never did. No. No. No.” Brilliant parody of the parody.

    • $22639970

      I love that song…along with the fact that it so accurately addresses the intellectual courage of the modern left wing radical.

    • shimauma

      LOLS!! well done!

    • Susancnw

      She cut and run also when my sister (a survivor) called her on it)

  • Angie (D)

    To Marcotte a woman is only empowered when she can use taxpayer funds to abort her rapist’s “fetus” in the 3rd trimester.

  • Blake Waymire

    The only one allowed to talk back to Jayne Cobb is Malcolm Reynolds, and Amanda Marcotte is no Malcolm Reynolds (then again, Nathan Fillion isn’t even Malcolm Reynolds these days).

  • Garth Haycock

    It’s no surprise that Amanda Marcotte believes that a woman should just get raped rather than defend herself, considering the fact that she has a French name. (Apologies to any folks of French descent that are not sissies)

  • Sketti

    @AmandaMarcotte was bragging about her I support rape, not guns article so I sent her a tweet (see below)

    @AmandaMarcotte @adamsbaldwin @DLoesch all the guys in my cell block thought it was a great read. Thanks for your support! Much <3, Folsom

    She blocked me, kinda rude I thought! :)

  • Thomas Baranowski

    Amanda has built in protection, just remove the bag…. Go Adam glad to see yet another actor not run from their ideals or take on their peers ideals just to survive! Has my respect

  • Christopher Hodgson

    You said “bravely ran away” without referencing Sir Robin?

    How dare you?

  • Randi Starr

    Her mouth shutting up and her twitter shutting down can be by some called a blessing….we can only hope its permanent.

  • Robin Nelson-Herlihy

    Not that I get on Twitter, but I wonder, just because you are for guns and for women protecting themselves from rapists, means you are a crazed gun nut and sexist? I would call Miss Marcotte a stalker, like trolling celebrities that might have a different way of thinking than what she believes Hollywood should have. What is she, the Twitter Celebrity Police? What a werido she is!

    • Randi Starr

      Not sure but from looking at her account she seems needy…….

  • Richard Jefferies

    The homely and stupid Amanda Marcotte wrote a book called: It’s a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments I guess survival means blocking your Twitter account at the tiniest bit of criticism to your illogical opinion. She opined that CNN was “pure evil” when the accurately reported the false Duke rape case, saying ” Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.” She describes her blog as “provocative and profanity-laced.” I’m sure it is the later but no the least, as we can see by her comments not the former.

  • Raye09

    This is just typical feminist dribble. This is why the womens rights movement is a joke. It is chock full of whiney, insecure little girls like Marcotte. These little girls and the little boys that support them are anti woman. Hypocrite, she is all for womens rights and reducing rape, but when it comes down to an innocent woman and a rapist, she values the rapist more.
    The list of anti woman bigots continues to grow:
    Bob Beckel
    Joe Salazar
    Jesse Byrnes
    Amanda Marcotte

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    Amanda Marcotte has received her 15 minutes of fame. Now here’s to the joy of her returning to obscurity.

  • Richard Ferrara

    Yeah Casey!!!

  • Squid Overlord

    The left are mental. Maybe she can leave her address on Craigslist for a rapist, I guess she’ll just have to learn to enjoy the rape.

    • DavidKramer

      Just a simple statistical analysis off the top of my head, England made gun ownership illegal and gun violence has gone down. They have a very low gun death rate, yet their rape rate is 3-5 times as high as the US. Hmmmmm, do you think that maybe the rapists are no longer being SHOT by the women? Hmmmm, talk about a war on women!

    • DavidKramer

      To add to my previous comment, remember the Democrat-aka Fascist from a few weeks ago; he suggested that women REALLY do not know when they are being raped and might shoot someone accidentally………….do you think he wants to be sure he is not shot when he goes a raping?

    • DavidKramer

      Maybe the women can take the advice of that college, they can piss themselves or reverse peristalsis on demand! The FIRST person that is raped and cannot defend themselves, then shoots a Democrat…………I will cheer.

  • DavidKramer


    You have a fascist totalitarian REGIME that wants to control EVERY ASPECT of the entire known galaxy. They not only want to control your every action, they want to control your VERY THOUGHTS!

    Jayne was a character without too many smarts, but when you settle down to his base instincts, he was a good guy. Watch the episode called “The man called Jayne”. Yes, he was glorified for something that he did not really do, yet in the end of the episode, Jayne despised himself and the inherent situation of the mudders.

    One other thing, attempting to equate an actor to the part he played, REALLY?

    By the way, there are more reasons why I love the character of Jayne, one of them being VERA!

    edit to add- whomever was the writer for that show, was a genius, the verbiage had humor, intellect and innuendo that had to be listened to.

    • Paula Noakes

      “Jaynestown” … that’s the name of the episode. The Firefly wiki just calls the song “Jayne’s Song,” but there are some lyrics containing “…the man they call Jayne …” Love Firefly, always and forever!

  • John

    I’m not on Twitter, but I’m rapidly learning to love it. It’s turning out to be a great informational resource for finding out which women to avoid like the plague.

  • $22639970

    Mr. Baldwin seems to have her number. She’s the type that raises the collective I.Q. in a room when she leaves.

    • DavidKramer

      She probably wishes he would call……………..Bwahahahahhahahaha

  • Robert D. Kazimir

    Don’t mess with John Casey crazy lady!

  • Dick Beninya

    that lady is a pseudo intellectual fool

  • Frank Balcer

    how can he be sexist if he thinks women should be able to defend themselves? he’s not.
    Amanda should go live in Chicago or Detroit, then she will want a firearm to defend herself.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    She’s a complete idiot.

  • $41378716

    Adam Baldwin is (again) my hero. He made the nasty Mangy Mandy Marcotte turn tail and run away. While I am quite sure that nasty thing will rear its ugly head again, it is nice to see (short of garlic and holy water) he could make it go away! WTG Adam!

  • origionalwinja

    I love me some adam baldwin!! this man is epic! time to watch firefly again !

  • Semper Fi

    Who is this and why would I care?

  • RevDrEBuzz


    Oooohhhh! (as she dashes herself on her pillow and quickly icks up a copy of Teen Tiger Beat, with Shaun Cassidy on the cover)

  • C Mick

    The Dems “War on Women”!!!!!!!!!

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    Leftist Twitter Debate Rules–“I am a woman and I am against guns. All women who are pro gun are anti women. All men who are pro gun women are pigs. Anyone disagreeing with me is banned.” Geez, Marcotte, all you need now is Candy Crowley to be the moderator and we’re all set for the discussion.

  • Eric Hutchison

    Adam Baldwin is a great man. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should. He isn’t afraid to have a conversation.

  • golftilidrop

    Amanda Marcotte- democrat, Stacy Dash-republican, I rest my case.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Just exactly WHO is Amanda Marcotte? I really don’t know and I consider myself pretty up on ‘who’s who’ in entertainment….does she matter at all? She argues like a High School Drop out!

    • Basset_Hound

      Amanda Marcotte is a rabid pro-abortion feminoid.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    I know who Adam Baldwin is.

    Who the hell is “Amanda Marcotte.”?

  • Diane Stephan

    Don’t screw with Animal Mother!