Boom! Actor Dean Cain continues to push back against anti-military, anti-Bush and anti-Kyle trolls. As we reported, he slammed a Twitter user who said that slain sniper Chris Kyle was not a hero. He continues to defend and honor his friend and American hero.

The cretin who Dean Cain schooled yesterday came back for more, after this Twitter user rightly pointed out a little something to him.

And Mr. Cain came back with another awesome response.

Wisdom, indeed. Never change, “Superman.”


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  • Lady 12

    God bless you, Mr. Cain! I’ve never seen Superman stuff, never wanted to, never been interested at all by superhero stuff, but you have made up my mind that I must watch your movies. Thank you for standing firm.

    • Tangchung

      Me too, glad to see he is not backing down.

    • shimauma

      I recommend “Bed and Breakfast” it’s cute!

  • Heather_A

    Damn. Do *not* tug on @RealDeanCain’s cape. He is having no one’s ish today.


  • Gallatin

    Kata Video
    @RealDeanCain @scrillakev America’s freedom never was threatened by Iraq. No WMDs. Bush lied, US troops died. #IgnorantActor

    No WMDs, that is because they all went to Syria before the U.S. invasion and that is why obowmao will do nothing for the Syrians fighting assad, he doesn’t want to be proven to be the ignorant clown that he is.

    • J. Cox

      Not all….but true nontheless…but lib trolls are not able to put 2 and 2 together.Just a fyi,we did find tons of WMD mats there,just none that was fully assembled.

  • Marty Luther

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane–it’s a PATRIOT!

    • jnora

      Great one!

  • ember

    Wow. Dean Cain is having a rough month. First Chris Kyle and now Mindy McCready. Bless him as he mourns.

  • Harry A

    i like Mr. Cain, but why are we following his every tweet? he’s just an actor. i dont understand why we would attack the left with comments about how actors should stay out of politics, and their opinion doesnt matter (which happens ALL the time see; Beyonce, Will Smith, Eva Longoria, Cher etc), but as soon as we find one that is conservative we find it necessary to follow their every move. It only gives credence to the left and their celebrities.

    for further proof of my point, the article a couple days ago about Todd Palin, wasnt entitled “Actor Dean Cain tweets support for Todd Palin” but inside were tweets from everyone (including Sarah!). Why not call it “People Tweet Support for Todd” or “Sarah and others Tweet Support etc”.

    • jnora

      Sour grapes Marty McFly! We stand by the actors that stand up for truth, justice and the American way!!!!!

      • Harry A

        not sour grapes at all, i like Dean Cain. I was a huge fan of the superman series before i knew his politics. I’m just saying its silly to condemn Democrats for their association with “hollyweird” (which i think is such a childish word, but whatever), and then run around chasing every move that Dean Cain, Clint Eastwood and Nugent make.

        • Michael Rice

          1. Almost every tweet out of a liberal in LaLa land is horrendously stupid.
          2. Hollywood types with stances such as these as rare>
          3. DOes that explain it?

          • Harry A

            no it doesnt. he is still nothing more than an actor, i see no reason to be following his every move on twitter. the message (and rightly so) has been that there is no need to put further stock in opinions of celebrities just because they’re celebrities. that doesnt mean that we then run out and find our own celebrities to stupidly follow.

          • iitywybad

            Dear Marty McFly, you profess to like Dean Cain and to being a conservative, but your posts sound more like a liberal in disguise. My thought is that anytime someone says “I’m a conservative, BUT” means they are not conservative at all. If you’re truly a conservative, you would be at the front of the line in praising patriotism and support for conservative ideals, especially coming from that snake pit of liberals known as Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA. Your remark that he is “nothing more than an actor” is false – he is an actor AND an American patriot who is willing to stand up for our values at the risk of his means of making a living.
            You should remember the words of Abraham Lincoln when he said:
            “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

          • AdoEdem

            He’s doing what’s called “concern trolling”. It’s one of the more predicable methods that kooky lefties employ.

          • Harry A


          • AdoEdem

            i c wat u did thar

          • Harry A

            LOL, ok that one actually made me laugh haha

          • J. Cox

            You do realize….You don’t have to read his tweets or follow the story right?Or should a government worker tell you what to read and not read?

          • Harry A

            and you know, even if it was like one post i could understand, but it seems like twitchy has a new article telling us what Dean Cain has tweeted every day. just stop already.

    • J. Cox

      If you can not see the difference between him tweeting defending an American hero…and Cher tweeting outright hate…you are as lost as she is.

      • Harry A

        because i write my thoughts about one twitchy story all of a sudden i need “a government worker” to come tell me what to read? why do you have to be so rude? as you saw other people disagreed with my opinion and none of us launched into attacks of each other. learn to disagree with someone with some civility and you’ll probably see it helps you get your point across.

  • Rick Hess

    Interesting, you have low information shclubs like stacy dube vilifying Chris Kyle as a hitmas, and in the next breath, lauding obama for being judge, jury and executioner by killing American citizens overseas with drones.

  • Sue

    Last week Dr. Ben was my “Hero of the Week”. This week’s honor goes to Dean Cain. Keep tellin’ ’em the way it is Superman!

    • jnora

      He is Superman inside and out! Pretty easy on the eyes, too. Complete conservative package!

  • dwsmokin

    Kudos to Mr. Cain! Still find it sad that so many cling to the “Bush lied” line. He acted on the same intel from the same source that Obama relied on for Benghazi. The same intel that the majority of Congress/Senate-in a bipartisan vote-approved.

  • Lulu Lapin

    Mr. Cain is recognized because is he brave enough to speak out for Conservative values while working in the industry. Having worked in LA for years, you’re only “cool” if you speak up for criminals, abandoned pets, illegals, trees and of course liberal ideas.

  • Lulu Lapin

    Mr. Cain is recognized because is he brave enough to speak out for Conservative values while working in the industry. Having worked in LA for years, you’re only “cool” if you speak up for criminals, abandoned pets, illegals, trees and of course liberal ideas.

  • Maxx

    Ah yes, more liberals coming to the defense of enemy combatants by calling Chris Kyle a “hitman.” Oh, how they value the sanctity of life, right?

    Using that logic, if only the 330,000 fetuses aborted by Planned Parenthood in 2012 were carrying an IED.

    • jnora

      Amen, Maxx!

  • Linda Dommel

    Kato Video same people that believe our Intelligent Department can use Drones on American people! How’s that indefinite detention of American citizens & the Intelligent department working out?