Oh, dear!

Heh. They did have a bit of a run-in recently, after the State of the Union address, which musician Ted Nugent attended.

Ted Nugent and Luke Russert chat in Statuary Hall. #SOTU

The musician is an outspoken gun rights proponent. MSNBC, home of the 155 replays of Rubio sipping water, calls him a zealot. Gee, perhaps that bias interfered with Russert doing his job?

Nugent also wasn’t a fan of the State of the Union address itself.

As for the “punkass” Russert? These Twitter users agree.


  • CatHerder

    You know, I’ve never cared for Ted’s music, just a matter of taste, but I damn sure like his take on a lot of things.

  • Maxx

    Take a lesson from Piers kid and check your ego at the door. You’re not your dad. Nugent will treat you like a stuffed pinata and beat the little candies out of you.

  • Insubordinate

    Luke Russert has no cred. He’s simply riding on daddy’s coattails. Ted is a self-made man who gives much time and money to charity. What about you, Lukie-boy?

  • Rodney Brungardt

    I wonder how many of those liberals were freakin out after those so called “threats” they think Mr. Nugent made at the NRA convention last year. Hard to believe Ted and Barack in the same room!!

    • Junie3

      I’m expecting an assassination, they are happening to the some of the most threatening ardent gunmen.

  • Thevelvetkitten

    Oh yea…we all know the “tie” makes the man….what a flippin snob.

  • Thevelvetkitten

    Oh yea…we all know the “tie” makes the man….what a flippin snob.

  • Herman LaClair

    so fLuke’s first reaction was to channel Joan Rivers and comment on what he was wearing? lacking credentials much?

  • $36103485

    As a Jew I have friends that live in Israel and I remember them discussing how much they liked John Hagee. I told them that I thought Hagee was a dangerous religious zealot and an anti-semite(Hitler sent by G-d as a hunter because the Jewish people were to thick to commit to Aliyah). One said “we take our friends where we can find them. Ok, but that is how I feel about nugent and the republicans. Ted Nugent literally began to purposely soil himself with fecal matter to receive a deferment for Viet Nam. He also boasted of having sex with under-age girls. He does not dispute Courtney Love when she said she gave oral sex to Ted as a 12 year old. Is this the kind of person you want to be associated with and take to the SOTU just because he is so pro-gun?

    • Junie3

      How old was Ted, do people change, grow up, get saved? Or do they stay in the same place for the rest of their life? John Hagee, Hitler, lol. The Dim party owns the Hitlers.

  • Osowoofy

    Ted Nugent acts like a deranged lunatic, but he’s spot on about Russert. Can’t even stand to look at him.

  • notenoughtime

    The Tim Russert type of journalists are gone forever and sad to see that Luke does not possess the same attributes that made his Dad great. Maybe in time and with some maturity and if he can get away for the liberal mindset, there will be hope for him. Now, he is just like the rest of the political hacks hiding behind their profession that they are rendering ineffective and irrelevant.

  • Jeffrey Olah

    ties are for weddings and funerals ONLY

  • Adela Wagner

    Ted is Ted, take him as he is, or not. He is not a fake, and does not put on “airs”. Commenting on what he was wearing is like sitting in church and pointing fingers because someone does not have on a dress as nice as yours.