As we reported earlier, small business owners and reality-based Twitter users tried to teach President Obama a little something about the business-killing effects of raising the minimum wage. They included The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent in their schooling, and are continuing to give him the business. You see, racist Greg Sargent thinks that a $9 minimum wage is totally a great way to reach out to Latinos.

Wow. How racist. The real kind and not the made up Handbook of Racial Code Words kind. Sargent’s fellow travelers show their true racist colors as well.

Non-racists are rightfully disgusted.

Racist, and ignorant.

Horrible. Once again, scratch a leftist and find a racist. One who seeks to enslave others as well. Take $9 per hour and be happy with it; He knows what is best for you poor, helpless folks and all.

Bingo. American dream? To WaPo’s Greg Sargent, Latinos need not apply.

  • Booker

    Soft bigotry of low expectations. The left has such a low opinion of every minority group. Pro-Slavery. Pro-Jim Crow, and now Pro-Bigotry.

    • itekisan

      It’s not “soft bigotry”, it’s plain old ordinary every day bigotry. The left is full of bigots. Let’s not give them the benefit of the doubt by mincing words.

  • grais

    I have to believe that Latino small business owners aren’t as economically ignorant as the folks who support $9/ minimum wage.

    • Love of Country

      They’re not …. but small business owners are few and far between when it comes to tallying the votes.

      And clearly the Democrats would sooner sabotage the nation (fascist communism) rather than allow the GOP to save it.

  • Matthew Koch

    Yeah, there’s nothing racist at all about assuming Latinos are automatically going to be low wage earners.

    • Love of Country

      Yeah, it’s okay for the Left to make such sweeping implications but it’s racist if the Right ever does.

  • Love of Country
  • $7610427

    I’m willing to bet that the Latino who built my home, my Latino neighbor restaurateur, and my Latino primary care doctor might take issue with the above tweets. Just a hunch…

  • Maxx

    In less than 24-hours we get Matthews asking why blacks would be in Big Bear, we get Anderson Cooper asking if Blacks can be seen at night….and now a liberal-penned sentiment that assumes most Latinos aren’t smart enough to have a job beyond minimum wage.

    To keep people in the gutter, one must have one foot in the gutter themselves.

    And to think people stand in line for four hours to vote for THAT?