In a nearly unprecedented move Pope Benedict XVI will step down at the end of the month. Twitter was buzzing with the news and, sadly, gutter sludge crawled out of the cracks.

Vile fake retweets are coming in.

But even more repugnant are the despicable death wishes and disgusting tweets from morally bankrupt cretins.


Shame on you.

Indeed. What the morally bankrupt and hate-filled don’t understand is that the pope will pray for them and hold them in his heart. True tolerance and love is beyond them.


Pope Benedict XVI’s first tweet gets over 24K retweets, attracts death wishes and vile hate; Update: Pope continues tweeting; 48K retweets and counting

Shameful: Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter, vile hate starts before his first tweet

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    You vile cretins are the ones who will burn in hell. How disrespectful can you be? I’m a Protestant, but I still don’t with him harm.

    • Tel-Jonah Stern

      I’m a Jew. These haters are disturbed depraved people.

      • CoastalMaineBird

        I’m an atheist. These haters are disturbed, depraved people.

        • Patrick Dennehy

          I respect your honesty and bravery for posting that here :). If you would indulge me in a polite conversation for a minute? I would appreciate it. I have tried to talk to atheists before but it seems, the second God or Jesus is brought into the conversation, I am promptly dismissed as an idiot; accompanied by barrage of insults. Maybe you could help me out?

          I love the mystery of ‘The Singularity’ at the origin of the universe, if you subscribe to that theory. And no; I don’t think some magic space man just popped it into existence. I just can’t for the life of me, though, see how The Big Bang and the evolution of the universe, disprove gods existence. Anymore than the Bible goes to prove he does exist.

          In fact, I would point to cosmic microwave background radiation, as an example. The uniformity in space seems to directly contradict all we know about quantum mechanics. Our perception of the universe is constantly evolving and I don’t think science has all the answers.

          Christ is my role model. His guidance and wisdom, has taught me to many valuable lessons to extricate him from my thought processes, in all matters. I am sorry that upsets people on the left. I am sorry they don’t have a relationship with Jesus. You don’t have to believe he was the son of god or your Messiah, but to outright dismiss him, is unfortunate. I respect your right to be an atheists. I do not respect the overwhelming majority of your constituents that have such vitriol and hate towards anything even resembling god or religion.

          • Silas M. Carson

            Patrick, if I may, I would like to field this question. During the past twenty years as the internet has grownup into full gear we are able to highlight the negativity on comments from both the left and the right.
            I grew up in a church where comments were negative all the time for those who did not believe. It was sickening. Those on the left see the negativity of the right and the same goes for those on the right about the left. We need to change our sights on looking onto just the negative but start focusing on the positive. But then if we did that, NONE of the news networks would have anything to report and people would stop watching it (or in the case of this post…read it).
            As far as your comments about the disproving of a god, Atheist do not “believe” that there is proof of a god. Since the churches claim there is a god, we believe that the burden of proof lies upon the church to prove the existence of a god. As far as the questioning about the Big Bang Theory…it is just that…a theory. There are step sin order to become a theory. Please be aware that gravity is also a theory and nothing has come into play to disprove this theory. The actuality of god is a hypothesis. Since there is no way to test the god hypothesis, it has to remain in this state.
            I believe that we non-believers and believers can work together. We just have to start ignoring the ignorant statements of the few.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Excellent post, thank you. Your point about burden of proof was well taken. There definitely is a ‘my way or the highway element’ in Christianity. Looking at the Bible objectively, I can see why people don’t believe in it and are turned off by it. People do not have the same relationship with Christ that I do and that is okay. I will always advocate for Christ the best way I know how. Only through love and logic can we change perceptions. And that goes both ways, obviously.

            I can never prove what is in the bible, and if I am going to be completely honest SOME of it is probably sensationalized and hyperbolized. Nor can I prove Jesus was the Son of God, or if there is a god; but I have faith.
            “Faith: an act of trust and of self-abandonment by which people no longer rely on their own strength and policies but commit themselves to the power and guiding word of him in whom they believe”.

            Thank you, for taking the time to read my post and your response. I believe we can work together, too. Ignorance is tough battle; but we will get there, eventually. Especially, if there is an open dialog.

          • $36544368

            There’s a verse in the book of Peter somewhere (I think that’s where it is) that says a Christian should always be able to give an intelligent and kind answer for why they believe in God (paraphrased). It’s good to see people of different beliefs be polite and decent to each other.

            EDIT – 1 Peter 3:15

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Absolutely! 1 Peter has had a big influence on my life.

          • LVRichardson

            Everyone is born with the idea of God, or the intuition of God. Every person “knows” there is something bigger than himself that caused all this (the planet, etc.) to come into being. Children know this naturally. Humans are just able to talk themselves out of it with a whole lot of effort and wild contortions. It’s easier, much easier, to believe, but non-believers like to think that’s intellectually lazy, so they’d rather work hard to prove how smart they are. No problem. Not believing in God is like not believing in electricity. Electricity doesn’t care if you believe or not. It is what it is. If you would like to avail yourself of electricity, your life is easier and things work better. If you choose not to plug in that toaster, well, suit yourself. Of course, God, actually cares about you more than electricity does, but God won’t “punish” you for not believing. It’s your choice. It’s not necessary to subscribe to man-made ideas and rules and dogma and so forth in order to believe in God. Each person can have his or her own personal relationship. All the rest is just made-up stuff. Rejecting the entire idea of God simply because you don’t like someone else’s version only does yourself a disservice. God is at your disposal. God loves you.

          • CoastalMaineBird

            Not sure I would call them “my constituents”, but I don’t wish to engage in a semantics debate.

            Neither do I respect the vitriol and hate towards religion and religious folks. That was the point of my original post – such talk is pointless.

            I’ve experienced my share of it FROM religious folks – it’s equally pointless.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Haha, that is funny only because I vacillated, a few times, on my word choice there. I did not mean to ‘lump you in’ because you are obviously an independent rational thinker.

            I agree there is disrespect and browbeating on both sides, but you have shown nothing but respect here today; so, like I said to Silas. Thank you, for taking the time to read my post and for your response.

          • Silas M. Carson

            What causes me a great burden is when I watch (and in no particular order, just what comes to mind) CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, etc. there is constant (and I am totally paraphrasing) “The left did this…!” “The right did that…!” “The church said this…!” “The atheist said that…!”
            My disheartening comes from the fact that we are too focused on what the other side did rather than focusing on what we need to do as an individual in order to create a better whole.
            This original thread was based upon the Pope leaving his position and the horrible statements made from those who are bitter towards the Pope (or its establishment). I assume that this hostility stems from some of the few who took advantage of their position and therefore all within the organization are to take the heat.
            It seems to me that there will never be closure on the subject so as long as we allow it to dwell within us.
            Moreover, what truly needs to take place is to start ignoring the ignorant. If we attempt to train them with knowledge (this is not meant in any spiritual meaning”) and they still ignore it and continue blasting hatred (from either side of the fence) then we build a wall and stop “feeding” them.

          • Babycakes3847

            Well said!!

        • $36544368

          I totally appreciate you being bold enough to share that.

      • sp2580

        Not only are they disturbed,,,they vote Democrat!!!

    • $36544368

      Ditto…not a Catholic myself (Protestant as well), but for heaven’s sake, the man doesn’t deserve to be called names and disrespected. He’s actually the first Pope that I’ve been able to connect with. I found most of his words kind, and he seems to have some light and spark behind his eyes.

      • LeticiaVelasquez

        Thank you for defending the Pope, his words were very gentle. Remember his first encyclical was “God is Love”. That light behind his eyes is his relationship with Jesus.

  • Pizza the Hutt

    BREAKING NEWS WOW someone trolled the pope’s twitter account! I have no ill will towards the pope but people doing this is not a surprise

  • PAttyconservatopia

    Leftists have taken God out of their lives, as evidenced by their comments. Yes, Michelle,, they are morally BANKRUPT, HATEFUL VILE PEOPLE.

    • Elaine

      Liberals and atheists are so angry and filled with hate. I actually feel sorry for them at times.They are lost and have to live with themseves. How depressing is that?

      • Paul Panici

        Yet their argument is that conservatives are not tolerant!! Hypocrite isn’t even strong enough a word to describe their utter lunacy!!

      • Weeper of the House

        who said they were liberals?

        • Cheryl Davis Miller

          Thier own words and views,display it.

          • Weeper of the House

            So I can ascribe any idiot comments to the right?

          • $36544368

            Typical liberal response when someone gives an argument…Cheryl Davis Miller gives you the reason for why some people here think the insulting tweeters are most likely liberals, and you ignore her reason. Instead, you decide to insult the ‘right’…proves you’re a liberal too.

          • Weeper of the House

            That’s not an argument its a bigoted assertion. There is no evidence. Give up you lost, just like in November.

          • $36544368

            Why are you even here? I didn’t lose anything in November. The ‘current president’ doesn’t define who *I* am. Liberals are the ones who define themselves by the government and what the ‘nanny state’ will and won’t let you do.

          • LeticiaVelasquez

            Liberals stand for moral relativism, this is well known. Abortion, homosexuality anything goes. Their beef with any faithful Catholic leader is that he calls their sin a sin. So did Christ. Then He died for their sin to be forgiven. That’s the part they forget.

        • Jedd McHead

          Pretty sure they aren’t conservatives, lol.

    • Evi L. Bloggerlady

      You forgot “charming” PAttyconservatopia…oh wait, never mind. They are definitely not that.

    • Weeper of the House

      Who said they were leftists?

      • mike_in_kosovo

        What, you’re too stupid to figure out how to read the *rest* of their tweets?

        • Weeper of the House

          So show me the ones that they say they are leftists? Or are you suggesting that you are a bigot?

      • journogal

        Prove they aren’t…if you have information or some insider knowledge, then share it and prove us wrong.

        • Weeper of the House

          Doesn’t work like that Skippy, I challenged Evi’s assertion that they were. There is no evidence either way so its a false assertion.

          • VL123

            makes u a leftist. You stand up for trash.

          • Weeper of the House

            Wrong. Just as wrong as the bigoted tweets are those on the right that falsely ascribe them to liberal views. So that means you are standing up for trash Skippy.

          • $36544368

            Hey, Sparky…you want an answer or an argument?…I’ve not seen your user ID on this site before, but I’ve seen your kind before…you might as well know straight up that trolls are not respected very highly on Twitchy…and you are dealing with some mighty intelligent people who regularly post here. Ya ain’t gonna win. You’ll get called out on it, held accountable for your views, and asked to do more than just toss out a “straw man” argument…not sure you know what you’re in for. You’ve not brought anything to this discussion of any value…makes you a troll…just why are you here anyhow?

          • Uncommunist

            That is a truthful accurate statement.

        • Uncommunist

          It works like that loopy, I challenged your views and you avoid. Are you a coward or a liar or usually both ?

      • Uncommunist

        Who said they weren’t

  • Linda Burkhead


    • TocksNedlog

      You appear to have an issue or three.

      • radishthegreat

        All caps, bigoted, insulting…it does fit the topic at hand, doesn’t it?

        • Mike Foltz

          How is that “bigoted”.please explain.

        • carolinelouise

          I don’t think the caps mean she is bigoted. She’s just talking louder. LOL. I’ve done that too.

          • radishthegreat

            The words, not the caps, show the bigotry. The caps just show bad manners.

      • waltzingmtilda

        I think perhaps Linda is new to the Internet? Note the all caps and the seeming belief that it is Twitchy who is posting these things, rather than simply reporting on them.

    • jbplano

      Linda Catholics don’t pray to Mary. But glad you find the people posting hate disgusting

      • cajun_2

        Sorry jb…this Catholic often prays to the Blessed Mother. I only ask her to intercede for us through her son. Who better to understand the burdens and joys of motherhood, of being a woman in a difficult world? She is my guide along with the wisdom of her son.
        Pope Benedict will receive much vitriol and hatefilled insults. But I am proud of him for not becoming a Robert Byrd, and that he has put the Church above all else. God Bless you Holy Father with peace of mind and heart.

        • waltzingmtilda

          I stopped being a practicing Catholic a long time ago, but you will never get me to give up my Saints or my Blessed Mother. Drives my fellow born-agains crazy. :)

          • cajun_2

            Well cher, pray to St Jude for them…LOL

          • waltzingmtilda


          • LeticiaVelasquez

            Waltzing, you threw away the treasure of Jesus, really present, body, blood, soul and divinity in the Holy Eucharist for the saints and Our Lady? You chose poorly and they would agree with me. Come home to the Eucharist!

          • waltzingmtilda

            My basic thing is I just love Jesus and am so grateful for the sacrifice he made for me. We have all sinned and fallen short, on this I think we can agree.

            In other news, that totally rhymed.

            In other, other news I said the Hail Mary this morning for the first time in a long time. So, I’ve got that going for me.

        • jbplano

          Cajun you are correct we do ask her to intercede for us through her son. That was kinda my point. Linda is under the belief, which I’ve heard my whole life, that Catholics worship Mary. And then throw down we are going against the 10 comandmants of not worshipping other God’s but me. I think you and I are on the same page. Blessings!

    • Mic Ward

      Hey Linda, I don’t ask Mary for forgiveness, but just as many ask a friend or family member to intercede for them in prayer, I ask Mary the Mother of Jesus to intercede when I pray to God through Jesus Christ. Before knocking a religion, it is best to gain a knowledge of that religion first. Just a thought, since it appears to be quite important to you, seeing that you WROTE IN ALL CAPS! ;]

      • carolinelouise

        Hey mic. I’m catholic too and I agree with you but I think it’ s just a case of Linda not knowing because everyone has said this about the relationship between catholics and Mary for centuries…. So Linda is not catholic so that’s what she just heard over and over again at nausiam, by others who do not understand…She just didn’t understand like most people …So this board is good, so that now we have a chance to explain it… Thanks Mic for sticking up for us beaten down catholics all the time by those horrible people above with their terrible words!

        • cajun_2

          Exactly Carolyn. As a Catholic, I have been demonized by others many times. Once told that we worship idols, statues…LOL
          I asked her to show me photographs of God and Jesus.Well, cameras werent invented yet.. Right, thats why We dont have any, so loyal followers made statues for us to remember. Just think if 2000 years ago we had iphones, instagrams,. facebook….hehaw….;-)

    • bluewaternavy

      OK Linda, perhaps you need a lesson..

      Catholics do not PRAY to
      Mary-they ask her to intercede on our behalf. (Y’know, she’s Jesus’ Mom,
      so has a bit of pull 😉 So RC’s ask Mary to PRAY for us-we don’t pray
      to her.

      Catholics do the same when asking a Saint for intercession. St. (Saint’s Name) PRAY FOR US”

      Pretty clear you are Anti-Catholic-not to mention a low info jerk.

      PS: Turn of caps lock, thank you.”

      • Hal Fast

        Right, “…Holy Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen.”

    • carolinelouise

      Thanks Linda for your kind post. Even though you are not a catholic, I thank you as a catholic. Thanks so much for the support and for your kindness.. Also, just another misunderstanding and it’s not your fault because people have said the wrong things about us regarding Mary for centuries… We do not pray “to” Mary as if she were Christ. She is a mere “Intercessor” to us…. It’s like I can ask for your prayers right? And you can ask me to pray for you right? So if i can ask you to pray for me and you can ask me to pray for you, then whom better to ask for prayers than Jesus’ Mother? See? So all we do is ask Mary to pray for us and to go to her Son and ask Him for our prayer request…This is important what I am going to say next—**** In the bible, Mary always sends you back to her Son. When people would approach her in the bible and ask her for help, she would tell them.. “Go to him.” She always sent them back to her Son…But she is His Mother, and —***In the Bible, Christ never refused a request from His Mother. So that’s why we kind of pray to her, but not “to” her as if she’s God.. maybe this will help a little…She’s an intercessor—– It’s not your fault, Linda. You are not catholic so you can’t understand all the teachings. It’s ok… Everyone says this about catholics regarding Mary, so unless someone explains it, no ones knows. lol.. God bless you for your kind post and thanks for sticking up for what’s right. God bless.

  • Red Fred

    Those who accuse the right of “hate speech”, intolerance, greed, and violence are the actual ones participating in that very thing. II Peter 2:10
    But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      I read that passage just the other day, I love the two books of Simon Peter. Secular progressives portray, The Bible, as antiquated and not relevant in modern times. If they would actually take the time to read and understand it they would find so many correlations to and lessons for modern day issues.

      • Robert Hoff

        …Patrick, they NEVER read anything they rail against…the accept the descriptions of everything from their friends, peers and teachers as fact even though those folks have never read it either…they are truly to be pitied…

    • LVRichardson

      I’m always saying to those on the left, “hold up a mirror and talk to yourselves”, ha, ha. Everything, and I mean everything, they say about others is actually a reflection of their own beliefs and behaviors. It’s really astonishing.

  • Paul Citro

    Are the talking about Obama……………..(GRIN)

  • Stevie

    What kind of INHUMAN MONSTERS would write this trash!!!! I’m not Catholic, but i respect All Godly men and women!! I wouldn’t want to be in anyone of your foulmouthed shoes come judgement day, which by the way will be very soon!!!

  • lbuzz

    What a sick world!!!

  • V the K

    Your average leftist is a ball of hate, with a crispy hate coating and a creamy hate filling.

    • TocksNedlog

      Mmmmm, haaate! *drool*

    • sardiverdave

      Low carb?

      I wouldn’t think so, what with all that granola.

  • Shannon

    I’m not a Catholic, and not really a fan of the Pope, but but as a Christian, I find the responses absolutely vile. I guess that the posters have forgotten that they too will be judged for their treatment of their fellow men and there will be no escaping the consequences of our actions and words.

  • $62155067

    Not only are these people perpetuating hate, they are hypocrites. Scroll back up & look at Darren’s (MetalOllie) picture. It says NOH8 (no hate). That one caused me to spit coffee on the keyboard.

    • TocksNedlog

      He ONLY hates h8ters . . . or something.

    • LVRichardson

      No spitting!

    • $36544368

      You beat me to it, Mindi…I posted something similar before I scrolled down and saw your post. Do these people really want to be taken seriously with these tweets?

  • Thom Pander

    Hell awaits you all…haters! You are the vile ones.

    • Susan

      No one can decide who will or will not receive God’s gift of eternal life, except God. By telling someone they are going to hell, you indeed are showing yourself as God. Before you place yourself in the authority of judgment you need to rethink what you are doing when you say such a thing to ANYBODY. For what you are doing is wrong! It is not your place.

  • Thom Pander

    To continue: You are the vile ones, you are the cunts, you are the fucks. How rude, crude and socially unacceptable each of you is. If there be a HELL, you will surely burn in it. Would that I could only watch…

    • Cheryl Davis Miller

      Mercy on this pitiful creature, Lord.

      • bluewaternavy

        Say much about the pope that he will pray for them. I’m not so charitable.

        • Jerry Koszut

          I’m with you on that, Patrick.

    • carolinelouise

      Thom, are you speaking to me as a catholic? To all catholics? To the pope and the Church? Because if you are, I will pray for you.. First, you need to clean up your mouth, sir. Then get down on your knees and ask the Lord for forgiveness. He loves you and there is no sin too great he will not forgive. He wants to save you Thom… He gave you a free will so it’s your choice…But know, God loves you and he wants to save your soul, Thom… All of us have to ask for forgiveness to when we sin, not just you…So I will pray for you, and I pray you will take me up on my suggestion to you. Peace.

  • Right Wired

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:11-12

  • [email protected]

    I cannot believe the level of hate… blows my mind. VILE almost seems tame.

  • Joan Risley

    I can not believe, these posts were left on..What hate and vile comments…There are young people who read these..If this is the type of people who are left to rule our world..Count me out…You are disgusting..Your use of vile, language shows your Immaturity…You need your mouths washed out with soap..You call
    him a women hater, and yet, you, yourselves , degrade a women with your words…WE need God back in our schools and you would not be using this language..

    • Cheryl Davis Miller

      You are so right Joan. Sick little men [most of them].

    • grais

      I think young ‘people’ Wrote them, judging by all the fun they have using all those *gasp!* curse words.

      How bold! How defiant! How shocking! How impressive! /sarcasm off/

      How boring they are

  • Floyd Clingenpeel

    These are the people who shout the loudest about tolerance. It is part of the taking over of America by home grown communist.

    • Robert Hoff

      …the only tolerance that they subscribe to is tolerance of their own narrow biggotry…the will NOT tolerate any deviation from their hate…

  • heavenly

    maybe it’s not him at all…maybe it’s a look alike….or maybe he was never the pope but a stand in. For myself I do not believe it is him….it could be someone who wants us to think he’s the pope…

    • bluewaternavy

      What facts do you base this bulls**t on?

  • EyesWideOpen

    What putrid souls dwell amoung us. They should all crawl back to the cesspool that must have spit them out.

    • Guest

      That cesspool is aka the system of higher education in the US.

    • LeticiaVelasquez

      We need to pray and offer our Lenten sacrifices for their salvation. Christ said we must pray for those who persecute us!

  • Larry Koenig

    Tolorance, This is what it really looks like

  • Mike Foltz

    These comments comeing from people who DEMAND we accept gays or be called “homophobes”I thought you liberals were the ones who speak “compassion”…….what happened ?You turds are only compassionate when it’s what you think to be OK.This comeing from people that see gays as the norm.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    These haters can’t be Christians, ain’t no how, ain’t no way! They would be offended if someone wished death upon them. I hope @Pontiffex prays for their retched souls, and has a long, happy retirement. And when God sentences these haters to eternity in HELL, we’ll see who gets the last laugh! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Mike Foltz

    I notice these tweets comeing from the young brainwashed Obama koolaid drinkin Liberals.Your parents must be very proud of you and whats sad is they probably taught you to be a looser.

  • dada78641


    • Mike Foltz

      now go back in your closet and continue defiling yourself.

    • Corey Dennison

      You’re pathetic.

  • dada78641

    Although it’s a forlorn hope, I wish his resignation will open him up to a thorough criminal investigation into his role in covering up the child sexual abuse scandals that have come to light in recent years. No doubt his supporters will oppose such an investigation—because they know he’s probably guilty.

    • Corey Dennison

      Your hate is gonna burn you up one day.

  • George Murrey

    Will the same cretins that spew vile on the Pope, or anybody else for that matter, do it to their loved ones or friends? If they do, then we have a mental problem. Most of these tweets are from this country, which used to be a God fearing country and moving towards a godless one. By mouthing such garbage shows they are just as mentally ill as those that go on a rampage and kill.

    • Mike Foltz

      Remember,liberalism IS a mental disorder …………..

  • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

    There must be a great deal of proud parents out there. I can tell from the comments above that there are some moralistic, kind, decent and giving young people amongst us. WTF happened to this young generation? They have no morales, decency or class whatsoever. They condemn the Pope for covering up scandals (and it was wrong for him to do), but they think nothing of having 10 abortions in their lifetime, or sleeping around like they’re changing a pair of socks. Where was the moral outrage when OweBummer let those people die in Benghazi? Moral outrage seems to be pretty flimsy from where I’m sitting.

    • LeticiaVelasquez

      I have been a public school teacher. Moral relativism and hatred of traditional values and organized religion is the strongest message our children receive in public and sadly in private schools. We parents must instruct our children in the faith and morality, or they will lose their souls.

      • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

        Leticia, I agree with you. Morality begins at home, but it should be reinforced in schools. Thank god I am a Canadian and as such am able to send my son to a Catholic School. He is 10 and has already made his First Holy Communion. They learn the Lord’s Prayer, Rosary, etc. The school has a chapel built right into it and the priest comes to say mass and prayers on a regular basis. Today is Ash Wednesday so there will be a special mass at school today. He’s been in a Catholic school since kindergarten so he’s already very wise in Catholicism.

  • Keith Mushenski

    Really people we care what some nut in east london is saying about the Pope? It is times like this that “twitchy” calls to much attention to the idiots and by default give them more credence. Have you seen some of the facebook pages of these posters, it is a wonder they could post at all. The pope has alot on his plate but the church did itself no favors by doing the pedophile two step for 50 plus years. Benedict was in charge of that office before he was pope. I believe he is resigning to set a precedent for future Popes’ this is a fast paced world and the communication required is not for the elderly.

  • Joe Ruisi

    It’s ,astounding how the world has turned so much of humanity into mindless, foul-mouthed pigs.

  • CatHerder

    Appalling, just appalling. I am not a Catholic, but this level of casual disrespect makes me wonder if decency is to be found on any social media. And to a man who none of these unspeakable thugs knows personally! I am ashamed to be the same species.

    • bluewaternavy

      Don’t be ashamed, they aren’t the same species. We can’t call them animals either, ’cause that would be an insult to animals.

    • Corey Dennison

      Thank you for your decency. A truly rare commodity in this rotting culture.

    • carolinelouise

      I’m catholic, Catherder, but just wanted to say I think your post was so good. You said it so well and so so to the point. I agree. Class act post…..Thanks.

      • CatHerder

        You’re welcome. I just wish the situation had never arisen.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I’m a Jew-turned protestant-turned Catholic who’s ‘flitted’ between Judaism and Catholicism for a while. My mother died last month, and I’ve started thinking seriously about being Jewish again-like my parents were. All that has NOTHING to do with the Pope. Pope Benedict XVI has crossed me as a highly intelligent, highly moral, and a very nice man. He’s a mensch. I appreciate the ‘relationship’ that he’s had with the Jewish people and with Israel. His leadership and his character will be missed.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      כולנו בני אברהם

      • Corey Dennison

        I had to look that up, but I’m glad I did.

        Thank you.

      • Chris Jones

        My computer wont tell me, what does that mean?

        • annoyinglittletwerp

          I had to google it too(Hebrew is is a ‘Use it-or-lose it’ language),
          and it says, ‘We are all children of Abraham.’


    Wow , may God forgive you!

  • carolinelouise

    As a catholic I am saddened by the news. He apparently must be very ill or he wouldn’t do this.. I will be praying for him.
    I want to personally thank all the kind people who posted for him. I want to especially thank everyone, as just one catholic, but I know most feel the same way, the ones who are not catholic but were so kind in their words. Thank you for the respect you have shown him here.. You are not catholic and yet you were kind. The church never taught misundertsandably, and there are many misundertsandings about the catholic faith, that only catholics will enter the Kingdom of God. Quite the contray. As several priest taught me, yes, some inside the church will be in heaven and some outside will be too.
    I think God will simply judge on this. Did you love? And I see much love here from so many who are not catholic.
    Thanks guys. It means a lot to us who are catholic. Beng a catholic is the last acceptable religion to attack. We are the whipping board of all religion’s to bash. It’s accepted. Yet it is not accepted to bash any other faith. Then again it reminds me of what Christ said. To follow me, the path will be difficult, in so many words. Not a direct quote but I do recall reading that in the Bible. You will be mocked and persecuted. So thank you so much to those who loved. Pray for the souls of the ones above. Pray the good Lord will forgive them for the evil in their hearts and the evil words they spoke regarding His Successor to St. Peter.

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    Small, angry people.

  • GibbyD

    Since some of those posts have similar verbiage and or writing “style”, I believe they were sent by the same Obama paid subservient cyber goons . He has hired 3500 of them to attack Christian sites and conservative organizations. Anyone that he and they think is exposing Obama’s lies and communist agenda has been made a target. I am a born-again Christian ( John 3:3, I Peter 1:23; Ephesians 2:8,9; 2 Corinthians 5:17)KJB, and do not agree with many of the doctrines of The Roman Catholic religious institution but I realize that Rome and Roman Catholics are not the enemy . I would say that Obama is also not the real enemy . This is a spiritual warfare and we “do not wrestle against flesh and blood”. . The best advise I could give anyone for now is to , ” ..Repent toward God and place your faith and trust ONLY toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21 )KJB. carm dot org

  • aliwilcox

    When I read such angry, vile words, I get a chill. I feel like I’m seeing Satan’s presence in them.

    • Pablo

      If not Satan, then certainly Baal.

  • $21367552

    How dare people use the “f-word” to a defender and protector of child rape?!!!!!111!!! I AM OUTRAGED!

    • Corey Dennison

      Do you ever wonder why you’re not taken seriously in your life?

    • Stan Gerlt

      When did the Bishop of Rome, Pope Benedict, defend child rape? You have displayed your ignorance and hatred for all.

    • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

      Outrage? And do you stand outside an abortion clinic with your “moral outrage” when innocent babies are being murdered each day? Where is your so called outrage then?

  • Patrick Dennehy

    I have known many Catholic priests over the years. All of them humble, chaste, charitable, diligent, temperate, kind, patient men. I was an alter boy and I never felt unsafe. I learned how to be a servant of the lord and not a petulant entitled ignoramus.

  • Stan Gerlt

    Wow, these hateful comments break my heart. It’s really depressing to see how far our society has fallen. A complete and utter lack of compassion. As a Catholic Christian, I wish Pope Benedict a restful retirement and hope these angry and bitter people one day see the error in their ways.

    • PhillyCon

      Its very sad as a non Catholic myself. These haters will learn the hard way … that I am certain of.

  • Well Done

    The heart and soul of the left is a dark, mouldy place. The amount of thought and reflection needed to clean it up may well be beyond the abilities of us mere mortals.

  • kayakingfatso

    I love how one of the morons above has a NOH8 logo on his Stewie avatar. NOH8 unless it’s someone s/he hates, then all that love, peace and understanding flies out the window. Oh wait. The NOH8 only refers to gays/lesbians. Everyone else can go f*ck themselves.

    • AdoEdem

      It’s a tolerance offset. It means having “bought” an indulgence (a practice the Catholic Church ended long ago) they’re free to be as hateful and intolerant as they want.

      The usual template excuse for this double standard is “it’s not intolerance to hate intolerance”, but that’s really just a way to bypass the cognitive dissonance of their nonsense position. In a way, it demonstrates they know they’re full of it, but they want to keep being bigots while feeling morally smug at the same time. They just don’t want to be called on their hypocrisy. I feel sorry for them, really. It’s kind of a pathetic existence they lead.

  • $23639361

    These…. things what tweet the hate… they are sociopaths & have no souls. I’ve known atheists that are more compassionate than these animals.

  • CW

    True Christians, even if you do not agree with the Pope or Catholicism, would not stoop so low to call names, bash and otherwise hurt others, even with the use of words. Christianity is based in faith, love, kindness and forgiveness, not hateful actions and words. Benedict may not have been a great Pope, but that does not mean people need to feed the hate frenzy. It hurts me to see so many so called “Christians” not acting like Christians. If you are a true Christian, you would not take part in the hateful actions toward anyone. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible people!

  • RightThinking1

    I am not a Catholic, but I can imagine no better evidence that evil is abroad. It generally does not require much to scratch through the thin veneer of civility on the Left, and see their true nature. They are filled with hate. Always. Code word: Progressive = Hater

    • $23629333

      Whenever you use the P-word in reference to portsiders, please put it in quotation marks: “progressive.” There is nothing progressive about portsiders – as we have seen in the decades since they’ve taken over.

      When we – on the other side, or somewhere in the middle – use the terms they – the portsiders – choose for themselves, we participate in their effort to shape opinion about themselves and their agenda.

  • Vickie DHaene

    I will pray for mine enemies. May they be surrounded by the Light of Truth.

  • Hal Fast

    Again, bottom dwellers out in force, and they sound worse than the pope they are calling names. Obama voters for sure, probably high on meth and whatever else and have nothing better to do in-between welfare checks.

  • CarpeNoctem

    I am just going to say that Catholics, Protestants and Jews might want to work on getting along a bit better with each other because with the way this world is going each other is all we are going to have.

    • waltzingmtilda

      I’ve said it for years…the Christians and Jews have got to stick together.

  • Josephine (D)

    I love how liberals always spew hate at anyone who has morals, and whose theology they refuse to take the time to study and understand. I’d ask God to help them, but they don’t want His help.

    • therantinggeek

      No, but they’re sure quick to excuse another certain ethnic/religious group for their actions…

      I’m not a Catholic, but I respect Benedict XVI as a person and wish him well.

    • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

      They do this because deep down they know they are gutless and worthless pieces of shit. They have no ethics, morales or values. So they belittle anything or anyone that does. I believe that tactic is known as “the best defense is offense”.

  • Laura Jensen

    While the words chosen aren’t intelligent at all, the Catholic church has a reputation for seeing its powerful resign in the face of “health problems” quite often…especially as scandal is about to break. Not defending the death wishes, but can’t say I could ever defend an organization as corrupt at the Vatican.

    • Hal Burton

      Unlike democrats, who get promoted, based on rap sheet. Especially as a scandal is about to break. And why can’t you defend the Catholic Church. They aren’t nearly as corrupt as your club. Pot, kettle, black much?

      • Laura Jensen

        Heh, and people wonder why the right can’t win….two wrongs don’t make a right sonny. The Dems are as corrupt as the Catholic Church, make no doubt about it.I wouldn’t defend either.

  • notenoughtime

    Not a smart move to diss the pope and he will certainly pray for the growing number of people who lack morals and values. But in the time of a dire emergency, the guy you may be calling will pray for you!

  • American Infidels

    while i am not that mean about him leaving i agree with the good riddance he was a apologist to Muslims and supported the Palestinians in the ludicrous claim that Israel uses apartheid policy towards Christians and of turning Jerusalem Jewish..

  • Hal Burton

    Of course they hate the Pope, His religion is in competition with their worshiping of an illegal alien president who can’t produce enough ID to get a drivers license, or enough school transcripts to transfer to a community college.

  • NoComp

    These are the same frauds who runaround and claim to be tolerant. These leftist are the most cruel,intolerant,small minded scum in the history of the world. But they love radical Muslims who,like them,have all the same qualities they have. We will never except your phony outrage against child molestors when you frauds support lefty politicians who support execution of unborn children in the womb.Im not talking rape,incest or life of the mother Im talking inconvenience. You frauds love abortion so never use children for your anti religious bigotry.

  • RegularRon

    I do hope the so-called “Twitchy team” also posts the nonsense spewing from the American Christian Zionists as well. Don’t believe? Go check out your boss’s facebook page and see for yourself.

  • Joe W.

    After reading these “Tweets”, I think I’ll go take a long, hot shower…..

  • Chris f

    These same despicable hypocrites probably support MAMBA, which is a organization of homosexual perverts. Libreals are the most morally corrupt people around. Without god in there lives they have no moral compass, hence the vial posts above.

  • Howzah123

    They would happily send anyone who disagrees with them to the gulags

  • Mapache

    For many people who profess not to believe in God they certainly let an announcement by a religious leader that he is going to retire get them worked up into a lather and drooling all over themselves as they race to let the world know what they think.

  • AlertUpUSA

    The world has shown its true colors. Immature in spirit, humility and compassion.

    All these haters don’t realize their hate actually serves to accelerate the glory increased for Benedict XVI in heaven – having been persecuted for Christ’s sake.

    He has a history as do we all, and has risen to his post as the Vicar of Christ in this world. May he be blessed according to God’s will, Jesus Christ-the ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God Himself, and the ever beneficent Holy Spirit, with whom we walk each day.

    May the Holy Trinity surround Pope Benedict XIV in protection and love even now, until his last day in this world. May the love and blessings of the Blessed Virgin Mary enfold Pope Benedict XVI. May the Archangel Michael stand before Pope Benedict XVI with flashing swords of protection against satan and all his minions.

    • waltzingmtilda

      How lovely! Thank you…this was wonderful to read after the filth spewed in those tweets.

      • AlertUpUSA

        Thank you. PBXVI may have wanted to spare the curia the agonizing last days of a pope debilitated with age and infirmity – JPII was painful to watch – he may have had that in mind. Also, he may want to be alive to see the newly elected Pope installed.

  • ⚔Christophuh⚔

    Anup the S’eair has a picture of his wiener on his twitter page. Report.

  • Rex A. Lones

    In order to emulate our Lord and Savior we must pity these sin scarred people who spew such hate. Everyone should take a minute and pray for their lost souls. The day is fast approaching when we all will give account of what we have done and frankly I want to stand before my God with clean hands and a clean heart…..

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    This is where we see that the Left’s rhetoric about how they respect all religions is just that–rhetoric. These people are eaten by anti-Christian hate.

  • AdoEdem

    I wouldn’t call these creatures atheists, because atheism is the lack of belief in God or gods. These creatures certainly do have a god: the Self. And for many of them, Obama is their prophet of self-worship, their substitute Savior who will give them all the things in life they want that a genuine Savior “failed” to bring them. Hence their hatred of competing religions such as Judaism and Christianity. And I suspect they leave Buddhism and Hinduism alone because of their exotic natures and because Westerners don’t really understand them all that well.

    These tweets demonstrate the pathological malignant narcissism children learn from an early age through “self-esteem” exercises in places such as school. The problem is that self-esteem is a poor substitute for self-respect. These creatures have an abundance of the former and none of the latter, because self-respect necessitates accomplishment. Having 100 followers on Twitter isn’t one.

  • SeizeTheBeat

    I don’t agree with Catholicism or The Pope. However, These people are a bunch of children complaining about their leader. It sickens me that they are so disrespectful. At least in the US we can respect our leaders…even if we don’t agree with them. I hope the rest of his life is long and well…I would never wish death upon anyone. Even though some of these people sending these tweets deserve it.

  • VL123

    God I hate leftists.

  • American Avant Garde

    The pink-haired girl with the moniker “morally bankrupt” who proceeds to invite the wise and cultured old pope to “slit his wrists” lives up to her name indeed.

  • Paul_Mcgrath

    In my 52 years of walking on this earth in some 11 countries and 32 US states, I have yet to personally meet one professed liberal atheist who was truly open minded, tolerant, compassionate, caring, understanding, or just being happy in general.

  • muslimmustgo

    Every one of these cretins that tweeted violence and hatred are enemies of the citizens of America! They should be imprisoned for treason and they will be when their messiah(obama) is ousted from our WH. All of these tweeting juvenlie ignorance is what is wrong with the nation today. They need to be deported to N.Korea!!

  • muslimmustgo

    Bring our Lord back into the hearts of our nation,the rest of the scum will hopefully burn in hell for eternity,price you pay for being a communist liberal!!

  • Babycakes3847

    People is entitle to their own opinion, that doesn’t mean that have to be that bad, is sad to see that young people refer like that to Pope Benedict XVI, they do not understand the meaning of his action, they do not get educated, call me crazy but is all in the prophecies. Look for Ha Lindsey Report at the program aired on 1/11/13 you will see.

  • $36544368

    Re-typing a tweet from above – @Darren says, “So, Pope Benedict XVI @Pontifex has resigned. Good fucking riddance, you hate-filled, homophobic, divisive, antediluvian little Nazi.”….interesting that his avatar is a picture of ‘Stewie’ with a sign that says ‘no hate (h8)’… what an absolute idiot…I cannot believe these people.

  • LeticiaVelasquez

    Wow, there are a lot of guilty consciences out there. And Satanists. So much to offer up our Lenten prayers and sacrifices for, besides of course the Holy Father and his successor.