As we reported earlier, there was a shooting, with multiple injuries, at a courthouse in Wilmington, Del., this morning. Reports indicate that the shooter is dead.

Lawyer and Twitter user Jennifer S. Lubinski is at the courthouse and provides a harrowing on-scene report (politicized statement in her first tweet aside).

You are a brave soul, Ms. Lubinski. Please stay safe.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with everyone at the courthouse.

  • SFerggie

    My God these
    “GUN FREE ZONES” are getting far too dangerous. Something must be
    done. Aren’t the criminals reading the signs? Maybe we should pass a law
    requiring them to read the signs and sign an affidavit that they understand the
    law. That should make them stop, right?

  • SansMercy

    That gun was so violent. Good thing someone was holding it trying to restrain its actions. Oh, wait…

  • TugboatPhil

    Jennifer S. Lubinski
    I just witnessed my first shooting. DE chancery court lobby. Multiple down. Police here. Where’s the #NRA asI’m hiding in parking lot?

    Ms Lubinski, they are where they always are. They are lobbying to keep Congress and the President from depriving you of a God given Right to not have as your only option, hiding behind a car and hoping that a CRIMINAL won’t end your life because they don’t care about violating one more LAW ALREADY ON THE BOOKS.

    I hope that when you get over your apparent fright and having the time to tweet about slamming the NRA, that you will also send a tweet to your Representatives concerning mental health problems in the country and lax sentencing for violent crimes.

    • Darby

      Oh you can bet she’ll arm herself. But she’ll never admit it because that won’t get her in the media where she can get attention.

    • Linda Dommel

      Jennifer S Lubinski @jslubinski You do have the RIGHT 2 REMAIN SILENT! You should try it!

  • CarpeNoctem

    Why does she need the NRA? I thought the cops were supposed to protect courthouses….

  • dmacleo

    why didn’t she throw scissors ??
    yeah I know….
    glad she is ok though.

  • Maxx

    15-odd Tweets. ZERO bullets.

    Do you finally understand us now libs?

    Yet another example that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  • Rick Canton ┬«

    Sorry, but I’m not leaving her politicizing “aside”. I was proudly featured on NYMAG and today in my exposure of that Progressive Liberal hacktivist standing on the dead bodies of the victims of the tragedy to spout her anti-NRA rhetoric. She took it upon herself to expose her flaming Lib views as her first tweet out of the gate. She deserved every exposing response. ~ @rumblindurango

  • DM1499

    It is easy to feel sympathetic, but if you read her conversation following this initial tweet, it is clear she supports the anti-gun agenda. Her comment about the NRA was mocking, not an appeal.