Sigh. What’s going on here? Oh, you are letting your idiocy show, that’s what. Again. It’s not surprising; Journalists are way out of their depth here.

As Twitchy reported, Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down at the end of the month. To Piers and other Pope Truthers, there must be something nefarious going on. Soledad “Special Snowflake” O’Brien agrees.

But, she’s just “asking questions,” you see.

Bingo! Also, you know, she’s cuckoo.

And once again, Twitter was prescient.


Soledad then blocked Breitbart’s John Nolte for pointing out her bias today.

Was Soledad following the always repugnant Piers Morgan’s lead? He immediately jumped on the Pope Truther bandwagon this morning.

The mocking of Piers’ delusional conspiracy theory was swift and delicious. Piers Morgan, the first Pope Truther!

Some career advice.

Zing! And this Twitter user points out some of the most hurtful news of the day.

Never change, Twitter.

  • Steve_J

    Musket’s show is in the toilet and O’Brien’s has been flushed. What do either of them have to say that advances any conversation?

    • TugboatPhil

      They can brag about being adored by an alleged cop killer in Southern California, via manifesto.

  • V the K

    I think if you looked at the base of Piers Morgan’s and Soledad O’Brien’s necks, you’d find a rubber nipple and a tattoo reading inflate to 18 PSI.

    • $22639970

      That’s one of the funniest lines I’ve encountered this year. Top marks, V!!

    • TugboatPhil

      You’d need special sunglasses to see it. Rowdy Roddy knew.

    • BlueGood

      LMAO.that is a WINNER!

      (Definitely gonna steal it…..LOL….)

  • Right Wired

    “As a Catholic, I’m not buying this.” -Piers Morgan

    News Alert professor: You cannot be a Catholic and pro-choice. Acceptance and/or endorsement of the “Pro-Choice” stance automatically excommunicates you from the Church.

    This is Canon.
    Laws 751 and 1398.

    And this goes the same for Pelosi, Biden, Joe Donnelly or any other liberal that claims they are Catholic. You are not.

    • Mario Leone

      joe donnelly is pro life. i can’t stand him but he does deserve credit there

    • Rightturn


      You are wrong, and your News Alert is wrong. Excommunication for a Catholic is not the same as being kicked out of the Church; it’s a penalty intended to invoke a change of behavior. Furthermore, it’s only in effect after one has sought after and completed an abortion, not merely advocating for the ability of others’ to do so.

      • Right Wired

        Excommunication is severest penalty the Church can impose.

        …”; he can, however, be considered as an exile from Christian society and as non-existent, for a time at least, in the sight of ecclesiastical authority. But such exile can have an end (and the Church desires it), as soon as the offender has given suitable satisfaction. Meanwhile, his status before the Church is that of a stranger. He may not participate in public worship nor receive the Body of Christ or any of the sacraments. Moreover, if he be a cleric, he is forbidden to administer a sacred rite or to exercise an act of spiritual authority.”

        If you are an exile, you are not Catholic. You are barred from worship and all sacraments. Stop mincing words.

    • mheathman

      abortion is wrong and so is child molestation.

  • tony30088

    Looks like Alex Jones has turned Piers Morgan into a conspiracy theorist.

    O’Brien is just a dumb little troll trying to get her ratings up.

  • Jonny Red

    Piers sure seems to be getting a lot of face time lately. Maybe if we ignore him he will go away?

  • PhillyCon

    Gotta love “journos” asking the why question so selectively. The parodies write themselves.

  • Mario Leone

    soledad should do a “catholic in america,” but she’s probably too busy doing black in america 3 and piers morgan is still on his anti-gun ranting

  • rivers

    What a couple of horses asses.

  • HARP2

    All of a sudden these heathens are experts on the Catholic Church ?

  • $30423294

    Think of them as innocent little children looking at something they don’t understand and play acting as teachers, explaining it to us.

    It’s kind of sweet in a way.

    • AdoEdem

      You know, that has to be the best explanation of their pathological behavior so far.

  • mickeyco

    Neither of them is as Catholic as I am a Muslim.

  • Michael Kosak

    Soledad is “a Catholic”? I’m not buying this… Cathoilics don’t believe in killing babies.

    • operanerd1986

      She’s of the Nancy Pelosi-Joe Biden-Ted Kennedy school of heretics.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Really, has any pope ever resigned before?

    • detroit19

      Yes. The last was Gregory XII resigned in 1415 to help end the Great Western Schism when there were multiple rival popes. I think there have been 6 or 7 others, mostly in the 1st century.

      • GameTime

        Actually they are reporting the last pope to resign was Celestine 600 years ago.

    • walterc

      It’s been 600+ years but yes it has happened. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth became queen when her father abdicated the throne.

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        Wha..? The current Queen Elizabeth? No, her father was King George VI, who died peacefully in his sleep while Elizabeth and Phillip were in Kenya, or I think it was still officially British East Africa. You may be thinking of Edward the VII, who abdicated the throne to marry a divorced American, and that how George VI became king.

        • walterc

          That’s right. I knew someone stepped down in the past 100 years or so.

      • TracyJean

        Wrong. The Queen’s father became King when his brother abdicated. The Queen ascended the throne when her father died in his bed.

  • Mary Palmer

    F- Morgan, he is a fudge packing sissy boy

    • WisconsinPatriot

      ……now don’t hold back, let us know exactly how you feel! :)

    • Jim Denney

      Are you saying Morgan is no stranger to shirty business?

  • arttie

    It is George Bush’s fault, obviously everything can be, should be and needs to be blamed on 43.

  • $23629333

    Imagine this scenario: You’re a good Catholic, it’s Sunday morning, and you head off to church. You arrive, and discover – half way up the stairs – Piers Morgan. What do you do?

    Go home?
    Slug him?
    Slug him, and then go home?

    • SCinGB

      slug him, hit the confessional, then enjoy Mass

  • RblDiver

    Of course they question it. If they accepted the fact that a man who isn’t up to the task will resign so that the task can be completed, they’d have to worry that THEIR “savior” would be next.

  • Maxx

    Finally…..something else Morgan can obsess over.

  • poljunkie♪

    Soledad, why not question the people running OUR country?

    • Noah Lee

      Soledumb O’brainless wouldn’t know about questioning authority if it bit her ass!

  • Ben Bollman

    Dear Piers: Nobody is buying that you are Catholic

  • GameTime

    I think this pope wants to be around to see how the next pope follows through on the financial corruption and pedaphile situation and any other negative piece of crap we may not know about. Really, who just resigns? The last pope to resign was Celestine who they put under guard to make sure he didn’t create a schism. Then when he died they made him a saint. Nice Jesus work by these folks, eh?

    • Matthew Koch

      The last one was Gregory not Celestine.

  • GameTime

    Hey when is Soledad doing White People In America, Parts 1 and 2?

  • ceemack

    Someone might want to point out to the Prattle of Britain that “queen” is a hereditary–oh, okay, AN hereditary title–while popes are elected.

  • Jim Denney

    Please God, inspire Barack Hussein Obama to emulate the Pope and resign.
    At this point I agree with Clint, he can even keep the damn plane (sorry for the damn).

  • thepoliticalchef

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    More left moonbattery and cookoo pantziness

  • Marty Luther

    Soledad blocked me for outing her on her RT’ing agreement with a radical. I miss her. The long walks and the quiet moments by the fire. The smell of history books burning.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty, they wanted him dead, and he goes and resigns.

  • Tantalus XVI

    “As a Catholic, you’re full of chit Piers”-Me