Reports are coming in of a shooting at a courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware.

Twitter users and news outlets report from on-the-scene; the number of injured remains unconfirmed.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this situation and update with further developments.


Big shooting at the courthouse this morning.

Courthouse right now

There are still conflicting reports about the shooter as well.

And now confirmation is coming in that the shooter is dead.

Update: A Twitter user was on the scene and provided a detailed and harrowing report from the scene.

Update: Another death confirmed.


The alleged shooter has been identified as David T. Matusiewicz. His ex-wife was one of the other victims.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their loved ones.


Matusiewicz, the shooter, was able to obtain a gun despite having been convicted of a felony.


Some outlets are reporting that the shooter was, in fact, Thomas Matusiewicz, father of David Matusiewicz. Information is still conflicting.

Update, 2/12/2013:

The Associated Press reports that David Matusiewicz is is custody on a “federal probation technicality.” The gunman’s name has not been released by authorities, but police have confirmed the shooter is dead. reports that the shooter was Thomas Matusiewicz. While that has not been confirmed by police, it appears that initial media reports IDing his son, David Matusiewicz, as the killer were incorrect.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Didn’t the gunman know that government courthouses are gun free zones and it is illegal to carry a firearm in there? Then again….maybe the gun is at fault since it apparently can’t read the “gun free zone” signs.

    • Ronin

      Isn’t it great how they’ve mastered Orwell’s ideas? Gun-Free zones are really Free-Fire zones.

      • RogueRose

        The armed security guard stopped him. A good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with the gun.

        • tredglx

          That never works, according to libs.

    • Rulz

      No gun left behind.

  • Booker

    Probably a disgruntled defendant.

    • RogueRose

      He shot his wife.. it was domestic. Either a divorce or she was getting a restraining order. The other person shot was probably his wife’s attorney and/or maybe the judge… Probably murder/suicide (by cop?)..

      • Booker


  • $23639361

    ok libtards, ready…. 3….. 2……1……. THE NRA DID IT!!!!!

    • Patsplacepp

      no this suspect “Did It” Are you saying this guy is an employee of the NRA?

      • $23639361

        sarcasm dude. just waiting for the next (i.e. in 3,2,1), inevitable chorus from the assault media & other leftist harpies to start screaming their usual BS about who did it… you know they don’t blame individuals for their behavior… that wouldn’t fit their anti gun agenda

  • SaveThe Republic

    What did it take to stop this bad guy with a gun? A GOOD GUY WITH ANOTHER GUN!!!!