Actor Dean Cain is making excellent use of his newly-verified Twitter status, speaking  truth to power as a conservative in Hollywood. The actor recently proudly proclaimed that he is “keeping his guns.” He also took to Twitter to mourn the loss of his friend, American hero Chris Kyle.

Now, he is praising musician and outspoken gun rights advocate Ted Nugent as being “dead-on.” He could be dead-on for a variety of reasons; The Nuge has been particularly outspoken of late. He took on the repugnant Piers Morgan recently.

Watch the video; it’s awesome.

And, as Twitchy reported, he then thanked God for Piers, while offering up some other thoughts on gun-grabbers and their idiocy.

Ted Nugent, like Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, recently also responded to Ron Paul’s despicable (and grossly ignorant) remarks on Chris Kyle’s death.

Boom! Dead-on, indeed.

Dean Cain continues to mourn the loss of his friend.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you in your time of grief. We continue to keep all of Chris Kyle’s loved ones in our hearts.


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  • independentjones

    A Hero fights for freedom and protects the world from bullies.

    A Hero does not vengefully kill the innocent offspring of people with whom he has a grievance –> (looking at you, Dorner.)

    RIP, Chris Kyle …

    Carry on, Dean.

    • $21367552

      Your description of a hero would most definitely not apply to a draft-dodger like Ted Nugent. Just sayin’.

      • Cindy Nowicki

        Liberals have made the cheating, draft dodging scumbag Bill Clinton their hero.

      • SDN


      • JustLikeAnimals

        Get real!!! Ted Nugent earns his “hero” everyday by having the balls to stand up, speak out, and fight the increasingly dangerous movement of the left in this country to snuff out basic freedoms and an protections guaranteed under the Constitution. Nugent has more “hero” in him than most of the so-called “leaders” in this country.

  • Kingofthehill

    I wish someone like Uncle Ted would come to CA and use his voice and access to media showing what Komiefornia is trying to pass to disarm its citizens. Check it out.

    -Possession of hollow point bullets and similar assault bullets a felony.

    -Must register and report ammo purchases. Only purchase max 500 rounds.

    -10 round magazine limit

    -ALL magazines must be fixed to the gun (can not be removed without the use of a tool)

    -100% prohibition of all magazines greater than 10 rounds. All previous
    grandfathered magazines become illegal. Felony if you keep one.

    -Changing definition of shotgun revolving cylinder — Basically only single shot shotguns will remain legal.

    -Bullet Buttons will become illegal — All AR and AK style rifles that
    are currently equipped with them will be designated Assault Weapons.
    Felony to possess.

    -All gun owners now must be licensed like drivers.

    -All gun owners must carry gun liability insurance

    • Patricia A. Trentanelli-Begay

      Thank god I live in Texas, where owning any gun is not just a right it is expected of its citizens…..but just supposing if there was ever a zombie apocalypse – (lol) corniefornia would probably be the first to fall due to no practical defense of its citizenry.

      • Kingofthehill

        Crap, try being FROM Texas (San Antonio) and moving here after you have been an active firearm owner/collector your whole life. I had to sell a lot of my collection since they are illegal here. I had a few handguns with threaded barrels that came from the factory that way but here in CA its considered an assault weapon! I also had to sell my Taurus Judge because of the rifling and the fact it shoots a shotgun shell its flat out illegal and an “Assault weapon” here in ca just like if you took a rifle and cut down the barrel under 16″. This place sucks and its not just the gun laws. Between the illegals, crime, cost of living, traffic and the absurd recently raised Tax rate. So glad i’ll be in Utah in June, literally counting down the days.

        • JustLikeAnimals

          Isn’t a slingshot an assault weapon? Someone call “Diane the Idiot” and “Nancy the Unintelligible”!!!! We need to pass some new assault slingshot control legislation so we can find out what’s in it!!!!!

        • lcky9

          would have kept them and not tell anyone

  • line123

    When the End comes the left has Piers Morgan We have Superman and Ted Nugent.
    Any ?. Who do you want on your side.

  • Lady 12

    Cain was right, Nugent was both perfectly right and he hit Morgan where it hurts! Dead-on in both cases!

  • Maxx

    Each time Piers invites Ted for a “one on one,” by the end of the segment, Morgan looks like he’s going to cry.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Hahaha! I know. His chicken neck gets all red and sweaty and his eyes are watering and you know he’s just thinking to himself, “Damn! That still didn’t go the way I wanted it to…..get me to commercial!!!!!!”

      I love it!!!!! Ted IS da man!!!!!!

  • Johnny Blade

    America agreed to ‘sensible gun control laws’ in 1934.. crime rates got worse.. maybe instead of what is ‘sensible’ on the coasts we go with ‘common sense’ heartland style for awhile.