Truth shmuth! What’s really important is lambasting meany pants Republicans for, you know, asking pertinent questions. As Twitchy reported, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was on Capitol Hill today to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Benghazi. Democrats swiftly tried to create a diversion. But Republican senators would have none of that, and continued to ask probing questions that resulted in highly disturbing answers. Where were President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton? Voting present.

To the absurdity known as Senator McCaskill, that was no big whoop. In fact, the real problem was that those questions were asked. So mean and “withering!”

Oh, well. As long as Panetta will be just fine.

Yep, get your hurl buckets. She then blathered on in a manner that had many scratching their heads.

Heh. Not so funny? This.


  • Steve_J

    To bad she doesn’t feel bad for Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods. Perhaps someday I will be in a position to return the favor to McCaskill.

    • ceemack

      Thanks for reminding us of those mens’ names. We don’t hear them often enough.

  • goldwater89

    And now let’s give a big round of applause to Todd Akin for allowing this woman to keep her job

    • Rulz

      How about the ignorant,, self-centered Midwestern electorate that gave Obama four more years and kept the Senate for the democrats?

      You get the government you vote for.

      6 seconds vs 6 trillion dollars.

      Missouri made it’s choice, and a BAD one at that.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        The people have spoken … And they must be punished.-Hizzoner Ed Koch

  • Rulz

    I hope Missouri is happy.

    Have the voters there checked with progressive women lately to make sure they still look and feel good and that not “legitimate” rape isn’t on their minds?

    They might need some more Midwest tax $$$$ from Kansas City to St. Louis.

    So pay up, Show-me State!

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    • Kim_S

      Sorry!!! We tried to get Akin to withdraw, but nope.

      • Shawn

        Not good enough, if you didn’t vote for Akin even though he messed up, you are part of the problem now

      • Rulz

        I know, and he should have. McCaskill played the whole thing like a fiddle.

  • righthook38

    Good job, Missouri…

    • jacksonjay

      Six more years of this nit-wit because of the Republican nit-wit! Nevada did the same nit-wit thing back in ’10!

  • Catchance

    Unbelievable! Senator Graham finally gets Panetta to admit that Obama knew everything, and did nothing, right from the start, so McCaskill goes into overdrive, whining and apologizing, and then talking about everything but Benghazi.

  • TruDat

    Unite; 2010 elections must reoccur in 2014.

  • JosephinaAngelina

    Unbelievable that no one was put in motion for 8 hours. We had a Marine Amphibious Unit deployed with the 6th Fleet 750 miles away. Why weren’t they put on alert? Why weren’t forces put in motion? Could it be that a judgment was made that allowing 4 Americans to die was more politically expedient than a risky rescue?

  • descolada9

    I really hope Todd Akin never, ever shows his face again. If I ever come across the retard I will bitch slap into a new decade. (No, that is not a real threat)

    • TheOriginalDonald

      I really hope Karl Rove never, ever shows his face again. If I ever come across Turd Blossom I will bitch slap into a new decade. (No, that is not a real threat)

  • michael s

    Mccaskill and others gave him a free ride for nearly 5 mos. McCain never said he was incompetent. Should’ve went hard on Panetta in September.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Bow your heads, Missouri. Bow your heads in SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!

  • Maxx

    All I can say is I take some measure of comfort knowing there are a great many from the “show me” state that are embarrassed for this pathetic display of indifference toward the dead while lamenting direct questioning to Panetta as to how they died.

  • Jerome Goolsby

    This Missourian apologizes for my fellow citizens voting to inflict this fool upon the rest of the country for another six years (despite Akin being an idiot, I knew McCaskill HAD to have her political career TERMINATED). At least we are not as STUPID as Massachusetts voters….not quite yet anyway.