As Twitchy reported, Ron Paul tweeted a shameful (and completely ignorant, to boot) statement on the death of American hero Chris Kyle. Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer swiftly, and rightly, called him out for his repugnant remarks. He then reminded Ron Paul that Chris Kyle is an American hero.

Actor Dean Cain agreed and proudly retweeted Mr. Meyer.


As we also reported, Dean Cain was partnered with Chris Kyle on NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes,” and he took to Twitter this weekend to mourn the passing of his friend.

Kudos, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Cain. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Kyle family and all his loved ones.


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  • Ken Budd

    So Mr. Paul is saying if any combat veteran gets killed in our sick society it is his own fault, think about the ones killed at Ft. Hood. Sick

  • Calcat36

    I would like to know from the Paulistinians who defend this kook’s insensitive statement about a genuine war hero… The little victims at Sandy Hook did NOT live by the sword, yet they were cut down by one. Not in an “illegal war” overseas either. They were simply attending to their school day. What does the evil doctor say about that? What legislation did the great and all powerful and mighty doctor Paul do in his political career to stop such violence? Let me help you Paulbots. He did NOTHING about NOTHING and he got paid to do NOTHING for way too many years. Time to get rid of the Paul Jr before he becomes a racist nut like his dad.

    Nice can of worms the genius professor opened upon himself!