Strange, isn’t it? As we reported earlier, Senator Cruz shredded Chuck Hagel during his Secretary of Defense hearing. Members of the media were not pleased. How dare he question a choice of The One?

Precisely. But Sarah Palin is totally stupid, right lapdogs? Ace then takes on Hagel’s anti-Israel beliefs, which lapdogs in the media also cover up.

Yes. Where are the reports on that claim, lapdogs? Senator Harry Reid’s claim of talking to some guy who knew a girl who was the brother of a man who said that Romney didn’t pay his taxes was breathlessly reported everywhere.

Ace blasts Hagel over another absurd statement.

The Zen of Hagel: That’s just beautiful. Twitchy compiled a round-up of Hagel absurdities during the disaster of a hearing earlier, and Ace highlights some of the most inane. Believe us, picking out the most inane from Hagel is not easy.

Where are the alleged journalists again?


Boom! Other happy warriors sum it all up.

Bingo. As Dana Perino said earlier, nothing will happen. Lapdogs have had good obedience training, you know.

  • EOD

    Obama must be kicking himself right now over the fact that he did not pick Hagel as a running mate for the VPOTUS job.

    I did not think it possible for someone to be dumber than Joe, but, Hagel makes the current VP look like a Rhodes Scholar.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      Years ago when they were both in the senate, hagel and Biden got along so well that the other senators called the two of them “Bagel.” True story.

      • Shawn

        bagel, AHAHHAHA

  • ceemack

    Let’s see a debate on defense & foreign policy between Chuck Hagel and Sarah Palin.

    My money’s on Palin.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Oh LORD…they would have to scrape him off the pointy end of her shoes! Palin has come a LONG way from her Couric interview!

      • mhojai

        actually, off the bottom of her shoes…

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I weep for the future

  • SpelChekPlz

    doesn’t israel have enough people picking on it?

  • Junie3

    Wonder how much Soros is paying Obama to put these clowns up? Soros runs this show, Obama is the puppet.

  • Raye09

    Good grief, this guy makes Harry Reid and Joe Biden look like pennacles of intelligence and wisdom. This is not good.

  • Wolf Moon

    This guy isn’t qualified to be Secretary of Toys ‘R’ Us!

    The media needs to set down their special worship choom and get back on the job!

  • Zefal

    Chuck Hagel don’t like Jewish people.