Indeed. This time, we agree with Holly Robinson Peete.

Many Twitter users were disgusted overnight when Philadelphia Eagles running back  LeSean McCoy went after the mother of his child on Twitter. His nickname is “Shady” and, boy, does it fit.

The mother of his child issued some accusations, claiming he neglects his son. She also tweeted a little too much information.

Wow. Taking a page from Toure’s repugnant book?

LeSean responds: All class. And by class, we mean the exact opposite.

That’s right. He oh-so-bravely calls upon his fans to go after … the mother of his child. But, guess what? Brave LeSean has deleted his entire Twitter account, not just the tweets. Alas, LeSean, the internet is forever.


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Oh, well. As long as he is having fun at a club! The mother of his child responds further.

LeSean then tweeted “hacked.” Convenient! Oh, and he tweeted that right before deleting his entire Twitter account.


Most are not buying it.

While some fans answered his despicable call to attack the mother of his child (which LeSean then oh-so-classily retweeted), most fans are disgusted by LeSean’s (if not “hacked”) actions.

And a protip for LeSean:

Another Twitter user hopes for something that seems to be near impossible, unless that whole “hacked” thing proves true.

Indeed. Based on LeSean’s Twitter feed last night, we won’t hold our breath.

  • Alicia Layne

    This is news for what reason?

    • Stone Bryson

      Stab in the dark here… because it was a viral event on Twitter, and Twitchy (almost exclusively) covers viral events which happen on Twitter? Not that I care about Shady and his son’s mother anymore than you appear to, but I think understand why it is here.

      I could be wrong, I suppose…

      • TugboatPhil

        You are not wrong. That’s why it was posted here.

      • Alicia Layne

        Ever hear of sarcasm?

    • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

      Well Twitchy is obsessed with telling us blacks are bad dads.


        well the truth hurts.

  • Steve_J

    @Angelface0330 should change name to @Sewermouth#1

  • Agent_Zeero

    I caint unnastan one word o dat

    • nc

      m’nthr. stil donno wha hapan.

    • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

      Yep this is in no way racist

      • Agent_Zeero

        Wha’ choo talkin ’bout? I dint say anything ’bout no races. Why it be okay for dems ta talk like dat, an nobody’s say nutin ’bout how dey sound all ignerint?

        • pajamakat

          Yous be hurtin mys eyes wit dat stuf u b ritin

        • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

          Ha it’s cool you are racist but have the guts to admit it.

          • PChandler

            Cool psychological projection, bro!.

          • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

            I love the whole let’s make fun of black people, than say what are you talking about.

          • Lady 12

            They’re not making fun of black people, they’re making fun of the vocabulary used by those two specific people.

          • TugboatPhil

            Yeah, because it’s so not racist to continue voting for a political party that uses the federal government to encourage blacks to not believe they can succeed without every problem being addressed with tax money.

            Oddly enough, the political party that has encouraged the destruction of the black family is the same one that founded the KKK.

  • dmacleo

    people rut like animals and are mad at the results?
    morals. get them.

  • FFlintstone

    When future generations wonder how Barack Hussein Obama got elected and re-elected president, we can show them this web page. It will all make sense. Their votes count exactly the same as yours.

    • Matt

      Too true brother…..

  • $30423294

    I wonder if someone at the Dept. of Education will read this twitter exchange and say, “Hey not to rock the boat or anything, but shouldn’t we cut the social experimentation we’re doing in the schools? With all the money we throw at education, these kids are getting worse, not better.”

    It won’t happen of course because leftists are ideologues. The left will keep our schools under siege because we let them. The next generation of LeSeans will learn how to put the condom on the banana. The next generation of the woman known here as “baby mama” will get her free birth control and will get taught all about sexual diseases, only to acquire most of them by age 15.

    We’re raising morally depraved individuals.

    Ask yourself, does ANYBODY in leadership on the left seem to care?

    On the contrary, they seem to like what they’ve done because it creates a crisis they can use to their advantage.

    • $21367552

      Ah, fascinating insight from the “I never saw any trashy single moms or deadbeat dads on Leave it to Beaver therefore they didn’t exist until those hippy libruls destroyed America” school of thought.

      • Zanshi

        Liberals may not have created trashy single moms or deadbeat dads, but they sure made people proud of devolving into ’em!

  • TugboatPhil

    To the people who routinely push out the “he makes way more money than you, so is therefore a better person” argument, I offer you Exhibit “A”.

  • Jimni27

    Well THAT escalated quickly.

  • John Segundo

    Why are sides taken? They’re both ignorant scumbags, feel for the kid.

    • PChandler

      indeed, that’s why i don’t like Twitchy anymore. Why take sides on stories like this? look at what that woman wrote, it’s disgusting… yet, this site stands with her or at least only condemns the guy. Sexism much?.

  • FlatFoot

    Well — the term ‘evolutionally challenged’ certainly does come to mind quite often these days…” smh

  • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

    She seems pretty low class, she most likely views kids as a paycheck.

  • fanofamerica

    Dear Steph & LeSean (and anyone who doesn’t want to become Steph & LeSean) – See this for future reference:

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Damn it, LeSean, you’re making me ashamed to be from the same town as you (Harrisburg).

  • stillinthe60s

    Can see cable channels sending out their reps to sign these 2 for their next “reality” show.

  • radjahshelduck

    Wow, McCoy killed his reputation faster than his quarterback killed dogs.

    • ForTheRepublic

      Poor taste, man.

  • Therese Schirmer

    You’d never know McCoy went to a private Catholic high school, would you? Shameful.

    • BeeKaaay

      Obviously didn’t stay awake in class.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Nasty,shiftless gold diggers and the responsibility-adverse morons who are too stupid to stay away from them. The kid is the real loser.

  • BeeKaaay

    This is why adults should be raising children. Not these two big babies.

    Poor little baby is going to be totally messed up.

  • ClinkinKY

    Wow, two people who should have never had children. That’s all.

  • Guest

    Says a great deal about Pitt.

  • madian_kikyou

    and neither of them seem to know anything about spelling and grammar. I got cross eyed trying to decipher their hieroglyphs.