Secretary of State Clinton’s testimony on Benghazi continues this afternoon. Earlier, many Twitter users were wondering, “what about the blaming of the YouTube video?”

And, the video finally enters the fray.

Oh, really, Hillary?

And, she is continuing the free speech finger pointing.

See, it is still the video’s fault. For everything. Pesky free speech!

Shame on you, Secretary Clinton.


‘Tear-syncing’: Hillary ‘chokes up’ recalling the day she blamed free speech for Benghazi murders

Sickening: Obama flanks self with coffins of 4 killed on his watch, Hillary blames free speech; Update: Rest in peace and God bless the marines.

  • NCRelite

    Dana Rohrabacher REPRESENT!!! He’s from my district! HOLLA!

  • Lester Liberalmann

    You guys are real morons

    • TexSizzle

      Bless your heart.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      you sound like your an expert on morons.

  • rinodino

    Man I’m loving this hunt! I’m so proud of you guys!!!!


    The Wicked Witch of West

    • Steve_J

      She had a good run until the house fell on her.

    • Ronald

      By many accounts, Hillary won this fight. Republicans really flubbed this up. By focusing on all the wrong questions, they essentially played right into her hands.

  • dmacleo

    trying to piggyback benghazi off the cairo attacks.
    a huge fail on her.

  • Steve_J

    The video had nothing to do with any of the attacks.

  • Ariadnea

    I blame every democrat Congressmen and Senators for not questioning the accountability of their own people. When Nixon erred, many Republicans pressured him for answers, while Democrats are helping these nincompoops perpetuate many lies. They never once consider that one of the many consequences of their shameful behavior, would be a trouncing in the ballot box in payment for this administration’s lapses and their silence. They will end up paying the dues when Obama’s term is over. Conservatives should keep tweeting, blogging, and spreading the blame to all Democrats for their continued silence and support to a reprehensible negligence of duty. Blaming Hillary and Obama is not enough, as they will only continue to lie. The Democrat congress and Senate should also be pressured and held accountable, they will act only when their positions and future chances will be put into question and jeopardy.

  • nc

    Video? Video? Oh yeah, THAT video!

    Think if this thing had been handled TRUTHFULLY from Day 1 we would have had a different election outcome?

    Possibly even one or two of those men might have survived.