That’s right. The most pressing issue of our time? Michelle Obama’s bangs. As Twitchy reported, there was much breathless buzzing when the bangs were revealed. Media outlets are continuing to swoon over the date that will live in infamy: FLOTUS Fringe Day.

Yep. Here is a screenshot of the absurd headline.


BuzzFeed and Huffington Post get in on the action.

Even a fellow journalist points out the obvious.

Those outside the sad, little media bubble express disgust.

Yes, it does. And what it says is that the Fourth Estate is dead.


Journos salivate over FLOTUS designer Thom Browne

  • Jackie Wellfonder

    Oy vey…..

  • PAttyconservatopia

    LOL Hope they love the new taxes and regulations mr oBama will soon be bringing to them.

  • Conrad2010

    Gag a Maggot.

    • Obamammy

      It certainly rhymes with Maggot….

  • no_more_deceit

    1460 more days – whoo boy.

    • Barbara Hawley Berka

      Plenty of time to do good things and establish his legacy as one of the greatest presidents of our time..and you can quote me on that twenty years from now..although you sound like one of those old, tired tea partiers who may not be here to witness that legacy.. ..A new, intelligent, centrist republican party will emerge..Our younger generation won’t stand for the stupidity that permeates the GOP today.

      • GaryTheBrave

        His legacy, Barb, will last as long as Ford’s. Once this current generation dies off and the next one takes over they’ll realize what and how he wrecked America. The next generation will look at the Founders’ ideals and kick Obama out of the history books. Some newscaster will call this America’s weakest generation. Obama will be a mere footnote in the annals of America.

        The vast majority of Presidents do not have a lasting legacy. Their names are all we remember. If anything his “legacy” will be that we will better vet all future candidates. We won’t let the MSM decide what we will find out about a candidate. The MSM will be very minor players in future campaigns. There may even be an amendment requiring presidential candidates to provide all of their legal records and published writings.

        There are too many angered citizens, including this writer, that will do anything I can to prevent a future Obama-type from ever enjoying the privilege of elective office ever again!

      • auh2064

        On the bright side, he can’t do much worse than he did the last 4 years.

        • Brian Roastbeef

          You see that as a bright side. Obama sees that as a dare.

  • Masada

    Why are we shocked? This is what Americans care about. THIS is why he is still President.

    • Barbara Hawley Berka

      Remember Jackie Kennedy?. Pat Nixon? .Rosalyn Carter..Lady Bird Johnson”..Barbara Bush?…Nancy Regan?. Laura Bush? .There used to be magazine covers showing their fashion debuts…pages filled with dresses, hairstyles, table name it….People ate it up like candy…. No, what America cares about, and the reason this President was reelected, is because the majority of people are tired of ignorance, as demonstrated by your cutting remark and similar ones here…..One statement in the media about the first lady’s new hairstyle and you and others are so cutting and demeaning.. What does this say about you? Someone criticized Mrs. Obama’s muscular arms and her rear end…YOU are the sort who bring the country down. and cause divisiveness…But happily, your negative mentality and mean spirited attitudes will be eroded as this country progresses and evolves..As bigotry, stupidity, and ignorance in all forms are replaced with inclusion, intelligence and acceptance.. one day the country will actually be as it was intended. united, not divided..
      .With the elimination of idiots (influenced by media dopes and certainly a lack of education) who only want to tear others down..and the replacement of the extreme right wing loonies, with bright, moderate, logical minded republicans, politics will once again serve the country well…Finally, strong leaders from both sides of the spectrum will meet in the middle and bring each other’s strenths to the a respectful and thoughtful manner.. Fight it all you’s happening now..

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Yeah, sure. Whatever you say. Have another glass of Kool-Aid while we all wait for your “collective” Utopia to happen…..

      • Obamammy

        Who is that guy next to you?

        Ellen wants to know if his fingers are well hung.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Umm, it’s spelled R-e-a-g-a-n. You missed the first “a”. I just note that is the only name you misspelled. I trust it was truly unintentional.

      • JLThorpe

        So you complain about how people are “cutting and demeaning” and yet you use terms like “idiots” and “extreme right wing loonies”?
        How about trying to lift yourself up above the rhetoric, if you don’t
        like it, and find better ways of expressing your thoughts.

      • auh2064

        Speak for yourself. I voted for Obama because Romney wore magic underwear, killed Big Bird, and puts women in binders.

      • Ronald

        This site is mostly about ripping on anything — anything at all — that can possibly be criticised. It’s a shame, because there are real issues that need to be addressed in this country. Making such a fuss about trivial stuff just serves to undermine our voice on the salient issues. But if you say that here, you’ll get dog-piled on, because many on Twitchy use the site as a form of catharsis. However, there are still some old-school conservatives out there with class. Conservatives that set an example by not resorting to the same tactics we deride in our opponents.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Well in fairness the bangs do draw attention away from the trucker arms and overlarge ass.

    • Barbara Hawley Berka

      Trucker Arms? She is fit..Overlarge Ass? So, what do you go for..flat assed women with “bat wings”..You must be a real “looker”…is that why you put up a picture of your pet..what a vacant, tiny little brain you have..:( ..I suppose your byline “Roastbeef” makes you feel more like a real man.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        Awww… u mad? I’m sure you must identify closely with Moochelle Obama, her permanent scowl and inability to wear clothing that fits her properly. (By the way… are you one of those people who misuses the word “curvy” where you would normally mean “fat?” I bet you are.) I’d be sorry to have offended you and other such similarly miserable unlovable liberals but I see you take solace in trolling others in places you need not be, so I’m not. I’d have expected you’d be busy with inauguration coverage, but apparently your dullard of a President wasn’t able to hold your attention long enough. By all means go ahead; enjoy your down votes.

        Oh, and FYI not putting our own photo on the Internet is sort of standard procedure for those of us who don’t wish to use the Internet to perform surveillance on ourselves on behalf of the government. If you feel comfortable attaching your own name and image to embarrassing statements such as those you are making on here, though by all means proceed. I’m sure your leftist masters will reward you for doing your part in their “collective action.” Or perhaps they’ll just dismiss you as the useful idiot that you are… either way..

      • Obamammy

        Your eloquent speech has devolved into what we had you pegged to be in the first place:

        A limp-wristed, salad tossing (G)AIDS carrying, child-molesting liberal.

  • Robert Johnson

    As someone who works in the news media, a story like this make me feel as if I am behind enemy lines.

    • Barbara Hawley Berka

      Then you’re naive and paranoid…feeling as if you are .”behind enemy lines” because of a story about Michelle Obama’s hairstyle?..This isn’t a story that permeates the airwaves or overshadows important things..I would hope that someone so obtuse would not be a member of the media…it’s a little tidbit of trivia that some people find entertaining..It’s been this way since the beginning of time…Remember first lady’s fashions plastered all over magazines before the internet?..Where have you been?..working in the media?..I highly doubt it.. …

      • Obamammy

        Seriously man, throw some medicine in there for your jock itch.

      • auh2064

        Did the media fawn over Laura Bush or Barbara Bush? Were they even remotely complimentary of Nancy Reagan’s appearance?

        • Ronald

          Do you remember Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis?

  • FlatFoot

    She’s just so dreamy.

  • BeeKaaay

    Yup. Just more stupidity from the presstitutes.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    What Benghazi??? Look at Michelle’s bangs!!

  • janedoh1

    I’m sure he loves her wig. New haircut indeed. all she did was buy a wig

  • “G”willekkers

    I don’t give a flip about Michele’s bangs or the Inauguration or what they wore or how cute their kids are. I WANT TO KNOW WHY BENGHAZI AND FAST &FURIOUS ARE ON THE BACK BURNER! I want to know why the media can report trivia and not ask one relevant question! Actually, I don’t even care what political party you identify with… don’t you want to know? Are you so mesmerized by the wonder of them that your brains have stopped functioning? Why in the hell are we overlooking impeachable practices? It seems like an altered universe… I am truly bewildered. :(