Twitter is buzzing over this photo.

Is it Rep. King? Did he nab a cell phone picture of Obama buddies Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

No confirmation yet, but that doesn’t stop the buzz. Social media users love the photo regardless, and prep for it to go viral.

Will Rep. King confirm? And will a meme be born? Stay tuned!

Update: Confirmed! But King explains that in his defense, he didn’t know who Jay-Z was.

Oh, the giggles!

  • rinodino

    So let’s see….. Christie, and Now King, not looking good righties, lol

    • Love of Country

      You really think communism garnered all their fame and fortune?

      • rinodino

        Here we go with the communist BS again….. The 50’s called, they want their talking points back.

        • Love of Country

          Tell that to the DNC who wants everyone to have the same stuff regardless of effort in life …. couple that with your state run media and wallah!

          You’re quite naive about your Party and their Cuban aspirations …. you know they hate God, patriotism and capitalism as well, right?

    • GaryTheBrave

      If it is Rep. King he’s probably taking a photo to give to Obama to remind him to redistribute their wealth first.

      BTW, who’s home taking care of Blue Ivy?

      • 1SkepticalChick

        They live in NYC, so she’s probably with Nanny Bloomberg.

  • JamesandLoretta

    I had the volume down on the tv when I saw them I got confused for a minute thought maybe I was watching the Grammies.

    • pajamakat

      Same thing.