New tone! Now with more politicizing from the pulpit, according to a pool reporter. What happened to that whole “no violent rhetoric” thing?

Huh, indeed. Enemies? Probably racist ones.

As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama attended church this morning ahead of his swearing in ceremony. Lapdogs swooned madly.

But, what happened in church this morning after the swooning stopped?

Obstacles. Like that pesky Constitution and stuff.


Creepy. To be fair, at least he didn’t end with Obama, “our Lord and savior” or creepy Second Coming invocations. So, there’s that?

Don’t hold your breath.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Obama(D-MSNBC) will probably say ‘Lean Forward” in his lecture tomorrow.

    • $30423294

      “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

      — Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address


      Anything Obama says will be some variation of the POLAR OPPOSITE of this.

  • Dale Allen

    Yes, its inevitable. Obama has the attitude his way or the highway. We will not be disarmed, we will not comply.

  • Joe W.

    I’m proud to be an “enemy” of the President of the United States. At least I am an American and can prove it.

    • Elizabeth

      So am I very proud to be his “enemy”.Don’t even understand how this radical person could ever become president. Pray for our country!

  • tjcuzns

    I didn’t think Preachers were allow to politicize in the pulpit?

    • TugboatPhil

      Defending their messiah in church isn’t politics to those on the left.

      • almarquardt

        True, because politics and government is their religion.

    • nc

      Executive exemptions.

  • almarquardt

    Any preacher who holds any one person or human construct such as government in higher esteem than the God they supposedly follow both saddens and angers me.

    They are like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day. Jesus not once put up with it, because it lead their followers astray from what God wants more than anything: for us to give all of ourselves to him, just as he gave of himself to us.

  • nc

    On the very weekend when we’re still sorting out what happened in the Algeria hostage situation, this pastor calls US enemies to the President?

    • nc

      Fox News has just reported the number of hostages killed in Algeria is now 48, not counting the terrorists.

      Again, who are the “enemies” we have to focus on?

  • Roto

    uck oh…. the Clinton News Network is running a tear-jerking piece about Hillary Clinton’s COURAGEOUS struggle with her blood clot, and her 2016 aspirations. Candy Crowley, David Gergen and Paul Begala slobbered all over themselves…..

    • almarquardt

      Ewwww. I hope they had disinfectant wipes on the set.

  • ricci

    forward to what………..oblivion?

  • Jim Russell

    This whole Obama cult following is beginning to scare me. Is there nothing sacred from the clutches of dirty partisan politics…even churches and children?

    Does the campaigning never end? Is there no time after a bitter campaign to bring the Nation together. I guess not when that Nation is a Nation you don’t like.

  • $30423294

    Modern revolutionary movements co-opt religion to legitimize themselves. The despicable French Revolution stole the cathedrals and declared them “temples of Reason” (shortly afterward, shock! the French people unreasonably descended into totalitarianism – viva la liberte!). And the grand atheist Joseph Stalin co-opted the forms and structures of religion to add pomp and circumstance to his murderous hierarchy.

    Modern dictators use religion to fool you into thinking something holy is going on.

    So let me take this opportunity, if I may, to point out once again that a totalitarian movement is NEVER religious. They wear the garb, they speak a distorted version of the language. Just enough to make it sound familiar, i.e., a little “justice” and “peace” and “hope.” But real theologians know it is utterly fraudulent. These are ice cold sociopaths.

    • BeeKaaay

      Secularists always steal the best of religion, and then pervert it, and then blame religion for the horrible results of their perverted beliefs.

  • Zach Peterson points out that 83% of Americans, according to a nation poll last week, blames Hollywood and bad parents for all the gun violence… and I’d have to agree.

  • digitalPimple

    Wow. That’s just tragic.

  • Avniel

    What is the point of attending a church where God is relegated to the back of the bus if not under the bus? This government will be openly persecuting followers of the one true God before the end of BHO’s 2nd term, and “preachers” such as this will be leading the charge. Nevertheless, it is well with my soul.

  • Elizabeth

    This man is a fake preacher, because a true man of God would not pray in this manner. Obama has enemies, because he is doing everything necessary to have enemies. He is the most divisive president America has ever had. I believe everything Obama is doing, he is doing it on purpose, and the media is is bed with him and is very happy to go along with whatever he does.

  • Avniel

    What? Did you expect to hear the Gospel? …

  • grais


    Hey, what about all that ‘separation of church and state’ stuff ?!
    ; )

    • BeeKaaay

      It only applies if the Church tries to speak in the public square.

      If the government were to impose its will on the Church, that’s okaaaaaaaaaay /sarc

      • grais

        Oooh. I must be confusing it with ‘separation of state and church’.
        ; )

        • BeeKaaay

          It has been interpreted with the same meaning.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Is it just me or has the black community gone off the deep end since Obama was elected?

    • Bob Khan

      Thankfully not all of them. Saw some black folks out at some of the gun stores yesterday in support of the 2nd Amendment. The fools we see on TV don’t represent the majority of Black Americans.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      My Daughter-in-Law, in who’s house my wife & I are staying, happens to be black (yep, she’s the conservative spitfire I write about).

      In our long conversations she’s told me that American blacks have, for as long as she and her Dad were alive, been bigoted. There’s apparently a “pecking order” in the culture were the lighter the skin and more Caucasian the features the higher the place. It isn’t any sort of official thing, but exists none the less. At the same time, there’s a bigoted attitude towards whites, too — and any other who’s not a part of the black community.

      This point is corroborated (though I personally haven’t ever needed corroboration of things her Dad or my DiL have said to me…) by the results of a marketing study I read in early 1990s concerning the races of the actors in print & television ads.

      The results showed that:

      A) For Caucasians, the race of the actors made no difference.

      B) For Asians, the race impacted the viewer only if Asian actors were present, and the impact depended on the what Asian sub-race the actor was in relation to the consumer. Japanese for both was positive, Korean for both was positive, Chinese for both was positive. Mixes were either of no discernible impact or were negative and it depended on the mix.

      C) Hispanics reaction spanned the behavior of Caucasians and Asians. (that’s all they said about it… sorry.)

      Most interesting were the results for blacks.

      D1) American blacks were reacted very negatively to all non-black actors in the test ads Additionally, they reacted slightly but measurably negatively to black actors who exhibited regional variation (one example given was caribbean island area traits). In fact, the positive reaction was when the test ads contained “generalized” (ie, of unspecific origin) black actors.

      D2) Non-American and African blacks tested similar to Hispanics.

      What we’re seeing now is the “dropping of pretense”. The people who set the trends in black culture feel they no longer have to hide their bigotry. They felt comfortable in their bigotry and now feel comfortable taking it out of the closet, shining it up to a high gloss and putting it in a trophy case for all to see.

      After 50yrs of conditioning by the Progressive policies of the Slavers most of the community are followers. Actually, that’s not limited to the black community, but it’s easiest to notice black culture b/c the “feedback cycle” is shorter and more directly tied to government and Progressive federal, state and city policies there.

      Weaning people off the Progressive Laudanum is going to be very violent and very bloody no matter how gently we attempt the healing.

  • BeeKaaay

    Because leftwingwackos insist on doing it the wrong way. – The way that hurts more people.

  • savedbygrace

    perhaps he could have prayed for the pres. as we all should but then mention abortion just a thought. the plan of salvation would’ve helped but I’m sure the preacher is not sure how to get to heaven either.

  • Kevin

    He had to go to church to receive prayers lest he burst into flames upon placing his hand on a Bible.

  • Douglas Turmel

    Wasn’t “Forward” a Nazi slogan (tee hee)? According to National Review: Vorwärts (“Forward”) was the central organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany published daily in Berlin from 1891 to 1933 by decision of the party’s Halle Congress, as the successor of Berliner Volksblatt, founded in 1884.

    • BushDidIt

      “Social Democrats”,you say?

      I could swear I’ve heard that somewhere too.

  • Kleverabevera

    This slow boil will be the end of us. Law abiding people will never do anything about this scumbag in the oval office and the worthless politicians in Washington until it is too late. They have a plan and it is working perfectly. We will sit peacefully, murmuring “ouch” and endure the million little cuts they impose on our country, until they have bled freedom out of us.
    I only hope the Rev is right and Obama does decide to bring it on hard. While we still have blood left in our veins, we may still have a chance to reverse the course.

  • rant stocks

    Be ware of the coming insurrection,take back your heritage ! that means fighting for your freedoms…

  • JonInVa pastors are calling for outright war on his fellow citizens too?

  • Carol Saunders

    Its his way or no way….even if it means doing it the hard way…..hmmmm! He was supposed to be a uniter but ended up being the biggest divider this country has ever seen!

  • Ageless Voice

    The enemies of Moses were all killed. Is that the plan of Obama?