Ah, the Miss America Pageant! Twitchy reported last night that Miss California Leah Cecil thought euthanasia was a vaccine. “Miss California” was still all the rage this morning.



Then, Miss Iowa seemingly endorsed the recreational use of pot.

Heh. Twitter users are having a blast with the Miss America slip-ups, and it seems like they are vying for the crown in the Miss Mockery contest.

Awesome, indeed. Read and giggle madly.

Twitter to the rescue!



The giggling continues.



Paging Miss Iowa!





And this Twitter user suggests another question.

Oh, dear. Now that’s just mean!

It’s okay, though. She’s still Miss California.

And she is graciously providing more unintentional hilarity.

Post Miss America with the family and @keithtibbitts :) watching Dumb & Dumber on tv #LOL

Oh, the irony.


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Miss California asked about euthanasia: ‘That’s a vaccine, right?’

  • GaryTheBrave

    Someone with more talent than I needs to put together a montage of Miss California, Miss Iowa, and the Miss Teenage North Carolina answers.

    I don’t have time. I must stand in line with all those who are getting their flu shots. I’m getting my euthanasia vaccine.

  • Elke E. Wilhelm

    The stupidest people on the planet live in California. And I think they’ve found their spokesperson.

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      I’m sorry – 2nd stupidest. The most stupid are still in New Orleans. You know those people who re-elected that Mayor Nagin who failed to safely evacuate the city and let half the population die. Even though we all know it was a white man in a White House 1,000 miles away who sent that hurricane to N.O., it was still dumb of those folks to re-elect Nagin. But he kept it a chocolate city so that’s some consolation, I guess. :/

    • Michelle

      How long did you live in CA and in what part?

  • madian_kikyou

    This is why the only good thing that comes out of California is cheese.

  • Mernaise

    Well, they’ll try to use it to immunize the government from the costs of ObamaCare.

  • Steve_J

    Doesn’t euthanasia have large yoot* population of European and Asian children?
    *See “My Cousin Vinny”.

  • LordElrond09

    Rush has said it best “LOW INFORMATION VOTERS”