Neti pot, shmeti pot! These Twitter users are battling the flu with marijuana and are proudly tweeting pictorial proof. It gives new meaning to “blazing” fever!

Bye flu (: #sick #flu #nyquil #weed #meds #fuck #everything #fucked #up

Goodbye flu, Hello zzzzz's#bong #joint #juiced #bic #lighter #peezo #bud #sleep #sick #flu #stuffynose #cure #right #here

Er. Comfy bed?

Others evidently don’t have the energy to post pictures, but they aren’t too sick to tweet.

These Twitter users think it is preventative medicine.

Alas, some are admitting weed-defeat.

Sorry, pot fans, but weed is not a cure for the flu. Please protect yourselves, all, and get to the doctor. We hope the flu tents are non-smoking tents. Looking at you, Justin Bieber.


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  • SpinMeNot

    Lets see, smoke the dope, become cognitively impaired, and then claim it alleviates the symptoms. Isn’t that just a fancy way of saying, “I got high and don’t give a rat’s ass that I feel like crap?”

    • Mother Nature’s Son

      thats the point, to get through it, like the Obama administration.

      • mickeyco

        very nice

    • Mother Nature’s Son

      thats the point, to get through it, like the Obama administration.

    • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

      Cognitive impairment depends on the tolerance of the user, if you have been a party smoker or a hit it and quit it smoker (non-daily stoners) then yes it will impair you. If you are someone with a daily 1 gram hash oil habit, it’s going to take more to impair you by far.

      That’s not exactly how it works for nausea and pain, it is EXTREMELY effective in treating loss of appetite. Pain is more like, I’m high I don’t care that it hurts, but still compared to pain killers which is the alternative for most there is no real impairment. It will GREATLY reduce nausea (being on interferon wasn’t even that bad with it). It can be as effective OR MORE EFFECTIVE than Demorol, the strongest painkiller out there, depending on the cause of the pain. As medicine it works!

      That aside there are downsides to using it as medicine, you cannot get high with a sinus infection or cold and if you are a heavy user (no longer pot but concentrates like hash and hash oil) this means you might not be able to eat much for 3 days as all hunger responses in almost all animals is stimulated by the primary active ingredient in pot THC. I suppose if you need to fast for religious or medical reasons this could also be useful although I wouldn’t recommend it for dieting because you will have trouble getting even 400 calories down your throat and could get malnourished. I’ve actually been working on an hash-oil vitamin-c pill for such occasions.

      In addition to helping with nausea and pain marijuana users have a lower incidence of cancer across the board except throat cancer which is virtually unchanged.

      THC and canabinoids are great medicines and as soon as they are legal in the US you can bet your ass they will become a regular in prescription practice, just not raw pot.

      All of that being said you have to realize the social differences between stoners and other drug abusers. An unmotivated stoner probably wont drive until they come down and get the munchies and the effect lasts (from smoking) for about 1 1/2 hours as compared to drinking where you might sober up in 6 hours. There’s also progressive stacking in the drug use environment drug users tend to stick to their own heard so external societal factors like drug testing and enforcement affect their opinions of each other, marijuana being the most detectable substance and most heavily enforced is frequently at the bottom of the progressive stack.

      BTW there are a lot of Republicans in Denver that own dispensaries. due to Obama’s behavior over the last 4 years MANY pot-heads became republicans, isn’t that just great?

      • Bill Scalzo

        THC pills provided great relief to my close friend in the latter stages of his fight with cancer, which he finally lost last September.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          @Bill Scalzo:
          As am I, but I’m not going to use pot.

          I’m almost maxed out on morphene right now, and somnolence is a problem. But then, at my age (97 years), it has been somewhat a problem anyway.

          I know that it’s not a matter of the damage or addiction from pot at this point. In a couple of months all this will be behind me…

          I just can’t stand the feeling from being “high”. I’m LDS, and I’ve spent my life living by “The Word of Wisdom“, which counsels us to abstain from self-medicating (coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, and non-prescribed meds)— so I guess I just never learned to enjoy the fuzzy, un-self-possessed feeling being high gives.

          I’ve read that pot can help w/the pain & other cancer symptoms but I’m going to try to do w/o it.

          We’ll see how it goes.

          • mickeyco

            Do whatever is best for you, Grumpa. Will pray for you.

          • Lady 12


          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Thank you!
            And I will remember you in mine, too!

          • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

            Good luck sir! I hope your treatment goes well.

            TBH I ran a dispensary for a while in Denver. MJ may be an effective medicine but it’s useless if a patient is uncomfortable taking it for any reason. Essentially it’s not for everyone.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Thank you for your kind words!

            There’s not really any treatment at this point, just attempts to make me more comfortable as I wait.

            I’ve opened the shutters to this window of my life, here, because I’d like people to know why my comments aren’t up to standards in both quantity and quality.

            Also, even though I have a huge family, I tend to think of the people here as part of it. I don’t want to “drop off the edge of the Earth”, as it were, with no explanation.

            And I hope that my meandering discourses might be of help to others in similar straits.

            But don’t feel sorry/pity for me! I truly do not fear death, (although if it was mine to choose, I’d rather it was less painful: high doses of narcotic analgesics such as morphine and Dilaudid have their own drawbacks– *sigh* And then the Doctor has been advocating Fentanyl– which took a lot of paperwork!). It’s just a door to what’s next!

            After all, I’ve had a busy life— I’m ready for a rest!

            And to be completely honest, I find I’m actually awaiting the next phase of Life with some small amount of anticipation, bordering almost on… eagerness. And this because I truly believe the Gospel, and the teachings of The Church.

            Again, thank you for taking the time to respond and the kindness of your reply!

          • irishgirl91

            I am not LDS but I respect the heck out of my LDS friends and I have an honest question. BTW, I have never used weed. Would cannabis (or THC pills) to ease your symptoms be the same as using weed (or alcohol) for pleasure. I would think that it would be the same as taking Morphine (which can be abused in addiction). I pray for an easing of your pain Grumpa.

      • SpinMeNot

        Demerol, and its no where near the strongest pain killer on the market. Fentanyl, Morphine, and Diamorphine are significantly more effective than Demerol.

        Regardless, I appreciate the info. Always nice to hear the opinion of someone that feels strongly about something.

        I’m never glad to hear anyone becoming a Republican, I’d rather they be a free-thinking republican.

        • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

          I like Free-Thinking Republicans but to get to that there are way too many obstacles for the average person. There is a whole system designed to make people crazy as soon as they leave the lame duck party. It actually takes research to get to that status and that creates MAJOR implications like who’s research, who is divulging the info ect. There are many political cults that have sprung up since the seventies and while most like green peace and save the redwoods are democrat, there are TONS of false republican political cults.

          The largest of which would probably be the libertarian party which was infiltrated by what I suspect is the KGB (due to a large influence from the channel RT) although I’m still trying to confirm this. Mostly this was done through white washing shock and awe campaigns using people like Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones to spark fear and panic making the libertarians into a mass reactive state then other groups like the MRM and high profile libertarians like Stefan Molyneux to brainwash them, teach them false history and prime them for violence. For some reason this violence is not so controllable as to when or where it occurs like the kid that shot Gabby Giffords in the head and George Sedini. At any rate the idea is to make them a violent wreck before they reach Republican status. This is made worse by democrats hatred towards FOX news usually taught into them in school (from my experience teachers talk about their opinions more than the actual information that should be being taught). Largely the end result is a person so paranoid that they cannot function and they self destruct, family loss, job loss and depression eventually set in too.

          And of course you can’t forget the other voter self elimination, voters that get paranoid out from over interpreted threat. Wonder why the discovery channel has just been making shit up to scare their viewers for the last 6 years? Aside from the fact that it gets consistent ratings, it’s a strong distraction that keeps people from paying attention to the political arena.

          All of this is how I came up with the rule of 3rds: If an unrelated, unaffiliated third party informs you of a threat it is a false threat and they have something to gain from your reaction. All you have to do is not react and just walk away.

          Pretty decent intel for a stoner though wouldn’t you say?

      • Obamammy

        If you can’t sum it up in a novel or less, we know what that says about pot. Now, let’s get to the part where the potheads tell me that it’s ok to give it to your 3 year old because of the “benefits”.

        • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

          Yeah I’ve never seen that and I know TONS of potheads that have kids. Typically the kid only starts smoking pot when they can get it within their social circle. Afterwards they may try to source through their parents, but this is largely for personal safety, there are a lot of greedy violent jerks that deal weed.

          If you read closely I never said anything about giving pot to kids but an example of an effective use of pure THC extract would be to force anorexic individuals to eat. In the case of it being medicine would it really be right to deny it to a child who’s life it could save?

          That being said if it’s legalized you can bet it will be restricted to adults and even if kids do get their hands on it, they can still be effective as individuals and accomplish great things. You would be suprised how many leaders of enterprise smoke pot. Long term use also doesn’t seem to shorten the life of the user as compared to other legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol or bath salts.

          FYI typically In Jamaica people start smoking pot at the age of 3, my way too chain smoking joints the size of tampons. There have been numerous studies showing that the kids that started smoking pot early preform either equally or better in all aspects of life as adults than the control group which never smoked pot.*—-the-more-you-know—-*******

        • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

          “In a novel or less”… when people misunderstand things out of fear even an encyclopedia can’t help them. But it helps if you can explain things out with examples to break the communication barriers that exist in society and result in massive dysfunction in common interactions. Things like benefits of a new medicine might take a considerable amount more of explaination, especially because people fear change.

      • Obamammy

        If you can’t sum it up in a novel or less, we know what that says about pot. Now, let’s get to the part where the potheads tell me that it’s ok to give it to your 3 year old because of the “benefits”.

  • SpinMeNot

    Lets see, smoke the dope, become cognitively impaired, and then claim it alleviates the symptoms. Isn’t that just a fancy way of saying, “I got high and don’t give a rat’s ass that I feel like crap?”


    They got the flu, from passing the bong around. Don’t Bogart that joint my friend!

    • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

      Shouldn’t you bogart to not spread the flu? “I smoked all your pot because I don’t want you to get sick buddy”.


    They got the flu, from passing the bong around. Don’t Bogart that joint my friend!

  • RightThinking1

    The Choom Gang checks in…

  • Jack Deth

    Looks like a flagrant waste of a decent buzz. When NyQuil, Scotch or Brandy and bed rest works much more effectively.

  • Bill Scalzo

    Yikes. In my own misspent yoot, I recall weed being about the worst thing you could do while suffering from the flu. Wreaks havoc on your raw throat. And in order for weed to work, you have to “hold the hit.” How are you going to do that with the sore throat and congested lungs that come with the flu?

  • Undine

    Just one more example of why social media and narcissistic idiots unable to shut up are such a toxic combination

  • mickeyco

    Vicodin? I guess between it & the weed you’re just as sick, but don’t give a rip.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      I dunno, seems to be a few good slugs of single malt will do the same thing.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Of course probably none of the people in question can legally possess it. Has anyone sent this to the authorities?

    • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

      Lol cops don’t bother smokers unless we do it in public. You have to deal A LOT (+$250,000/month) to actually get police attention and really the police should probably be protecting the smaller fish from getting killed by real criminals (which frequently happens). Even then it is possible to grow pot without any evidence of energy consumption or fertilizer purchased and using about 5% of the water used in soil agriculture. Sunlight can now be moved from one place to another too. All cops really can do is try to make buys and do arrests then, and people know when the heat is gone (hence why most criminals in prison are low IQ).

      That being said in general spending do you know how much (on the books) that we spend in tax dollars fighting just pot? $42 Billion! Personally, I wouldn’t give those bastards the satisfaction of thinking that any of the cash is well spent.

      BTW pot is legal in WA and CO anyone who posted in those states is within their 1st amendment rights and are protected under state law.

      • madian_kikyou

        Smoking pot is not a first amendment right!

  • Michelle

    1. Get the flu
    2. Get high
    3. Get the munchies
    4. Eat a bunch o’crap food
    5. Vomit (from the flu)
    6. Repeat Steps 2-6 until the flu runs it’s course

    Sounds like a fantastic time for a bunch of idiots who don’t realize not only is pot not a cure for the flu, there is no cure for the flu. This is your brain on drugs.

    • J.N. Ashby

      To be fair then, Nyquil doesn’t cure the flu, but it sure as hell makes you feel better.

      • Michelle

        I didn’t see any of the folks in the tweets giving credit to Nyquil for curing their flu or being puzzled why Nyquil didn’t cure it, but I see quite a few tweets above about weed and curing the flu. Get it now?

        • J.N. Ashby

          I never didn’t get it.

    • Sincerely —

      Exactly. And if they have something that is more congestion related, like bronchitis, it makes it worse. An excerpt from the study linked

      Tobacco and marijuana are the two most commonly smoked substances in our society, and the use of marijuana by younger individuals has increased significantly in recent years (1, 2). In 1993, 13% of high school students and college-age adults (16% of young males) reported active marijuana use and 2.5% (3.5% of males) admitted to daily use. In the same surveys, 21% of these young adults also admitted to daily tobacco smoking. Paralleling this rising trend in smoking among young persons is the increasing perception that smoking is not harmful. In 1993, fewer young adults perceived regular smoking of marijuana to be harmful than at any time since 1987 (2). Similarly, despite significant adverse publicity, 30% of high school seniors did not consider tobacco smoking as a serious health risk (2). This latter attitude may reflect a perception that the consequences of smoking (cardiovascular disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and cancer) only affect the elderly.

      We previously reported that while 20 to 26% of young smokers of marijuana and/or tobacco have some symptoms of chronic bronchitis (3), as many as 80% have evidence of cellular atypia and mucosal metaplasia when their major bronchi are biopsied and analyzed (4-6). These observations suggest that even “asymptomatic” smoking is associated with significant mucosal damage. To further address the early effects of marijuana and tobacco smoking on the lung, we performed bronchoscopy on a small cohort of nonsmokers (NS) and relatively asymptomatic young smokers of marijuana alone (MS), tobacco alone (TS), or both marijuana and tobacco (MTS). We adapted the visual bronchitis index developed by Thompson and associates (7, 8) as a semiquantitative tool to determine the presence and extent of airway erythema, edema, and hypersecretion. We also performed endobronchial biopsies on the same subjects in order to correlate our visual observations with histopathologic evidence of airway inflammation. Finally, bronchial lavage was performed to evaluate the distal airways for evidence of neutrophilia and/or elevations in interleukin-8 (IL-8). Our findings indicate that endobronchial inflammation occurs in a large proportion of young marijuana and/or tobacco smokers.

      These inflammatory changes may be extensive and occur even in the absence of any symptoms or abnormalities on routine spirometry. A greater awareness of the injurious effects of smoking in young individuals is needed and could be an important tool in stemming the tide of increased use of marijuana and tobacco.

      • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

        Hence why I say there is a withdrawal for 3 days after where you won’t get hungry whenever you have a respiratory infection. That being said, ppl can willingly stop smoking pot for a few days to get better, cigs not so easy.

        That being said though it looks like a falsified study there are a lot of false studies ij the medical world just like false info in the political world. Often these two intercept. Consider this most medical “research” has an element of government funding, the govt won’t allow positive marijuana studies to be published with their money, so you get a lot of negative scare ones. They use this EXACT same tactic to scare Hep-C infected individuals by saying that there are higher rates of fibrosis among pot smokers. If you start ripping the study apart you find that there was no DRUG TESTING DONE and no exclusionary criteria for cigarette use, considering most of those people got sick from shooting up there is a good chance that the results were heavily biased to show pot smokers with Hep-C as having more damaged livers.

        All of that being said aren’t Republicans largely about letting people make and learn from their own mistakes?

        • Sincerely —

          You must be joking. Did you actually visit the site? You think the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has an agenda?

          Or is it just that you won’t accept any study that refutes your deluded opinion?

          Simple logic should tell you that inhaling any kind of smoke is not good for your lungs.

          I’m not even going to get into it with you on the numerous studies that have been done that have shown the permanent effects on brain development for those who begin smoking pot in their teens, the precipitous onset of schizophrenia in those with a family history, and the impairment of judgment, short term memory, and critical reasoning.

          As for your last comment, do you even realize how asinine that is to include in an attempt at a persuasive argument?

          Spend some time off pot and on this site:

  • NCRelite

    I used to be a functioning stoner but my wife changed all that. Anyway, inhaling smoke into your lungs is not going to help you get better! If you really must, switch to a vape or edible –but you didn’t hear that from me! >.>

    • People Corporation

      Me too, and had to give er up. I wonder how the ex is doing.

  • fivestring_assassin

    I’m a straight up brother and thinker
    I enjoy weed

    • BeeKaaay

      A contradiction.

      Weed kills brain cells and reduces thinking.

  • Guest

    Meth is the way to go on that. Let the body get crazy hyper on that virus. P.S. I’m no doctor.

  • BeeKaaay

    The program.

    Do while smoking joint

    Brain cells = brain cells – 10000
    Conscience = Conscience – 10000


    • People Corporation

      Beg to differ on the minus-sing of points on conscience. Not a factor in the slightest for me.

      • BeeKaaay

        People who do drugs are trying to run away from reality and cannot handle reality.

        • People Corporation

          And people who worry about what other people do are trying to feel good about their own pathetic life by dictating how others should be living.
          Stupidity +10000

          • BeeKaaay

            If drugs caused people to have +10000 conscience, they wouldn’t be committing crimes. But hey, nobody has the right to object to criminals trying to rob them for the next fix.

            But denying that drug usage causes a decrease in conscience – THAT is stupidity +10000