Not The Onion! That’s right, Joe Biden, tapped to head a task force on gun control (no word on Beer Summit yet) by President Obama, is meeting with noted experts in Hollywood. He’s meeting with some other people first.

Also fun? The highly mockable celebri-meeting.

Ah, it’s reminiscent of the time President Obama met with “young Hollywood,” noted experts on green energy.

There was prescience among happpy warriors, once again!

Hopefully Obama brings some of his biggest Hollywood supporters into the discussion so they can help think of a few ways to help change a “culture that glorifies guns and violence.” I wonder what those ideas would be?

Heh. Celebrities pitifully and shamelessly “demanded a plan.” They got … Joe Biden. Oh, our aching sides!

Twitter users react to the news.

Heh. Pander, canoodle and schmooze like the wind! Like his boss, he is a man of the people. Hipster and swanky people, but still.

Twitter users point out celebrity hypocrisy.

Yep. Start with Michael Moore, the anti-gun zealot who just loves shoot-em-up films. Take a gander at some of his other self-proclaimed favorite movies.

We wonder who will attend this meeting? Perhaps celebri-ghouls from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who want to ban all guns and change The Constitution? Or, Michael Ian Black who whined about “Founding Father fetishization.” Maybe Vince Neil, who hates guns but doesn’t mind drunk driving? Cher and her Walmart-boycotting mumblings might be a good choice. Or, any of the celebs who tried to gin up outrage over the NRA’s presser.

Bingo. But when did that ever stop The Gaffe-Man Biden?

  • Maxwell

    Darn it… Some of Moore’s favorite movies are mine too. Looks like I have some DVDs I need to throw out. Good thing he doesn’t like anime, then i’d really be screwed.

    • Tamara D. Clark

      why throw them out….are you in favor of banning guns too?

  • Tony

    Michael Moore, you’re a douchebag.

  • Patriot

    VP Joe already knows what he is going to propose. He just wants to hang out with some Hollywood stars. There is a good chance he will say something inappropriate but will they notice?

  • mickeyco

    Joe should start w/ Tarantino, move on to Jamie Foxx…..

    • reving19

      Hmmm, what about meeting with Clint Eastwood?

      • mickeyco

        better idea

    • Hiraghm

      Wasn’t most of the actual killing in the Kill Bill movies done with samurai swords and bare hands? The five-point palm exploding heart technique comes to mind…
      Remember to register your hands…

  • Lord Foggybottom

    I can’t believe we have to put up with this bullshit for four more years.

    • TundraThunder

      I doubt it will be just 4 more years with Obama/Biden.

      • GaylePutt

        They might be around longer if that fool who introduced a bill for the repeal of term limits for the president gets his way. I can’t even conceive of anyone letting them get away with that.

        • TundraThunder

          They already have the Senate under thumb, and they just need the Republican house to be neutralized, which the Republicans are doing all by themselves. Then those in the White House will have the opening they need to do whatever they please. And then the rest of us are sitting ducks.

    • [email protected]

      Looks like lordfoggybottom born just 5 years ago; otherwise it would have known real BS from its clique.

      • Lord Foggybottom

        Looks like Max Julien no form coherent sentence, otherwise it would be understandable person instead moron with no cogent thoughts.

        • independentjones

          ^ Well done, Lord. I nearly choked on my coffee-ration. Won the internets, you have!

        • mickeyco

          priceless, Foggy.

        • Catchance

          Well, that got a huge guffaw. Thanks.

    • UnreconstuctedRebel

      I can damn well believe it! And they are getting what they voted for too!!

      • Garth Haycock

        Actually, we are getting what they voted for, which is worse.

    • Josephine

      And he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet! How on earth are we ever going to survive the next four years!!!!!

  • Psalmist1972

    He’ll probably say something like “The Republicans are putting you in chains to guns, but if you turn your guns in, we’ll use them to shoot those chains off. And if we miss and shoot you in the head, well that’ll teach you for owning the gun and voting republican to begin with.” LOL

  • Randall

    Wow Michael Moore has chimed in, that will add some credibility
    to this debate. Haha

  • ZoriahShepard

    Well gosh, cause Hollywood knows everything about politics and guns and abortion and women and stuff. This should be the summit of the year!!

  • Michael Smith

    How about he meet with the real experts; Cops and Military; then maybe he could meet with some people about how to identify mentally ill people and prevent them from hurting anyone. If you want any expert advise from the Hollywierd; they are only experts on drugs and getting high; steroids, human growth hormones and lyposuction.

    • Catchance

      Yeah, I think some of them had a little too much liposuction a little too near their heads.

  • walterc

    Bet they plan on inviting Rosy O since her kids are being followed around by armed guards in the name of gun free zones for my kids.

  • Slapweasel

    Unless he is there to ask about “toning down” the first amendment, I don’t get it.

    Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the headline: “Joe Biden Meets With Fire Hydrant to Discuss Arson.”

  • bonnieblue2A

    Now we know why Hollywood got that $400 million pay-off in the fiscal cliff deal. It pays to further the dictator’s agenda to disarm the “bitter clingers” in fly-over country.

    I hope Hollywood doesn’t scream about their 1st Amendment rights after they finish shooting the legs out from under the 2nd Amendment.

    • GaylePutt

      It seems to me the violence portrayed in Hollywood movies does more to promote gun violence that anything else. We have become conditioned to it, don’t find movies exciting enough if there aren’t murders or explosions. They have no right to point fingers or demand gun control when they earn their living promoting it.

      • Slapweasel

        It also leads to the idiotic idea that people are “blown backwards” when being shot. You then get idiots asking “why” when so many shots are fired by trained police.

        Hint: It has to do with mass, velocity and the central nervous system.

  • maddmedic

    What the hell does Hollywierd and the Video game know about ‘gun control’ has anyone seen the behavioral issues the Hollywierd crowd has on a daily basis? WHat next? Discuss health care with TeeWee MDs etc? Damn. Talk about stupidity…Go Buck Ofama…

  • R0nin

    Yeah, I’m sure Joe and Hollyweird will come up with some ways that they can self-censor their expression and take a huge hit in their pocketbooks. I’m sure we’ll see a lot less (gun) violence in movies and on TV as a result. In fact, I’m gonna start holding my breath beginning…. NOW.

  • [email protected]

    Everything is always a joke until Mr gun shows @ your door steps

    • Slapweasel

      It is not a joke when Mr. Intruder meets Mr. 12-Gauge.

  • JoeMusgo

    The NRA is relentlessly demonized by this administration and the Democrat party. They should stay as far away from Biden as possible, as they are just being used to give this farce credibility. This is nothing more than a photo op, and the administration will use it as political cover to push for further gun control restrictions.

  • Eric Johnson

    Hollywood will be using Micheal Moore posters in gun range at 300 yards to prove usefulness of AR15.(with scope)

    • Eric Johnson

      Biden told “no food/drinks allowed” in shooting range (something could slip) (should slip)

    • NRPax

      Why a scope? When I qualified on the M-16, I used iron sights at 200, 300 and 500 yards. Let them go through the same thing.

      To be fair, I was hitting a “normal” sized human silhouette. Michael’s size would make it really easy.

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Pax:

        One of the older Hollywood cliches is seeing the potential target through the cross hair scope of a rifle. I believe it started with ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ in 1962. And has been a staple in film and television ever since.

        Even for shots as close as 50 yards!

        I’ve used iron sights on M-1s and M-16s out to 500 yards. If you remember your “dope”, hitting at that range isn’t that hard. More trajectory and arc than straight shot.

        • NRPax

          The other advantage I had was this: You have to keep the sights clear and the target blurry. My vision was so bad that seeing things as blurry was second nature anyway. Scored two head shots and two heart shots next to each other at the 500. I was proud.

  • Excel

    Joe “dont take my Beretta” joe ….. Google it youll see what im talking about ,the hypocrosy

  • Kyle Bradelle

    Are Hollyweird types gun experts like James Cameron is an expert on deep sea drilling?

  • J.N. Ashby

    There’s lots of guns in a lot of those movies, Michael.

  • George Murrey

    Time to put this guy on the comedy channel, I could watch him since he makes laugh.

  • Jeremy Paul Smith

    lost like a bastard on fathers day

  • BeeKaaay

    Biden’s stupidity is only surpassed by….the national debt.

  • Hiraghm

    Interesting. I wonder which representative of the video game industry will represent me and other aspiring independent game developers?

    This is about censorship. They’re going to nail the 1st Amendment along with the 2nd. And in the process they’ll trample the 9th by turning the Constitution on its head and establishing that you *don’t* have any rights not specified in the Constitution. A hat trick.

  • George

    Biden on gun control… What a joke!! Then again Biden has always been a joke!!

  • Jack Deth

    Oh, yes. Let’s bring Hollywood in to discuss Gun~Control!

    Hollywood. The purveyor of countless gangster films of the late 1930s, 40s and 50s. Whose favorite weapon was the Thompson Sub Machine Gun.

    Oh, yes. Let’s add them. Perhaps they can give some tips on the care and cleaning of the M-16/203 Al Pacino used as a Home Defense System in “Scarface”. Or Jesse Ventura or Arnold Schwarzenegger could give some tips on the Man Portable .223 Vulcan Machine Gun used in “Predator” and “Terminator”?

    And let’s not forget that one of Hollywood’s fledgling subsidiaries, CBS began the whole ‘Returning Psycho Vietnam Veteran’ sub genre with an episode of ‘Hawaii-Five O’ way back in 1969, titled “King of the Hill”. Where returning Marine vet, Yaphett Kotto takes an officer’s sidearm and holds a hospital wing hostage.

    Oh, yes. By all means. Let’s include them into the discussion.

    But gag the NRA!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Do not watch Hollywood movies, so why should I have to listen to their propaganda about gun control? Should we have a meeting about controlling matches? Many people have bad burns, and are scared forever.Funny that cars were not banned yet, because lots of people get killed in car accidents. The list could go on and on about banning things, but it is impossible to get rid of everything that can hurt us. Of course a dictator can force laws on it’s people, like what is about to happen in this country.

  • Elizabeth

    Do not watch Hollywood movies, so why should I have to listen to their propaganda about gun control? Should we have a meeting about controlling matches? Many people have bad burns, and are scared forever.Funny that cars were not banned yet, because lots of people get killed in car accidents. The list could go on and on about banning things, but it is impossible to get rid of everything that can hurt us. Of course a dictator can force laws on it’s people, like what is about to happen in this country.

  • Michael McDevitt

    Yeah, gee… let’s get a swayed, out of touch and uninformed opinion from Hollywood!

  • notenoughtime

    Hollywood celebs who glorify gun violence on any screen available and use the proceeds to line their pockets. Hollywood celebs that pay for armed security to get the stalking fans and crazies away yet twitter their every move to the adoring public. The combination of the hypocrites in Hollywood and the buffoon who is VP Biden equals a mixture of a disaster for the law abiding who only want to protect what they have and their families. Where is the discussion on access to mental health which really is the heart of the issue of all the recent tragedies. Just because you play a psychiatrist on screen does not make you an expert.