As Twitchy reported, the Journal News gave a Christmas gift to criminals by publishing personal information of residents with gun permits in Rockland and Westchester Counties, in a shameful, and dangerous, attempt at intimidation and agenda-pushing. The paper attempted to release more personal information of residents in another county, but Putnam County has denied the paper’s request for information.

What about another map, Journal News?

Oh, that’s right. Criminals, you know, don’t obey laws and don’t register their weapons like law-abiding citizens who just seek to protect themselves from harm.


  • peteee363

    how many of those criminals also have consealed carry permits, about as many who have registered thier guns?

    • Guest


    • bonnieblue2A

      Concealed weapons permits immediately identify citizens to LEOs as ” not a felon “.

  • peteee363

    how many of those criminals also have consealed carry permits, about as many who have registered thier guns?

  • Timothy Beaty

    What about a map that superimposes rate of gun crimes with levels of gun control laws?

    • Lady_Penguin

      Yes, they need a map of Chicago, Washington D.C. and NYC – the most stringent gun control laws around – all with the highest murder and violent crime rates. Don’t forget Detroit, Birmingham, and other inner cities, where the Democrat controlled gov. managed to make once vibrant cities a cesspool of decay and danger.

    • scubaski00

      Here you go!! Of course, this info is only available from a UK source!!

      • tredglx

        That map is worthless, the information is WAY wrong.

        Look at Illinois: “In Illinois in 2011 there were 452 homicides, 83% involved guns”

        In Chicago alone in 2011, there were 433 murders. They’re telling us there were less than TWENTY murders in the rest of the entire state?

  • Joe W.

    I believe in gun control. I ALWAYS keep my safety on until I am prepared to fire. That’s control enough….

    • TexSizzle

      That, and hitting what you aim at.

    • BlueGood

      Good one Joe!….

      The Journal News that published the legal gun owners names got “Pistol whipped” by Judge Jeanine!…watch her classic message to Leftoid Gun Control Freaks….

      Judge Jeanine: Put on your big boy pants and face the music

      Judge Jeanine calls out ‘The Journal News’

    • Denise Hollinger Main


  • Lady_Penguin

    How about a map of Democrat controlled cities and their violent crime rates, contrasted with GOP areas. Ought to tell folks something there. How about a map showing the dangerous schools which the Dems make sure the poor have to stay stuck in – all those union controlled cesspools of public education. Note: obviously not all teachers are bad, but in the union schools, as we’ve seen demonstrated by the bad behavior of union teachers, it’s clear that you can’t get rid of incompetent or inappropriate teachers.

  • TocksNedlog

    John Robinson is right! In fact, I demand the immediate release of the addresses of all legally married same-sex couples. What do I plan to do with this information, you ask? We’ll see. Maybe I want to stand on the public sidewalk outside their homes holding a sign that says “God hates f*gs!” Or perhaps I will do nothing. I just want to know is all.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Hear, hear! Or even more important for public health & safety, how bout a map of all AIDS patients?

  • Kaya Hund

    How about a map of all welfare and Medicaid recipients. I suspect we’d all be surprised! Then again, it would just be a means for over-priced medical supply companies to troll the entitled to get rich, but they probably have obtained the databases of these takers already. We’re paying for all of it, friends.

    • OBlamo Binlyen

      Well, they’re definitely overpriced now that Barry has tacked on yet another tax. Kaya, you obviously don’t know a thing about R&D and getting a medical device certified for use.

  • OBlamo Binlyen

    As a wanna be criminal, I’d like to know which houses DON’T have guns, makes my job much easier and less stressful. It’ll be very interesting to see the crime reports after a year to see if the criminals think the same way. Then, if i were a victim I’d sue the living daylights out of that paper.

  • justlittlolme

    Be careful of the ‘the only legal gun is a registered one’….in the end, it becomes a trap.

    MANY law abiding citizens have guns that have been inherited through family or bought from an individual. If ‘shall not be infringed’ really means just that, then there can be no such thing as an *illegal* gun!

  • Tessa I.

    According to the logic of the gun-banners, my parents–a nice married couple in their sixties, who live in one of the highest-crime cities in the world–are highly dangerous because they legally own shotguns and occasionally go skeet shooting. Meanwhile, Chicago saw 513 murders in 2012, most of them involving unregistered weapons . . . but it’s people like my parents, the legal gun owners, who are the real problem. Right?

  • tredglx

    Gun control means hitting center-of-mass consistently. Nothing else.

  • $23629333

    In New York, we had The Journal News publishing the names and addresses of people who owned REGISTERED handguns. The portsiders applauded. Meanwhile, there was a police precinct indicating on its website the release of felons from incarceration. This drew criticism, and – alas – that information is no longer provided.

    Tell me, how do I escape from the looking glass?

  • BeeKaaay

    Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and all the other US Possessions are missing.

    Leftwingwackos scream “RAAAAACIST” in 4….3…..2..

  • Frustrated Teacher

    This may be too subtle for most anti-gun idiots to comprehend. Just like facts are….