A Texas sign on Twitpic

Oh, Texas, never change! The sign reads “Guns are welcome on premises. Please keep all weapons holstered unless need arises. In such cases, judicious marksmanship appreciated.”

Oh, my! Twitter users are also loving it.

And perhaps Texas needs to prepare for an influx of new residents, if this Twitter user is any indication.


Heh. Don’t mess with Texas! But do revel in its awesomeness.

  • http://potbateman.tumblr.com/ Pat Bateman

    “Judicious marksmanship appreciated” LOL. Who volunteers to stand nearby when “need arises”?

    • GaryTheBrave

      Hey Paaaaat (loved that old SNL skit), if you were packing and happened to be in or near the Sandy Hook classroom where those kids were murdered you wouldn’t “volunteer” to take the killer out?

  • almarquardt

    I want one of those signs!

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Texas & America: Love it or Leave it. (especially you Illegals).

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I’m waiting for my opportunity to ditch the Massachusetts SSR for Texas. Before this summer, I hope.

  • RightThinking1

    Given that many Texans are likely armed, i recall someone suggesting that impatiently and irritatingly blowing your horn pointlessly in traffic might not be such a good idea while you are there. In fact, they suggested a bumper sticker: “Honk if you want to meet Jesus”

    • SpinMeNot


  • aPLWBinAK

    From my state that allows CC without a permit (we know the U.S. Constitution is our ‘permit’) I just want to say to you Texans down there….”Keep on rockin in the free world”….love the sign.

  • Joe W.

    Came to Texas two and a half years ago from Kalifornicate. Never looked back, either. This place is awesome!!! God, guns & cowboys for me…yesiree…. There’s plenty more room for good, conservative Christians here, too. Muzzies, queers and libs??? Not so much…

    • Jeff McCabe

      never actually stepped foot in the state, i’m guessing. The actual state is much different than the stereotype you attempt to portray.

      • Joe W.

        You guess wrong, Shitforbrains. ?We keep all of our libs, queers & Muzzies in Austin. The rest of the State is beautifully conservative, Christian, and straight as an arrow. So where do YOU live, Princess?

        • $24698634

          Bubba, you’re part of the reason I Ieft that god-forsaken place. Bunch of phony Christian yahoos with cowboy boots and hats; would screw their mother out of her last dime. Thanks a lot for giving the country guys like GWB, Tom Delay and Louis Gomert. Thank goodness Rick Perry self-destructed.

          • Joe W.

            Thanks!!! I thought the place smelled a lot better since you left!! Less flies, too!!

          • $24698634

            Yeah, buddy.  Do you keep the Redman in your cheek while you drink a Bud Light?
            How about defending your paradise with something more than a 3rd grader response.

          • Joe W.

            You are one to talk about 3rd grade with your Red Man & Bud Light reference, Cupcake. I neither chew tobacco or drink alcohol, Shitforbrains. And I certainly am NOT your “buddy” nor does Texas need any defense from liberal ass hats such as you.

          • shimauma

            We have to respond on a 3rd grade level so you libturd scumbags can understand.

          • 1SkepticalChick

            You are welcome, and thank you for leaving. Hoping the door didn’t hit you on the way out….oh wait…

          • lana ward

            God and guns!! God bless Texas!!

  • walterc

    Got an email from a friend with a sign that said “DUE TO THE INCREASE IN AMMO PRICES, PLEASE DON’T EXPECT A WARNING SHOT. THANK YOU”.

    That about sums it up for me.

    • SpinMeNot

      “Keep honking, it helps me to prioritize my targets”.

    • shimauma

      I had to share that one!

  • $35072932

    Gun checks soar 39 percent, set new record: FBI

    (Reuters) – The number of FBI background checks required for Americans buying guns set a record in December, indicating that more people may purchase one after the Connecticut school massacre stirred interest in self-defense and prompted renewed talk of limits on firearms, according to FBI data.

    The FBI said it recorded 2.78 million background checks during the month, surpassing the mark set in November of 2.01 million checks – about a 39 percent rise.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      I wonder what the numbers are compared to the usual December figures? Is this an unusual figure or is this a result of Christmas gift buying?

  • rinodino

    Yeah that sign is great, unless one of the idiots with a gun kills your loved one on purpose or by mistake. So yeah I revel in their clownmenship…….pretty please leave the union Texas, I’m begging you

    • Joe W.

      We would love to, Needlenose.

      • rinodino

        Bye Bye then…. don’t let the Stars and Stripes hit you on your backside on the way out

        • lana ward

          I heard Omuslim has done away with our flag, he’s replaced it with a black one

    • douchie

      What is it about tough guys like you that you feel the need to leave 90 pound women and the elderly defenseless in the hands of criminals?

    • Tracy Hubbell-Linden

      Well, are you going to answer Douchie or not? There is no virtue or honor in being left a defenseless victim, man or woman, young or old, able or disabled.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBeq0i03bg Booker

    Judicious marksmanship! Now that’s funny right there! Go Texas!

  • SWwife

    Gretawire poll

    Do you think more gun control would lessen the number of gun related crimes?

  • BeeKaaay

    I. Want. To. Move. To. Texas. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BADLY.