That alone is enough to make our sides ache with giggles. As Twitchy reported, Al Gore sold his floundering and failing Current TV to Al-Jazeera, after turning Glenn Beck down.

And joke, they did! After pausing to catch their breaths.

Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.

Bada-Zing! But, wait! There is even more hypocrisy and subsequent delicious mockery.

“Fair share” for thee, but not for me! Nor for his second chakra. Eww.

Heh. Of course not. But hurt, widdle feelings, frantic spinning, and lashing out will commence.

Some good news? “Fair share” profits should be coming our way, right?

Thanks, Al!

  • peteee363

    why would anybody give him 100 million for a station about to close? if beck offered the same money, he is not as smart as i thought. that station is worth about a buck fifty, (for libs out there, that is 50 cents more then newsweek sold for)

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      And worth a buck fifty more than any promises coming out of the White House lately.

    • catb55

      I would imagine it was for the cable access… the slot in the cable line up .. not the “network”

      • Adela Wagner

        Correct. The programming sucked. Elliot Spitzer? HAHA. HUFPO called Time Warner “GUTLESS” for dropping Current after the sale went through. Not crazy about TW but happy to see them do this.

        • unklbrad

          There is programming other than “Bowling For Columbine”? Who knew?

      • Vennoye

        Time-Warner has already dropped them, it says.

    • Garth Haycock

      Gore proved that capitalism works. He had a product that someone (or in this case, something) wanted to buy.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Finally . . .

      • Adela Wagner

        Although Time Warner dropped it after the sale. Beck wanted the exposure, not the programming. Time Warner probably would have kept it on their line up if Beck had gotten it.

    • reneehaigh

      and it’s a $1.49 more than they deserve~

    • Annie Willoughby

      Foreign oil money will keep this station alive and healthy while it joins the msm in spreading anti-American filth until The Perfect Day Arrives.

  • tsluf273

    Enough irony to fly a kite.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Aww c’mon folks…don’t be too hard on poor widdle OwlGore….he NEEDS the money. After all, he does have a 28,000sq ft mansion in Tennessee that must cost a fortune to keep lit and heated. And then there is the G-5….you don’t think it’s cheap to keep one of those on standby do you? ….and he does need the G-5….how else is he to jet around pompously hectoring YOU about using lightbulbs that don’t light, and “lowflow” toilets that don’t flush.

    • Severe Conservative

      I bet Gore doesn’t use CFLs or “lowflow” toilet.

      • Zane Henry

        are you kidding? that man would absolutely DESTROY a low flow toilet.

        • $5326605

          I know Tipper got tired of his massive crap.. Thus the divorce.

          • $22639970

            Beedogs, that’s priceless!

          • unklbrad

            Oh…so he’s NOT gay?

        • Martha Donahue

          rotf!!! lol

        • DixieAngel_76

          Ha ha ha! That’s the best one yet!

      • $5326605

        Why yes he does. He uses 10 CFLs to replace one incadescent bulb, and flushes his low flow toilet 3 times to wash his crap down the hole. However, please do not look at his SUV fleet, his armed security gaurds, nor his private aircraft. Please overlook his 5 mansions as well.

      • JAS64

        Just a shovel and his neighbor’s yard.

      • Phil_J

        A low flow toilet couldn’t handle all the chit Gore puts out.

    • Howard Wolcott

      Hard to have a low flush toilet when he is so full of it .

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    AlGore (That’s one word, not two; #RushLimbaugh) sells his CURRENT Tv Cable Station to Greedy oil Islamofascists, which makes him a TRAITOR, too! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    He’s done nothing but get rich off of air heads for years with his global warming crap. He probly has stock in Monsato too, the real people mixed up in the global warming fraud with the geoeng. people as well. There is no global warming, it’s a fraud on not just America but the world to bring all into their agenda, but not all are fooled just the air heads and liberals, which go hand in hand. Do some research people and take off the blinders then you would find it is not surprising Gore sold out to big oil…. he is as fake as they come! Maybe we should file a class action law suit against all these frauds for lying to the public and stealing their money as well as ruining their crops and the list goes on.

  • walterc

    Laughing all the way to the bank. Worlds greatest snake oil salesman.

    • lainer51

      is that why his hair shines so brightly?

      • 3seven77

        That’s Gore’s version of an oil slick.

  • $30423294

    The voters of this country almost chose this man to be President of the United States in 2000.

    Imagine Benghazi on steroids for 9-11-01.

    Oh and guess what ladies? he’s single… ask his hotel maid.

    • catb55

      “he’s single”
      Not for all the money in the world.

      • lainer51

        would rather eat glass!

      • JRu4Life

        Might be worth it just to take all his money in the subsequent divorce and donate it all to conservative causes in a very public way!

    • RightThinking1

      …. and longing to have his chakra released.

    • Roseann

      Yeah they did, and now look what we have.

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    So how much of that is he paying into his “fair share” or did he do the deal off shore so he can hide it all from taxation? The hypocrisy of the left is mind boggling, would someone please do an analysis of how much is off shore that has been stolen from us by those in DC and Hollyweird, after all they made a big fuss about what Mitt had off shore, it’s only “fair” we know what they are hiding.

    I never watched his station, did notice that for the last two weeks they have been running “Bowling for Columbine” non stop hmm wonder why?

    • peteee363

      didn’t they move the studios over to canada?

  • BoltUp

    Maybe Al Jazeera will hire Keith Overbite back…

    • TocksNedlog

      Olbermonkey calling for recognition of Sharia Law:
      “Where are the hijabs, Mr. Boehner?”

    • catb55

      At least they can put a burka on Jenny Granholm and the other UGLY progressive women .. that would be a plus!

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    This is better than finding out Michael Moore’s fat ass had 20,000 shares of Haliburton in his portfolio back in 2005. He also bought shares in defense contractors Honeywell, Boeing & Loral.

    Then there was the “Super Sized” stock investment Moore made in McDonald’s (I know, big shocker).

    Shyster hypocrite liars…all of them.

    Glen Reynolds epic quote re: Global Warming…”I’ll start believing in global warming when the people that tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”

    Jim Treacher’s epic headline: “Al Jazeera just Bought Current TV, Because Of Course That Happened”

    It’s sweet when two America hating enterprises just lovingly find one another.

    Well…it’s almost like that movie…”Love Story”. Right, Al? Right, Tipper?

    Oh…wait. You guys are divorced now…and hate each other…. My bad.

    • Roseann

      LOL. I love this stuff. So MM is a big, fat, ….

    • searcher0

      shoot, i remember seeing Moore at a Micky Ds, i just sat there and watched him eat while they changed the numbers on the sign.

  • Canadian in USA

    Hypocrisy – he built that.

    • Laurie Surla

      Like he invented the internet

  • N3al

    You ain’ seen nothing yet. His carbon exchange is very likely to happen. And carbon trading will make him even more wealthy. And here’s a prediction: they will have a tax loophole to keep them from having to pay tax on the trading of carbon credits. Bet on it!

  • TocksNedlog

    So . . . he had a chance to sell his business to an American concern, but didn’t. Ideological reasons?
    During the campaign, Democrats were relentless in their screams of “Mitt Romney and Bain outsource jobs!”
    The same Dems that screech about climate change.
    What do THEY have to say about this development?

  • louisiana_mom

    To Progressives, hypocrisy is a virtue…

  • SWwife

    You mean Al Gore didn’t want to pay the taxes the Bill Clinton administration passed?
    Who was the VP? lol

  • People Corporation

    He likes happy endings.

  • Fake Obama Follower

    Doesn’t the Gore fortune come from Occidental Oil?

    • kindamara

      And big tobacco …..

  • Patsplacepp

    For sure this is news but I have to ask, “Why do you guys and gals acre so much?” It isn’t your money? You didn’t create CurrentTv. With such low rating I’m pretty sure you never watched the station or visited the website so how exactly is it making your life any different.

    I just find it funny that any other person selling his/her company for far more and to far worse wouldn’t get a rise out of anyone.

    I say take your prozak, watch and listen to as much Fox News as possible and enjoy the ride.

    • beebop1952

      I guess you missed the hypocrisy lessons when you were in college. We don’t “care” about Algore. We care about his big tax dodging, oil money buyer and how it is okay for him (and apparently, you) but the rest of us pissants should buy over priced Chevy Volts or ride the bus. Do you have any idea of what “irony” means?

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Ah, lay off the kid, he’s just a nickel-a-word Media Matters hack trying to get his beer money for tonight.

        • Patsplacepp

          Actually I’m not. Just wanted to see what kind of arguments would be thrown against my comment. I think you hit it on the nose more as Al Gore being inconsistent and not so much hypocritical.

    • NCRelite

      So reverend Al Gore from the Church of Global Warming selling Current TV for big oil bucks doesn’t strike you as a bit contradictory? Or what about selling it off in time to avoid paying more in taxes.

      Anyway, we don’t really care all that much it’s just that when one of these phony posers does something so blatantly hypocritical we have to just point and laugh

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Well, you’re partially right. Ordinarily we applaud such business acumen. We simply find it uproariously ironic that the man who has been selling his Global Warming myth to the world for the last 20 years or so (longer? seems like forever) has sold out to the very people he holds responsible for our imminent doom. Does that strike you as at all hypocritical, or at least inconsistent? See, your little response never even approaches the heart of the matter, and deals with utter irrelevancies. I know, I know, you have to make your nickel-a-word from Media Matters =somehow= ! For that matter, I’m not quite sure what you mean that we “acre” so much, but I’m sure we don’t.

      And of course the other thing, which points to far more disturbing undertones, is that Gore refused to sell to Beck because of Beck’s contrary philosophy. We must assume that the corollary to that is that Gore finds nothing contrary or objectionable about al-Jizzeera. Do us a favor — scratch up all the time al-J has condemned particular terrorist acts, or groups, and then we can talk about =their= philosophy.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        PS — in case you missed it — Mr Gore’s Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis has been utterly refudiated yet again, THIS time by scientists who were supposed to be on the “right” side:

        • Patsplacepp

          Just a FYI people don’t really care about global warming. For the most part at least the majority of 30 to 40 year olds that know (very small sub section of the world) aren’t worried about if people believe in it or not. We just don’t care to make things worse. Drive a tad less, walk a bit more, buy a local a bit more. Doing the little things. The hyperbole is for the higher ups. The peeps on the ground are trying to make better choices for our neighbourhood, our community. You’re giving Al Gore way to much credit. Or at least the media is. Honestly do you really care if Global Warming is real? But if you have the ability not leave you car idling or plot that empty can of coke into blue box wouldn’t you do it. Just saying

      • Patsplacepp

        You are right I wasn’t really getting to heart of the matter because I don’t have the full story yet. I’ve got Fox News, MSNBC and a dozen other media outlets saying Current has been sold to Al Jizzeera. That’s about the only thing I know for sure. Even now, no one has actually numbers as to what it was sold. the 1/5 amount that Gore got could be accurate but that hasn’t even been confirmed. The records according to Fox Business hasn’t been open to the public yet. Did Beck say that his philosophy was the reason why he didn’t get Current? Did Al Gore say that? Who said it? My argument isn’t against you and it’s easy to right me off as a Media Matters hack, but there are a lot of questions to this story that are more opinion than fact. Who are the faces of the other 4/5 Current owners that made money on this? Al Gore only had a 20% stake in this. Bring out the SEC facts that he made this happen.

    • Noah Lee

      funny how liberals have strong principles until their wallets might take a hit from their own supported policies. get bent, dood.

  • madian_kikyou

    Ever notice Al Gore looks like a campy movie villain?

  • reneehaigh

    al gore is a greed monger: al jazeera will not even air: time warner squashed that already and dish and direct better follow along! so they can reach the cells that are right in this country: al gore is a traitor where does greed end and security begin? he is also a large fat hypocrite!! hippo more like it!

  • David Vaught

    What a fracking joke is @algore!!! pitiful

  • SineWaveII

    Sooo Al Bore has:

    1: Taken money from oil companies.

    2: Hurried the deal to avoid paying the new ObamaTax.

    3. Admitted that his own views are more in line with Al Jazeera than with Glen Beck.

    Okayyy then I think we have enough to deport the fat pig and declare him to be a:

    1. Tax cheat who doesn’t pay his “fair share”

    2. A hypocrite influenced by big oil money.

    3: A complete traitor to our nation as well as our way of life.

    • dr44

      Wow – that sounds like ideal qualifications for the next Democrat presidential candidate!

      • SineWaveII

        Doesn’t it though?

  • lana ward

    He is one truth of only the good die young!! His evil dead eyes, just like Omuslims’, they are the spook brothers

  • $5326605

    The crazed s_ex poodle invented the internet, global warming, global climate change, carbon credits, assaulting massage providers, and Islamic Propaganda. Well Done Fat Albert!!!! Go buy another mansion and another private jumbo jet you fat hypocrite.

  • Roseann

    He is one slimy politician who keeps [Democratic] tradition alive.

  • JAS64

    But didn’t he invent oil?

  • Rob G

    More importantly… A anti-American, pro terrorist media outlet just got access to Americans on our airways; to promote their way of life and to disparage ours!

    • justlittlolme

      Soooooooo – this is different from the current MSM how, exactly?

  • Jimmy Gibson

    To be renamed Al Gor-Zeera TV…

    • nc

      Ding Ding!

    • Ronald


  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Meanwhile another peer-reviewed paper has just come out — by people who were supposed to be on the “right” side, which addresses the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis as basically “Myth Busted.”

  • Valjean

    Al Gore may very well be the most hypocritical politician in the country… that’s saying something.

  • Mike Johnson

    Now he’s Man-Bear-Oiled-Pig

    • kenai

      Uh…Greased pig?

  • Sheri Lynn

    Al Gore and Al Jazeera—hypocritical cousins—

  • Bob Daniels

    did all of you get your head stepped on as a child?

  • astronerd

    Al Gore sells to Al Gore Zeera!

  • wayne reses

    With respect to Gore’s sale of the Current TV network, does anyone believe that Warren Buffet, despite his on the record support for tax increases for the wealthy, would not consummate a similar business deal before the new, higher tax rates went into effect? I think he would call that smart business, not hypocrisy. I’m not Gore’s apologist by any means. But Gore is a wealthy man and it seems to me that he just acted rationally. Wayne Reses.

  • el_polacko

    finally !! a feel-good story on twitchy !!! lovin’ it.

  • Junie3

    I hope he got his Chakra going in that deal.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Ok, so we’ll all be waiting for news of Al “paying his ‘fair share’ “. Expecing crickets on this one.

  • aeroguy48

    Wouldent the FCC have to approve this deal? Wouldent there be any public comments on anti-trust violations? If this was rushed thru the approval had to only come through the top, The FCC head is a political appointee~obama shill, this reeks of corruption. And of course crickets by the MSM.

  • DANEgerus

    Why does OPEC buy Matt Damon a propaganda film and Al Gores’ 50,000 viewer TV station for $10,000/viewer? To subsidize the Greenies efforts to keep oil prices high. Democrats eF the Poor.

  • searcher0

    the worst thing about this is that the libitards don’t see the hypocrisy in this. big oil bad, except when they buy a libitards stuff.

  • mickeyco

    Everybody notice how much Gore looks like Buddha on the Twitchy homepage?

  • thohan

    Al Gore: Paragon of Capitalism. Don’t agree with him, natch, but his example speaks volumes to the beauty of free markets and so forth.

  • Kim Thomas Walls

    ManBearPig strikes again!

  • jharp

    “tries to avoid paying ‘fair share’”

    How is he trying to avoid paying his fair share?

  • Aloha Omegle

    With all that money he is going to get so fat he is going to pop.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Funny how libtards promote that AJ isn’t oil, it’s news..yet they’ll draw lines six ways from Sunday to connect anything Conservative to anything perceived to be bad. Just ask the poor Tea Party dude with a common name who was accused of Aurora theater shooting. Ass hats.

  • Bob Almighty

    I don’t like Al-JazeerGore. He’s a pompous ass.

  • Bob Almighty

    I don’t like Al-JazeerGore. He’s a pompous ass.