And with that, Senator Graham concedes defeat.

But, tries to set up the next battle.

Senator Graham also made the Sunday show rounds and said “hats off” to the president on his victory.

Some conservatives are not happy with Graham’s concession.


Sen. Graham vows to oppose assault weapons ban, says gun control zealots offer ‘false sense of security’


  • Thanatos144

    what a joke Sen Lindsey Graham is.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    Prevent the cliff and withhold pay from ALL Senators, Congressmen, pResident and Admin until they figure out useful spending cuts.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    This was obvious.
    Now Mr. Grahamnasty will “fight” against gun control, hoping that will save him— but any gains there will be window-dressing.

    And we’ve already watched Speaker Smeagol wet hisself in his speed to offer The Emperor more than he’s asked for.

    Tell me again: how’s that 16+ years of “taking back the Republican Party” (which really started in the late ’60s) going?

    Are we planning for another round of “banging our head against the wall”, or are we ready to do something effective?

    You can tell what’s effective by the stink the Progressive-Republican Water-Carriers make, (and, yes — I’m beginning to believe Rush & Levin need to be included in that)!

    “It’ll never work!” well, if we never try, that’ll certainly be true!

  • Avniel

    No surprise here. Shame on his constituents however for keeping him in office. I lost faith in the Senate years ago. Not one of them puts the nation ahead of #politics otherwise BHO would be in jail (or exile).

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Just before his last re-election, Mark Levin pleaded w/people to reelect him, because the “R”s needed the numbers and Levin ev en said that Grahamnasty was a “go-along-to-get-along” republican, and so his damage would be small.

      This is why we have to just start over w/a new party.

      • bruce mercer

        notice how neocons think when the chips are down?

      • GaryTheBrave

        I have never liked Levin. His voice is grating, his attitude towards others he considers beneath him is contemptible. He considers you his equal ONLY if you’re a friend.

        Just before he went on vacation I decided to tune him in. He hung up on a caller because the caller mispronounced his last name! Really?!

        I recommend Roger Hedgecock who is on at the same time. He is from San Diego (former mayor of that fine city) and he does not use ad hominem attacks. He lets liberals make their statements then skewers them with logic. He interrupts only because of time or if the caller gets off track. I have heard him hang up on only one caller and that was when the caller falsely accused Roger of a crime.

  • peteee363

    so lindsey is happy we have to pay more, because nobody in d.c. can balance a checkbook?

  • Joe W.

    I believe that Sen/ Graham is being sarcastic. Obama “won” because there was NO deal, and we are going over the cliff. that’s what Barky wants, folks.

  • redheadgrl

    I’m fine with going over the fictitious cliff. It is the only way we will get any spending cuts from congress, and the masses will realize that the “Bush tax cuts” were not only for the so-called “rich”. Every tax bracket will be hit, especially the one the majority of the middle class is in(currently 10% going to 15% – the largest % increase of any bracket BTW), and maybe some folks will start to wake up.


    lindsey graham you are a very weak man, I am not ashamed to say I think you deserve to be charged with treason, just like the democrats


    A Civil War is Coming, please prepare people. It is coming!

  • Annie Willoughby

    Lindsey is used to this. He doesn’t understand why we don’t like it.

  • Penmar

    Does that mean he’ll oppose a ban on guns until he endorses a ban on guns?

  • bruce mercer

    when is graham up for defeat?

  • walterc

    If we go over the so called cliff, we’ll have tax rates back to the level of Clinton. So a good portion of the 47% that pay zero income tax would be included int he tax base again. And Congress will have spending cuts forced on them. Other than an increase in my own taxes, I can’t see a down side here.