Heh. Mayor Bloomberg’s hypocrisy is showing again. Last week, another person was killed by being shoved in front of a subway; the second such murderous act this month.

Nope, no plan needed, evidently. Nanny Bloomberg is far too busy demanding a gun-grabbing plan instead. As Twitchy reported, he has taken to Twitter to ghoulishly politicize the tragedy in Newtown for his personal anti-gun zealot agenda.

But what about the nefarious subways that are endangering New Yorkers, Mayor?


Twitter users demand a plan in order to point out the obvious to the deluded mayor. Everyone has a right to be stupid, it’s true. But Mayor Bloomberg far too often abuses the privilege.



Alas, the mayor isn’t willing to have a national dialogue on subway endangerment. Some tragedies need to be kept in perspective, people! You know, the ones that don’t fit with Nanny Bloomberg’s personal agendas.


But, good news! The creeping danger of Big Soda? He’s still on it!

And Todd Starnes sums it up.


  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Why do subway trains need to travel so fast? 2 mph is plenty. No one NEEDS to travel at 30 mph.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Subway trains need to be made by Nerf.

      • http://twitter.com/StrangisK Ken Strangis

        That would be AWESOME!

      • mdtljt

        Outstanding Idea!!!!

      • MoxieLouise

        Comfy and quiet, but weight limit might present a problem 😉

        • MissDiane47

          Weight limit on Subways made by Nerf? Of course, but then that means Michael Moore would be banned from all public transportation. LOL

    • Jim Fox

      Also cars…

  • FilleGitane
  • Lord Foggybottom

    Ban politicians. Problem solved.

  • Steve_J

    If Musket Morgan actually does leave the country for good maybe he would consider taking Bloomberg with him.

    • MoxieLouise

      Good idea…I wonder if the subway runs to the airport, you know, since it’s so safe and all…

    • Chris Cherry

      Maybe they’ll both take the subway!

  • $23629333

    It doesn’t cost anything – or at least not much – to enact legislation, be it to ban guns or soda pop. It would cost a lot of money – i.e involve a lot of man hours – to deal appropriately (and effectively) with the loons amongst us. Naeem Davis, Adam Lanza, William Spengler and Erika Menendez could all have been on a short leash – if not institutionalized – and, if they had been, their victims would still be here with us.

    Unfortunately, as the taxpayers in each of the 50 states – and especially the bluest – can attest, it also costs a lot of money to maintain the pay, perks and pensions of the folks employed within the public sector. Because of this ever-growing cost, there will never be a serious effort made to deal effectively with the people with mental health problems. All we’ll get is talk, wringing of hands, and legislation – which does NOTHING.

    • $36544368

      In CA, there are all kinds of waiting lists for people who have been diagnosed with a real mental problem that requires some kind of intervention (i.e., so that they do not hurt themselves or others).

  • TocksNedlog


    [What — he already did that?]

    Never mind.

    (I feel safer already)

    • $23629333

      You realize that that ban on sodas may have contributed to this tragedy? Had this woman – seemingly someone who could quaff a 2-liter bottle in a single sitting – been able to buy soda pop, and had been weighed down with bottles of it, she would never have pushed this poor man. Sure, she could have put her bags down to do so, but she could never have raced out with them – and it’s hard to imagine she’d leave them.

      • MoxieLouise

        And…if she had drunk a couple of 2-liters already, she most likely would have been so preoccupied with finding a restroom, the thought of pushing an innocent stranger to his death probably would have been the furthest thing from her tiny mind. Thanks a lot, Bloomberg.

  • Jim Fox

    What a bunch of gun toting loons here! Scorecard- subway trains=2; gun nuts=14,000

    • Sketti

      Well then I guess you really aren’t that bright then, you know, provoking “gun toting loons” and all! Kick rocks Piers!

    • Tom Bannigan

      control nuts, Millions, just in the past 20th Century alone.

  • brewerandpatriot

    Mama Cass died from choking on a ham sandwich-perhaps Bloomberg should ban delis in New York…

  • BeeKaaay

    Bloomberg is a leftwingwacko, so he wants to ban freedom.

  • Dywlf

    What we have here is a power grab by the jewish oligarchs, I think they want to be king.

  • http://twitter.com/JohnnyL68 John Leon

    Mr Mayor. How many New Yorkers are freezing to death tonight, or suffering from pneumonia or other illnesses due to your administrations inability to restore power? Its been two months since Sandy! Enough with your red herring. I’m sure the loss of life has surpassed those takin by the lunatic in CT.

  • Penmar

    Now there’s true hypocrisy for you, subways don’t kill people, people kill people, unless they have a gun then it’s the guns killing people.

  • JackBlair

    Mr. Bloomberg: There will always be jumbo-sized Cokes.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)
    • Tom Bannigan

      Nice starting list for a boycott there celebs.

  • hbnolikeee

    Mikie really should stick to the financial industry. He is just another arrogant clueless politician.

  • Tom Bannigan

    subway trains. a WMD that bloomberg can live with.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    When subways are outlawed, only outlaws will have subways.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    We need to ban those high capacity subway cars. also the “military style” subway cars as they look scary.