The comedian and actor is at it again. As Twitchy reported, he recently took to Twitter to give a sanctimonious tweet-lecture on guns, while oh-so-civilly accusing those with whom he disagrees of “Founding Father fetishization.”  He didn’t care for Twitchy’s accurate and verbatim quoting of his tweets in that instance. In fact, he followed through on his claim that he would change his Twitter bio to include “celebri-ghoul.”


Heh. Flattering!

Alas, he further exposed his own absurdity today.


Undeterred, Michael Ian Black continued to ensure that confirmation of his foolishness was achieved. What a giver!

We are sure he totally loved David Gregory’s ridiculously biased interview with Mr. LaPierre this morning. He did, of course, retweet this from Piers “Musket” Morgan. He’s quite the Morgan fan, evidently.

Some gun concern trolls in the media prostrate themselves to Black.

Black next went on to claim that gun violence is a disease. No, really.

And pesky amendments that are old and stuff are of no interest to him.

Non-sycophants who are free thinkers explain reality to the wilfully ignorant.


Absurdity? Look in the mirror, toots. On the plus side, he isn’t hurling as many insults around today. But the Better Than You ™ sanctimony? It scorches.


Update: Despite the fact that Mr. Black’s entire feed, with replies, was linked in “it scorches” above, he really wants you to read all his tweets. Individually and one by one. Ah, special snowflakes!

No, really.

Sigh. Pats on the head, indeed.

See, Mr. Black was thanked for a civilized discussion at one point (after snide remarks and the like). We suppose that is what he means by pulling a quote: Featuring a tweet.

Special snowflakes must be praised for deigning to have a “dialogue” with the masses, especially those bitter clingers. So, he called you fetishists … whatever! The act of  discussing, no matter how, must be praised. He really, really wants you to understand that. If you can even read and all.

That’s okay to do; Unlike after one is called a fetishist or anything. Suck that up; he’s having a dialogue!

As requested, here are all the tweets. We are givers here at Twitchy, and will do the work for Mr. Black and aggregate all his tweets for him. Saving everyone the trouble of, you know, clicking on a link and reading his public timeline themselves. That’s not good enough. For future reference, there is something called Storify; Twitchy curates tweets, we don’t exhaustively aggregate every single one.

Civilized discourse! Shh, don’t look at anything else. It’s the deigning of the dialogue that matters.

Chatter with Piers about that.

Or exhaustively aggregate it!

Then he retweeted this:

Funny, but that was in response to a snide slam from Mr. Black. But, he listens and stuff.

The awesome actor Adam Baldwin then joins in … and the tweets continue. And continue.

For anyone still awake and as interested in Michael Ian Black’s tweets as Mr. Black himself seems to be, you can read the latest 21 hours worth of tweets at his public timeline. 

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Fact: Ignorance is not only more contagious than rabies, it’s more dangerous too. Ignorance is a disease! Ban ignorance!

    • Rulz

      What a wonderful idea!

      That would mean no more liberalism!

  • Michael Rice

    Let me get this straight, addiction is a disease, so we regulate the drugs…ok. Well, don’t we already regulate guns? Exactly what is this idiot’s point?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    well, there is a tool in this whole twitter conversation, mr. black, but it ain’t the guns…

  • Jack Deth


    I think young, naive Mr. Black is a Masochist. Who just says things to get beaten up.

    Anyone else would have stopped long ago, but he keeps coming back for more.

    It would be uncivil, impolite and intolerant to not oblige him!

  • Kabong30

    It fell apart when it was pointed out that vaccines are made with the disease that prevent. He can try all day to whittle on it, but a turd is a turd.

  • Agent_Zeero

    I’m sorry, but…what is a Michael Ian Black?

    • TugboatPhil

      He’s a Celebri-Tool.

    • Jillane Kent

      He’s a Canadian sketch actor from the 90’s that most of us outgrew in their late teenage years. He now ruins Red Eye on a regular basis.

      • Hawkeyeted

        Ahhh! So he’s a Borat! Now I get it…

      • Gary Williams

        Canadian?,well, that explains that….

    • ceemack

      He’s living proof of the dangers of excessive self-importance.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Twitchy irony. I looked this guy up to see why I never heard of him, and found this in his nobody bio: “In 2005, he wrote and his directed his first film, “Wedding Daze,” which starred Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher. “

  • DaleVM14W

    More T.J.B. from Michael Ian Black.

  • VindicatorGC ✠ III%

    You know what’s funny about this idiot? He thinks he’s funny.

  • Will P.

    Just curious. Who the hell is Michael Ian Black anyway, and why should I care?

  • Will P.

    I just IMDBd him. I’ve seen exactly zero of the things he’s been in.

  • Steve_J

    Shoot the rabid animal.

  • syvyn11

    Mr. Black is as smart as he is funny. That’s not a compliment.

    Earlier, this idiot tried to make some comparison about the Bill of Rights and The Federalist Papers. It seems that this clown hasn’t read either document.

    • Gary Williams

      obviously a marginally talented,aspiring comedian…….

  • lainer51

    never heard of this A-hole

  • lainer51

    irrelevant useless hack…

  • a_hick_in_hixville

    Republicans aren’t going to be an obstacle at all to gun control. It was the children of hedge fund managers and the like who were slaughtered in tony Sandy Hook. Now reactionary Fox owner Rupert Murdock is for stiffer gun laws (so he says), and you know the Bush family wouldn’t mind them as part of the set up for Jeb’s renewed War on Terror, but they all want the Dems to do the dirty work for them.

    The Speaker will allow the Dems to bring a gun bill to the House floor for a vote, and instruct just enough Republicans to vote for it so it passes with one or two votes. Ones that are going to retire in two years, and ones that are willing to vote their conscience (or class fears) and face the “tea party” primary challenge. Then the rest will turn and run against the Dems in 2014 on this issue hoping for repeat of 1994, and Jeb will be all for “gun rights” in 2016.

    Deception and stupidity know few limits in politics.

    • Hawkeyeted

      Go back to playing in the street you doofus.

    • Catchance

      Whatever you’re smoking, give it back!

    • dmacleo

      sadly, you may be correct.

  • Gary Williams

    I though comedians were suppose to be funny, sounds like he and Bill Maher should kill each other in the heat of passion….

  • DrSamHerman

    Has Mikey addressed his attention-seeking personality disorder with a psychiatrist?

  • medicinewomantwo

    So, ah, when does he get funny?

  • George Patton

    Something about being a subject to a queen that makes these girly men so bitchy.

  • dmacleo

    maybe there is hope for him. at least he is somewhat listening and, if I understood his replies right, questioning things towards the end.
    I am not holding my breath though

  • J.N. Ashby

    He is right though. Rabies is a pretty nasty thing to have.

  • Infinite_Indeterminism

    Ok, so gun violence is a disease – but then what’s violence that eschews firearms ? Normality ?

  • disqus_ys7YLGvSbv

    Michael Ian-who? Please, make it stop.

  • BeeKaaay

    If gun violence is a disease, then supporting the ability to rip children apart limb from limb is beyond a disease, it is pure sickness, and bloodthirsty.

    That’s what leftwingwackoism is. They think that to rip children apart limb from limb is good while gun violence against children is bad. That’s because children die in manner that has less suffering. They truly are bloodthirsty.