In the darkest times, glimmers of hope, love and light shine through. In a random act of kindness, an anonymous woman from N.C. sent 26 Christmas trees to Newtown as a memorial for the victims.

Firefighters lined the street leading to the school with the trees, and began decorating them.

Teddy bears were nestled into the branches.


The Newtown Bee tweets that the public is also invited to add decorations to the memorial trees.

Many are also shedding tears as they envision the Christmas trees in the homes of the victims’ families.

Even in the midst of such unfathomable pain, faith is shining through.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the grieving families of the victims, and with all who were affected by this tragedy.

  • conservativechick

    When I try to imagine a parents’ pain, it feels like an elephant sits on my chest. :(
    Prayers and strength for survivors.

  • Rosie

    Every time I read or see something related to Newtown, I begin to tear up once again. Praying for all of the victims and their loved ones.

    • pajamakat

      Me too Rosie. I find mysleft crying also. Especially now that there are names and faces. I am having a very hard time listening to Christmas songs. I just keep imagining all those unopened gifts under the tree. My heart goes out to all those families. I am so sad. This just sickens me.

  • alvin691

    Christmas trees, not holiday trees. Let God comfort you in this time of despair.

    • detroit19

      Yes, CHRISTmas trees…ty :)

  • mdtljt

    Thank you, Ms. Christmas Trees – I have never been more proud to be from and reside in the Great State of North Carolina than I am right now…prayers of consolation and healing sent on high for the victims, families, friends; prayers of gratitude and thanks for those who have stepped up and stayed strong for those who can’t…

    • detroit19

      And you should be proud to live among compassionate angels like this woman ♥

  • detroit19

    God blesses you, Anonymous NC angel, and so do we ♥

  • Rachel

    Apparently, I’m the only person who finds it tacky and insensitive that somebody put up Christmas trees for a group of victims that included non-Christians (at least one was Jewish) who did not celebrate Christmas. It’s a lovely gesture in theory, but it really shows a lack of cultural understanding. Do your research before you add insult to tragedy, people.

    • Stephanie Warren

      you should be ashamed of yourself. It was a nice gesture and you’re pissing all over it.