Gmail-ocalypse! Oh, the humanity! Gmail has been down for many users.

So, what to do? What. To. Do?

Serenity now!

Yes, it will! People need to take their minds’ off the apocalyptic situation. The only way to stave off panic? Mock! Mock like the wind! It’s the only thing to do in a situation like this.

It’s back!

Or is it?!

Recommence mocking. Stat!

No worries! Stay tuned to Twitchy to stave off any panic. We’re here for you!

Update: Whew! Crisis averted. So far.

Wait … oh, no. Chrome as well?!


Gmail down, users amuse themselves to stave off the panic

Gmail down for two minutes; national panic ensues

  • EOD

    Eric Schmidt wants tapped for a Cabinet Post?

    He can’t even run an email server.

    He will fit right in.

    I’m thinking HHS.

    Schmidt can do to ObamaCare what he has done to Email.