Heh. Bow chicka news news! CBS’ Mark Knoller is such a giver, what with being willing to totally cover the Victoria’s Secret show and all.

The brave Mr. Knoller is a tweeter extraordinaire, and today he brings the smiles to Twitter with his happy snark reports on Victoria’s Secret.

Fellow Twitter users are loving Mr. Knoller’s hard-hitting snark reports.


Make it happen, CBS! Or, do we even need to wait for CBS assignment?

Your move, Mr. Knoller! The models await.

  • kch50428

    Yeah, well… because of Rudolph and that ‘Secret’ garbage, my usual CBS shows are a rerun and not on at all… (bleep) them. I’ll watch Rizzoli & Isles on TNT instead. NCIS & NCIS:LA are the only two shows I bother to watch on SeeBS…

    • Lady 12

      NCIS is the only tv show I really watch. I first saw it October 2011 and saw every episode in nine seasons by May of 2012. But I don’t watch it on CBS, I watch it on USA (characters welcome.) It’s a much more pleasant channel than CBS, and they have about ten NCIS marathons a month.

      • kch50428

        The better way to watch NCIS is on iTunes, ripped from DVDs and downloads of current season via iTunes season pass. That way you don’t get those crappy MSNBC promos that USA network runs since they have the same corporate ownership.

        • Lady 12

          How much is the season pass? I might have to do that!

          • kch50428

            Season 10 – HD is $49.99 – iTunes has all the previous seasons too…

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I watch NCIS, also.

    My wife got me started on Grimm and Once Upon A Time.

    I like the CGI for Grimm! They neec to use it more.

    That’s the same reason I took a gaggle of my granddaughters & friends to see those Eclipse “Vampire vs Werewolf” movies.

    I want a compilation BluRay of all the Werewolf scenes! The story is squaff— but those scenes of the transformations, fights, running, etc are fantastic!

    Too bad I won’t live to see them replace the actors with CGI completely.

    • Guest

      Is Once Upon a Time on CBS too?