Heh! Yes, the Powerball jackpot has hit a whopping $500 million.

Twitter is, of course, buzzing with the news. This Twitter user is already bargaining.


And this one is trying to cash in on retweets?

If he wins, and keeps his promise, he’s going to be doling out a lot of portions! It’s been retweeted 1,075 times and counting!

Thousands of other users tweet pics of their tickets.

Including the gang at “Good Day NY.”


Plenty of buzzkills abound, natch.

Including CNN.

Cripes! Way to crush dreams, CNN! Unless CNN is trying to keep all the tickets for itself? Dastardly, CNN. Dastardly.

And Twitter brings its signature snark. Snarky tweets? Priceless.

Thanks for the giggles, Twitter! Good luck, everyone!


  • Kevin Krom

    Most, if not all, states exempt lottery winnings from state taxes, so if you are the sole winner taking the lump sum option, you’ll get about 34% of the published jackpot, or roughly $170M after federal taxes.

    • Midnight Cow

      Not worth it, then. I don’t get off the couch for less than $500-million.

    • Canadian in USA

      (sigh) I’ll just have to find a way to live within that number, then. 😛

    • therantinggeek

      USAMega (dot) com has an interesting analysis of how the cash payment versus the annuity breaks down. At this point, I’d still take the annuity option.

      Side note: As of this post, the estimated jackpot was $550M.

      • Kevin Krom

        It depends on your intentions. I have two autistic children, so I’d want more direct control over the money so that I could properly set up trusts to make sure they’re cared for if me and the Mrs. kick the bucket.

    • http://www.urbangrounds.com/ Robbie C

      Nope. The cash value (one lump sum rather than 30 annual payments) is 65.5% of the total. So for the (newly estimated) $550 million jackpot, the cash value is $360.25 million. The feds automatically withhold 25% for taxes ($90.06 million), but you will still owe an additional 10% when taxes are due (assuming you claim the prize this year). If you don’t pay any state income tax (which we don’t here in Texas), after paying your 35% in taxes, you’d walk away with a lump sum check of $234 million.

      I’d take that.

  • Steve_J

    Ya Boy Bill Nye, you didn’t spend the additonal dollar for the “Power Play”? If you get the five white numbers but not the powerball number you screwed yourself out of an additonal million dollars.

  • Rick Stones

    Based on insurance actuary tables, if you drive more than 2 miles to go buy your ticket, you stand a better chance of dying in a car crash to or from your purchase.

    The lottery, a tax on people who are bad at math!

  • TheOriginalDonald

    LoneStar said it best……