As Twitchy reported last week, a complaint was filed when a TSA agent exposed the breasts of Rep. Hall’s grandniece during a pat-down. The incident happened over two years ago, but was just brought to light when internal memos were obtained after a Freedom of Information Act request.

Today, reporter Scott MacFarlane continues his outstanding work of bringing TSA abuses to light.

What private purposes? And what data was used for such purposes? Wait, there’s more.

Wow. Richmond Airport weighed in via its Twitter account, to protest that this is old news and that it has already been dealt with.

What hasn’t been dealt with? The complaints over the TSA’s use of pat-downs and the allegations that women undergo pat-downs more than men.

Of course, anyone reading Twitchy or Twitter would know that this seems to be the pattern.

But, no worries, ladies!

Because, that is the biggest concern. War on women? Look to the TSA and the Democrats.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this story. Follow @MacFarlaneNews for all the latest FOIA disclosures.


  • TwitWit

    Sick & Disgusting. and yet we are forced to fund this.

    • $22091572

      I dont mind it if it makes the country safe.. the problem is that they are feeling up people to get thier jollys off and they can get away with it.. if your an attractive woman.. your gonna get your goodies touched and looked at..

      • walterc

        But it’s not making the country safe. If you’ve noticed, they almost never gropw people dressed in muslim clothing, or that have muslim names.
        They don’twant to be accused of profiling, so they profile to avoid the appearance of profiling.

        • $22091572

          true.. I do feel we need to profile.. how eles are you gonna catch someone

          • SpinMeNot

            The TSA will never stop anything, that isn’t what they are there to do. They are there to intimidate and harass the law abiding population. They’ve caught far dipsticks who forgot about the gun in their bag than have gotten through. They are minimal wage workers on a power trip, sanctioned by the government to remind us to be good little sheep.

            Do a bit of research on how Israel does it; it has almost nothing to do with your appearance. Their TSA equivalent is highly trained, asks a series of standard questions and followups. There is no groping unless you provide an answer that raises suspicions.

            Profiling of appearance is useless, profiling of responses is another matter.

      • gekkobear

        I do mind it, even if it makes the country safe.

        You know what would make the country tons safer and really work?

        Mandatory recording devices to record audio and video of all citizens 24/7/365 with prison sentences if you remove yours. You have a missing kid/violent crime/murder? Just watch the tape of all suspects, you’ll have a conviction rate and FAR fewer crimes… just watch everyone whenever you need to in order to catch them (sometimes before they act).

        You want more safety? Ban “unsafe” activities, like skydiving, or bungee jumping, or running with scissors… force people into “safe” activities only and ban anything “unsafe”.

        Control everyone’s actions and monitor all activity and you can promote REAL safety as you wish… right?

        Are you willing to give up your rights, liberty, and freedom for this safety?

        Or will you accept a bit less safety to have freedom and liberty?

        • $22091572

          you have a good point

        • SpinMeNot

          On target … the safety being made is safety for the oppressors, not the oppressed.

          Not on my watch … I drove for my holidays. I like actually seeing our country. Had a great meal at a little diner in a small town … well, ok, several of them.

      • Jamie Wilson

        I DO effin’ mind it! I’m a woman who has been sexually abused in the past and have an issue with being touched by anyone. And I have two daughters.

        I’ll be damned if I fly til after this ends, and my daughters will not be flying either. If I’m forced to fly for some reason and can’t take a space-A military flight, well, you may well hear about me on the news.

        I would very much like to know where the supposed protectors of a woman’s autonomy are – you know, the feminists? NOW? What the TSA is doing is tantamount to rape by their definitions, isn’t it? Where is the liberal outrage, I ask? Where are the airport candlelight vigils, the Taking Back Our Seats marches?


        • $22091572

          I dont mind getting frisked.. I do mind getting my dick felt up with is a diffrent deal.. Im sorry you was abused. and I would hate that for your daughters..its not right.. there is no protectors of womans automaomy..
          you have a musliam president.. there for you have no rights.. the thing is that people dont see it..You dont see anything on the networks about people getting felt up because the networks dont want to cover it.. anywere eles it would be against the law..

      • Tabitha Taylor

        You do realize that they’ve never apprehended any terrorists right? I mean we are in unbelievable times.
        This group, in the name of keeping us “safe”, purposely hires ex-convicts (MANY ex-sex offenders) & ex- military that’s served in combat (likely to have PTSD) BECAUSE they get more aggressive with the public & are less likely to be intimidated & use restraint.
        Then, they pull aside regular Americans & frisk / physically assault them & their little children, blast them with dangerously high radiation while looking at their naked bodies through the perv – machine (& were caught uploading those online)…
        Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood (father organization on Al Qaeda), get to bypass security screenings all together when they visit America! It’s unreal but yes – they allow the very fanatics with the same mindset as the 911 terrorists to bypass their screens!
        To me – that’s saying the 911 attackers won. Now all America’s (The Great Satan’s) people get punishment for the actions of some crazy Islamists who killed Americans in a fanatical act.

      • EastValleyConservative

        You should mind—it isn’t making anyone safer and if you do a little research, you’ll find that “randomly” selecting people makes no sense when it comes to security. Add some political correctness and pure perverts into the mix, and what we have is a government enforcing what they want the public to accept as the new normal. There are reports over and over again of people getting through security with weapons undetected. TSA’s job (as enforced by the feds) is about making you accept this in your every day life. So, I do mind. *As WalterC mentioned, if it is someone who looks like they might be Muslim or is overtly Muslim, they will NOT check them for fear of “offending”–hence the politically correct nonsense that proves that this is not for our safety.

  • Cold War Grunt

    Land of the sheep, home of the entitled. They need to just put all the TSA and SEIU folks into brown shirts and just be done with it. Lets get that show rolling on a well trained, well armed, civilian security force …

  • Lia Markham

    One of the oddest things that happened with the TSA on my last trip to Illinois for the Cornerstone music festival. On my trip up, my hair got “patted down,” as if there was something in it that was potentially dangerous. Then, on my trip back, my hair was not patted down, but I was wearing a scarf around my head. It’s not for any religious purposes, but just a new style that I was trying out. They bypassed my hair. I thought that was kind of odd.

    • Tabitha Taylor

      lol they do that with women a lot now… They pat down ponytails & buns (in the hair) too. 😉

  • Charlotta Jones

    You wanna fly? Wear a hijab (head scarf), long sleeves and long skirt.You don’t need a burka. Say you’ve converted to Islam and then lets see what these perverted pigs do. If they still grope you, then raise bloody hell.If all American women do that what will the TSA do? If they start groping randomly, they’re bound to grope a REAL Muslim and then the fit will hit the shan.

    • BeeKaaay

      And for men, carry a copy of the Koran. Make sure the cover is visible.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        Definitely going to conspicuously carry a Koran on my next flight. That’s a hoot!!!!! Mind-fuck the TSA. Ok, it will be a very brief encounter!!

  • Tabitha Taylor

    Well Obama voters; the ever expanding, newly unionized, violent criminal TSA terrorists thank you for your support! They could have never gotten this far without you.

  • TocksNedlog

    Secretary Napolitano vows to investigate EVERY SINGLE ONE of these “groping of females” cases, personally! In fact, she’s having all videotapes of these incidents express flown to her office in Washington DC as we speak. She plans to thoroughly review them — in slow-motion if necessary — in order to achieve satisfaction . . . for the complainants.

  • BeeKaaay

    Sexual abuse is legal, when the TSA does it.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Removing the TSA sexual predation squad from American airports is a good start toward improving the safety at America’s airports, most especially for women.

    I have traveled extensively in the middle east/southeast asia/Indian subcontinent and I can tell you they do a hella better job at identifying and interdicting suspects without touching a soul. The Q&A in almost every major airport I’ve been through in UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, etc. will almost leave you shaking in your shoes. It is an intense but brief interrogation of sorts that is designed to trip you up and cause specific language and body responses (shiftiness, eyes, mouth, head turns, etc.) that suggest you are being dishonest or evasive about your history, itinerary, intent, etc. I understand Israeli airport security are masters at this protocol.

    If TSA ever gropes my wife or daughter, I’ll see you all on TV, probably in an orange jumpsuit for my aggravated assault of a TSA scumbag. Dumb asses.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    They need to profile the hell out of people who look like terrorists. The bottom line is none of the 9/11 hijackers were white, or asian, or latino, or african-american, attractive women or young girls, nor were any of them white, african-american, asian, or latino men. They were middle-eastern men. Get real and get over it. So, middle-eastern males get the shit at the airport. Too frekkin’ bad. Don’t blame airport security, blame the middle-eastern male terrorists who fucked up your American travel experience. Period.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I say allow CCW holders carry on flights…next time some fucker get out of line, BOOM. Problem solved.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    I say allow CCW holders carry on flights…next time some fucker get out of line, BOOM. Problem solved.