If you have an auction, and nobody bids …

That’s right. You can bid to win a “strategy session” with the liberal tool known as Sandra Fluke.

Now, pick yourself up from the floor, where surely you have collapsed in a fit of giggles, because there is more. From WAM!’s (Women, Action & the Media) auction page:

Got a fantastic idea for a campaign but not sure where to start? Wondering how you can use the tools of activism to make your project the most effective it can be? Social justice advocate Sandra Fluke will help you harness the power of activism and/or advocacy with this strategy session. You bring the expertise on your issue, and Sandra will bring her sharp strategic mind and national experience.

Oh, stop it! Our knees are stinging from all the slapping! She will help you “harness the power” of massive crowds, numbering in the ones! Her sharp, strategic mind will explain how you, too, can effectively rally a handful of people in a grocery store parking lot!

But, wait, there is even more.

Estimated Value Priceless

Opening Bid $20.00

Next Minimum Bid $20.00

Priceless! Oh, sweeties. Bless your Julia hearts.

Evidently, Fluke’s power harnessing doesn’t include the ability to garner interest. The pitiful auction tweet has been retweeted a whopping six times. Since last evening.

Hey, that’s almost the number of people who attended her Reno “rally,” right? So, there’s that.


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  • SineWaveII

    but remember she’s just a poor college student who has no interest in politics.

  • https://twitter.com/SheilaDunn Sheila Daigneault

    Hell, I;m bidding. I’m going to make her come to my Ladie’s Pokeno group – All very smart outspoken Republican women. I guarantee she will leave crying her eyes out.

    • Drew2U

      ..It’s like I always say–women are their worst enemies. Whether you agreed with her message or not, Fluke took a stand for something she believed in. And WOMEN are bashing her? Sad.

      • SlimWich

        Do you claim to agree with all males, and support their message, just because you share a gender? That’s ridiculous.

      • Dee

        @disqus_81ihujp33M:disqus Bet you weren’t singing this tune when Sarah Palin was being attacked. What am I saying? Palin is STILL being attacked — that’s okay, right?

        • http://twitter.com/coelkhntr T. Jones

          Sarah Palin is not an Idiot plus she would have no problem getting bids for a stratigy sesion with her.

          • KornKing

            Aside from that, she could exude more wisdom than Sandra Fluke by farting.

        • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

          Fluke is a joke. What has she ever done? Took a stand for free birth control? Yeah, that is a good comparison to Palin’s contributions. Fluke was a distraction created by the idiot liberals and democrats. You are an idiot to even think she stood for anything but throwing women back to the 60’s…burn your bras! What a dope.

        • Saira K.

          Sarah Palin is an ignorant idiot, there’s nothing sexiest with calling her out on that. But criticizing her for her sexuality and her perceived femininity is never okay; that IS sexist and no one deserves that, not Sarah Palin, not Sandra Fluke (which if what at least a few of the people commenting on here are doing). Perhaps it’s time the GOP changes its tune when it comes to demeaning women, it cost you guys this election by a landslide.

      • Hoot Gibson

        Any bets “Drew” is both gay and liberal?

      • RightThinking1

        @disqus_81ihujp33M:disqus Well, see, that is what happens when you take an inane stand.

        • lainer51

          inane ???

          • RightThinking1

            inane – silly: irritatingly silly or time-wasting

      • rhodi

        Something she believes in..Fluke is a lesbian.

        • Bridgett

          Then why does she even need birth control???

          • Kevin Krom

            She doesn’t. She advocates for it specifically to attack the religious beliefs of a Catholic institution. If ti really mattered to her that much, there are other law schools she could have gone to – she chose Georgetown specifically to challenge it’s insurance policy.

          • Bridgett

            Thank Kevin Krom. That explains it then. I always thought she was a little long in the tooth to still be in college. Oh Well, how much haved you bid so far?? LOL

          • Bridgett


          • lainer51

            i asked them to pay ME…

          • lainer51

            it was a chance to get her 15 minutes of fame and kiss Barry’s ring… nothing more.

          • Bridgett

            So how much you getting? snicker

      • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

        so another woman bashing a slut is bad?
        being a slut is bad no matter the gender.

      • gekkobear

        So she took a stand for forcing someone else to pay for something she wanted with their money against their will.

        But women should stand in unity with a mugger because the mugger is a woman and therefore mugging is a noble cause?

        Sorry, why should women never disagree with other women? And given the bile directed at conservative women without claims like yours; why is it only liberal women who should never be dissented with unless you’re a bad woman?

        Sorry Drew, I don’t see any logical or rational argument in this comment; just idiocy to try to stop people from thinking about the position rationally and pushing for 100% emotional support as that all you can play for here.

      • wwbdinct

        Stacey Dash took a stand too. That worked out real well for her – from the multitude of women who spewed vile hatred and death threats toward her. Does that matter as well or are you just a hypocrite?

      • Penmar

        Wrong Drew, we are not bashing her for her message, we really don’t care who she sleeps with or how many times she sleeps around, what ticks us off is her thinking we should pay for it.

      • lainer51

        nothing sad about it, she stepped into the fugly political arena and whatever comes your way, you asked for… Do you feel as sorry for Brian Terry?

      • operanerd1986

        She took a stand for coercing her university to provide her with free contraceptives, even though it is a Catholic institution and cannot do that. She is a living embodiment of selfish entitlement.

      • http://twitter.com/Daisy761 Daisy76

        No, not bashing, just laughing at her. How can you not laugh at someone who does not seem to know irony? Anyway, she’s a big girl. She can take it.

      • Joseph Phillips

        Sigh. I thought gender didn’t matter? Where can I get a copy of the Liberal rules? Or are they made up in progress? I mean I get the first one – if you disagree with a conservative you just say “racist.” I’m lost on all the other rules.

      • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

        We disagree with women like her who want to depend on “Big Daddy” government for everything. We want to be, and are, independent and pay for our own needs and wants in life, and are not submissive little whimpering pools of estrogen and progesterone like her. It’s not just us women who object to her and her stances, it’s men too!

    • Lady 12

      Can you make a YouTube video of that?

    • Brian E.

      It’d be nice but unfortunately the auction is for an advice session of up to one hour by either phone or skype. Wonder who will decided when the session is over.

      • Penmar

        I would love to see a group of outspoken Republican Women giving Sandra Fluke advice.

        • joanc

          I’d like to give her something else, and it isn’t free, it comes with a punch!.

          • dmart81

            I hope it isn’t a donkey punch

        • Just Another Guy

          First piece of advice: Cross your legs.

          • Penmar

            Ha, good one.

      • lainer51

        it’s already over

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Ha! Classic!!!!

    • dmart81

      Please do and report back

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      Or it might give her an aneurysm because all the intelligent points brought up will overload her puny little brain, as well as the fact that not all women are weak and depend on the government for everything. DO IT!

  • Jim Cooper

    The worst part: GOP lost to this type of dribble. We must be doing something wrong because everyone I know laughs at the dems but they still win. The message ain’t getting thru.

    • Jack Deth

      Hi, Jim:

      Never underestimate the power of large numbers of stupid people.

      The DNC has them by the out of state bus loads. And Ms. Fluke, for whatever miniscule part she plays. Perpetuates, solidifies and swells those numbers

    • Hoot Gibson

      Take a look at the RINOs in Congress,,,already caving on taxes…that’s why these morons on the left win….the moderate wing of the GOP is gutless!

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      The unwashed, illiterate masses vote Democrat, remember? People that we don’t associate with.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

    Second prize: Two strategy sessions with Sandra Fluke

    • Joseph Phillips


  • JimmyNeutron

    Step one: Twitchy needs to have a “Homecoming” of users. Like a convention.

    Step two: We bid on Sandra Fluke, and put her on a panel and make her answer questions from the crowd.

    Be cautious – many times bringing in an “expert” has other costs – airfare, hotel room, etc. At least with Fluke we will not have to cover the cost of her birth control, but keep a close eye on the extras. Who’s in???

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    I’ll bid $100 if she promises to crawl back under the rock from where she came.

    • No Longer Amazed

      If you just want her to crawl under the covers, that’s free.

    • lainer51

      I’ll see your $100 and raise you $50

  • http://twitter.com/mnfe2 Lisa

    I am tempted to bid. My idea for a campaign? Impeach Obama! Let’s see her strategize on that one!

    • Lady 12

      Video it and put it on YouTube!!!

    • Penmar

      Good one, Lisa!

  • OurLivesMatterToo

    I’ll bid fifty bucks if she agrees to come to my house. Carpet needs some serious vacuuming and dusty bunnies are nesting under my bed.

  • TocksNedlog

    “you can use the TOOLS of activism”
    — Truer words have never been spoken.

  • TocksNedlog

    The first one of ya’s ta make a “WAM! Bam, thank ya ma’am” joke gits hisself casterated, see!

  • TonyMontana3

    ” Hey, that’s almost the number of people who attended her Reno “rally,” right? ”

    Hey, remember how you lost three weeks ago? Go ahead, make fun of her. You still lost. Heh.


    • No Longer Amazed

      The bizarre thing is that we know we lost and it hasn’t quite hit home with you – yet.
      You will be lucky if you make it another four years, Tony.

    • Penmar

      We may have lost this particular battle, Tony, but I can assure you we haven’t lost the war. 2/3 of the country is now in the hands of Republicans, know what that means, we are actually winning.

      • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

        You brought up fractions, that is math, and when you bring up math, you lose the O-bots like Tony. He won’t be able to comprehend your post now.

        • Penmar

          That is what is so nice about using fractions it confuses the libs to no end.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas


          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas


    • lainer51

      and WAY past 4 more years, we will still be making fun of Fluke – has nothing to do with Barry and the election.. she is just a joke that can’t be stifled.

    • CrashFroelich

      You’re living proof a public school education is a worthless indoctrination that produces uninformed, undiscerning obots who’d rather win an ideological victory than show compassion for their fellow citizens.

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      America lost, that means you lost too.

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Don’t you have a SEIU meeting to be at troll boy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.macolm.9 James Macolm

    It’s a strategy session with the reproductive queen. Ummm can I use that time to get her to go buy me condoms and then use the rest of it to tell me how to reproduce? (not with her… in general)

    • No Longer Amazed

      I am thankful she at least has enough brains left in her head to NOT reproduce herself. I suppose, in a roundabout way, free BC does serve a purpose in modern America…

  • HannahJK

    Her strategy is “We are weak women who need laws dictating we get free stuff”.

    • No Longer Amazed

      She is a 42 year old full-time student. Of course she needs free stuff.

      • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

        In 8 or less years she won’t need birth control anymore, she’ll be needing Premarin.

  • Hoot Gibson

    Is she offering a Lap Dance on the side?

    • No Longer Amazed

      Now that is a disturbing thought.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

      Could be worse. Fluke could try partnering up with Helen Thomas for the lap dance…

  • RightThinking1

    Required reading for the ‘session’: “Rules for Radicals”
    Bid price may be paid in condoms.

  • WordsOfWisdom82

    Next up…..Have Joe Biden take your SAT’s for $50 😉

    • joanc

      only if you want to fail.

  • http://twitter.com/El1iP3S01D El1iP3S01D


  • Liberal Hater

    How about you strategy me up a turkey samwich.

    • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

      It’s “sammich,” poser. 😉

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria


  • dwsmokin

    Looks like her 15 minutes are up.

  • Scott

    According to her testimony for birth control she won’t have much time to help anyone because she will be busy having sex.

  • michael s

    What do you call a woman who puts herself up for auction?

    • No Longer Amazed

      Enterprising or or foolish or a who…

    • Steve_J

      An attention grabbing slut?

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      A fluke.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Best part:

    “…From the beginning, Sandra Fluke has devoted her career to public interest advocacy…”


    • BorderLine Guy

      Oh, and the woman on the auction block is up to…$80!

    • KornKing

      Well of course. Translation for those not idiots:
      “Has never done anything productive in her life”

    • BeeKaaay

      She misspelled PUBIC :)

      • Lady_Clare

        Hilarious! Best laugh all day!

  • Deb Scott

    does she use her free birth control for those sessions?

  • syvyn11

    It’s been taken down. Shame, I wanted to ask her how she’ll get her free birth control when A) No one has a job, and B) No man would have her?

    • michael s

      The strange thing is she has a very wealthy fiance. Yet she puts herself up for auction.

      • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

        She likes variety. One man isn’t enough to satiate her ravenous appetites. And IF she has a wealthy fiance, why does she want tax payers to pay for her contraception, when he can do it for her? Any man worth anything will pay for the woman’s birth control that he is with.

  • Al_the_Fish

    From the auction site (now up to $80.00):

    “From the beginning, Sandra Fluke has devoted her career to public interest advocacy.”

    So she’s not really a student, she’s a professional victim.

  • DANEgerus

    What kind of slut can’t get a bid on a date? Tax payers already bought her birth control, she’s a sure thing guys!

  • Conrad2010

    I hope Fluke gets all the contraceptives she will ever need.
    Can’t help thinking her off spring will from the get go be
    as brain dead as she is.

  • einfal

    Wow, Sandra Fluke auction now at 110
    That’s enough for 12 pills at @Target Pharmacy + $2 for some gobstoppers

  • BeeKaaay

    “From the beginning, Sandra Fluke has devoted her career to PUBIC interest advocacy.”

    FIFY :)

  • Seewetoldu

    What a disgrace to women and America. Such a perfect fit for the Obama campaign.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Here’s the bad really news…..those few people shown in that Reno parking lot photo weren’t there to listen to or support “The Fluke.” They just wanted to know how much longer she was going to be because they wanted the parking space.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.perlsteinmizrachi Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

    btw for a laugh check the bid history, Fluke bid on herself 3 times until other people started bidding on he. https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/BidHistory.action;jsessionid=7n3K+9VdyKf6ZcOdjOsOjw**.app3?id=184126252

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.perlsteinmizrachi Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

      A. I’m unemployed
      B. I’ve done better as a bachelor at a charity auction.

    • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

      Oops. Looks like they scrubbed that embarrassing bit of information. Either that or their bid history has a really, really limited number of viewable entries.

  • CrashFroelich

    I attempted to post something that was quite naughty. It probably won’t get past the moderator. Too bad, twas funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

    tools…..harness….experience……one would think she would choose her words more carefully

  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

    you’ll get rally package 101, which includes:
    – how to ask the seven eleven manager to use the parking lot for the rally;
    – the correct way to drape the banner over the car;
    – captivating audiences of a half-dozen or more;
    – what to do when a former one-night stand shows up

  • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

    This auction is just damn funny: https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/Item.action?id=182618437

    “Sex or relationship advice from Jaclyn Friedman”

    Decisions, decisions…

    • Rosie

      I just browsed through all of the auctions and…well…I’d probably be laughing if they weren’t so sad.

      • http://www.shockandblog.com/ Jay McHue

        Did you notice how many were ridiculously marked as “priceless.”

  • HWGood

    Well, she’ll have her government supplied condoms for her “strategy sessions”.

  • lillymckim

    Tag Sale at the parking lot of Sack and Save, good grief give it up Fluke!
    Just apply for the ways and means committee job in the Obama WH you are a perfect fit.
    Obama is always in need of woman to throw under the bus!

  • http://www.rockingjamboree.com/ Russ Rogers

    I placed a bid. And I was outbid within an hour. I raised my bid, and I was outbid in seconds. Bidding is already well over $100, and the auction still has a week to go. How much does Sandra Fluke need to raise for twitchy to be impressed?

    Fluke’s media event in Nevada was covered by more media outlets than people who were in attendance! How does that happen? Seems like Ms. Fluke is extraordinarily media savvy. Oh yeah, Obama won and won Nevada in the process. I’m not saying that Sandra Fluke won the election for Obama. But her record speaks for itself. Go back and look at the list of Senate and Congressional candidates that Sandra Fluke worked with, campaigned for and endorsed, and you will find a list of WINNERS! It’s hard to argue with a record of success like that. Obama, Warren and Duckworth, the list goes on and on. And there were SEVERAL races that came down to the wire, like Ami Bera or Patrick Murphy. Could it be possible that the endorsement and efforts of Sandra Fluke in those very close races was enough to tip the scales in those candidate’s favor? I think so.

    So, go ahead, continue to denigrate and underestimate Sandra Fluke! But ask yourself why you are doing that? What is you political objective and is that helping? How has that worked out for Conservatives so far? Does that strategy have a record of “winning” or “losing”? Sandra Fluke is WINNING.

    • https://twitter.com/AlessaRosewater Maria

      I live in Nevada and Nevada is swarming with former Californians who will vote for any Democrat any time, and have since I moved here in 1993. So that’s not really saying much. Fluke had nothing to do with it as Nevada is full of Left Wingnuts. My local news didn’t cover her huge 10 person rally. LMAO

      Also, the reason why people started bidding is because they think a “strategy session” is code for pimping herself out. She may not be much to look at and all, but she’s in the media spotlight for now and the person who wins the bid can point at her on TV and say, “yeah I hit that!” and the other person will say, “You paid THAT much to hit THAT? Are you insane?”

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

      But ask yourself why you are doing that?

      It’s what she represents, Russ. For all her feminist chest puffing, she displays a child-like dependency on government and a sense of entitlement that would make an Obamaphone lady blush.

      As it stands, we’re about to enter a second recession, we’re still $16 trillion in the hole (growing by over $1 trillion every year), U6 is at 14.6%, the labor participation rate is at an all time low, Iran is about to get the Bomb, the euro and the dollar are about to collapse, and al Qaeda is still out there.

      When the shit hits the fan, nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to give two shits about this flash in the pan and her piddling “cause”.

      But, by all means, celebrate. Winter, after all, is coming…

  • CH

    Did I read the auction right? It was extended when it only got up to $110??

  • http://twitter.com/mishlar MishLar

    Strategy Session??? On what??? How many men you can s*****?

  • aelfheld

    Is the price of the motel room extra?