As Twitchy reported, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that IDF is “prepared for a significant expansion of operations.

Is a ground invasion imminent? Reports seem to indicate that option is on the table; The terrorist organization Hamas shows no signs of stopping.

Israel remains under heavy fire.

Heartbreaking. Reporters on the ground provide on-scene reports as well.

The Israeli town of Ashkelon is being hit.

A school. Like Netanyahu said, Hamas targets their children.

The Iron Dome continues to intercept some of the rockets, thankfully.

IDF continues to provide information via Twitter.

Twitchy will continue to monitor and will provide updates on any further developments.


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  • my preciousss!!

    c’mon benjamin! invade already.

  • TwitWit

    No one should have to sleep in bomb shelters in 2012. Islamic governments have no place in a peaceful world.

    • walterc

      Thanks to the 7th century cult of islam, it’s only the Israelis that are living in 2012. The gazans are still living in the dark ages.

  • Joe W.

    Bibi ought to do America a favor and aim one of his missiles towards Anderson Cooper’s hotel. Wolf Blitzer’s, too…

    • my preciousss!!


  • Fire and Adjust!

    The only strategic objective that can be met by firing unguided rockets into a civilian population, other than to kill, maim or terrorize, is to provoke Israel into a military response and then castigate Israel as the aggressors, thereby justifying (in the mind of pro-muslim groups) the assault on and destruction of Israel. Anyone who doesn’t see that Hamas is the true aggressor and is intentionally provoking Israel into war is willfully ignorant, spiteful, and just a culpable as those firing the rockets.

    • BeeKaaay

      Or they are a leftwingwacko which covers all of that.

  • $30423294

    Launching a missile FROM a school for the explicit purpose of eliciting counter strikes on the children is intrinsically evil.

    This is known as the method of human shields.

    If you are for the side that uses human shields, you are on the wrong side. No grey area here.

  • walterc

    I find it revealing that Hamas is fighting with inaccurate homemade bottle rockets, and Israel is responding with Iron Dome. Kind of gives you perspective on the two societies behind the fighting.

    • Bristel

      The Iron Dome is a defensive anti-missile system, it doesn’t fire attack missiles or rockets, only those that intercept incoming missiles, albeit somewhat inaccurately due to the nature of the rockets Hamas uses.

      Palestine has Iranian-made Fajr 5 missiles.

      Kinda makes Palestinian rockets not as “homemade” as you say they are.

      • walterc

        My point was the distinction between the technological state of each of these societies. While the palestinians (and most other muslims) have chosen to remain in the 7th century and resort to homemade rockets,suicide vests and car bombs the Israelis have achieved the ability to design and build something as sophisticated as Iron Dome. Made in Iran or Gaza, they are still just point in the general direction and hope they hit something you want to destroy bottle rockets. Often they land on their own people. Not quite as pinpoint accurate as Iron Dome is at deciding which is the biggest threat and intercepting those..

  • afvet4america

    Israel must protect her people. It’s that simple. Hamas should be run from Gaza by the people. Hamas has no regard for the life of the people in Gaza.

  • BeeKaaay

    You will NEVER hear about what good things Israel is doing and the school being attacked in Israel form the leftwingwacko media. Nazis roll that way.