Aww, little lapdog, Time and MSNBC’s Mark Halperin, is again stomping his paws. This time, over President Obama’s trip to Thailand.

You see, President Obama answered the latest 3 a.m. phone calls with one night in Bangkok. “Hard-hitting” questions and breathless cries of “historic” ensued.

Aww, he’s being upstaged by pesky Israel trying to, you know, defend itself, says Politico.

More from Politico:

Whether wise or unwise, the president’s groundbreaking visit to Burma — the centerpiece of his brief journey to Asia — is also being upstaged by the violence thousands of miles away in the Middle East.

The trip to Thailand, Burma and Cambodia had the potential to be a post-election, international victory lap for Obama, but will now take a more subdued tone as television and newspapers reporting on his visit do so alongside images of hospitals receiving casualties and families taking cover as rockets shower Israel and bombs rain down on Gaza.

Unreal. But, hey, President Obama made time to spare a moment for Israel.

But back to more important things! Like swooning and questions about Obama’s dinner plans!

Citizens, on the other hand, aren’t fetching their drool buckets.

They also call out Halperin for not only his swooning, but his nasty and completely biased “right-wing Freak Show” remark.

Indeed. Hey, Mark, how about doing your job instead of letting your petty and bitter bias show?


  • freeinaz

    The distractions from the MSM is amazing. There could be a fire at the white house causing severe damage to historical relics and the MSM would tout the amazing foresight of Obama for seeing there was a need to renovate the place.

    • MoxieLouise

      Even if the cause was discovered to be one of his cigarette butts flicked on the hand-hooked antique rug in the Oval Office…it would still be Bush’s fault.

      • hbnolikeee

        Well Bush didn’t fire proof the place, did he?

    • Ben Bollman

      At this point Obama could shoot a baby in the face on live TV and be praised by the MSM for his hardline stance on late term abortion

      • WisconsinPatriot

        So True……So True

        • Ben Bollman

          It is scary that I am only half joking, I can actually see them doing that

        • Ben Bollman

          It is scary that I am only half joking, I can actually see them doing that

      • lainer51

        good one!!!!!!

  • TugboatPhil

    Thailand? OK. It’s not like there anything that needs done here in the US!

    Just curious, did he go for the dogs or the other thing that middle aged men go to Thailand for?

    • killdozerd11R

      He’s taking a bang a little boy tour
      dog is just a cover story

    • hbnolikeee

      I hear they have some tasty Dog cuisine.

      • stuckinIL4now

        And some frog cuisine to go along with it–Frog’n’Dog, the Thai version of surf’n’turf.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Get Thai’d! You’re talking to a tourist
      Whose every move’s among the purest!!! [/sarc]

    • Slam1263

      I hear “The Chosen One” likes Kum of Some Yung Guy.

    • Slam1263

      I hear “The Chosen One” likes Kum of Some Yung Guy.

  • ohiogal65

    obama did the almost exact same tour in Asia last year why is he going there again? this is a waste of taxpayer money and of course diversion from Benghazi press from one network

  • jacksonjay

    Reminds me of when BangkokBarry was asked about his favorite player on his favorite team, the White Sox! “I like all those boys that play at “Cominsky” Park!”

    • Wigglesworth111

      I just said the same thing before reading your post. He is such a fraud!

  • Everybodys All American

    The funny thing about the right wing freak show commentary is that you are more than likely mocking your parents, grand parents, and many generations before you as well. None of the right wing as ever changed views on anything regarding social morals. So who is the freak?

  • Burt Zerker

    Obama is there to privately thank all theThai she-males and transvestites that voted by absentee ballot,… and sample someTom Kha Gai,….or vice versa.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Why are they (the LameStreamMedia) so excited by Der Dingleberry’s™ wind-breaking visit?

    Oh, yes. Lapdogs enjoy flatus-y winds of ill repute. Given that, one can certainly understand why he’s their hero.

    Does anyone know if The First Flatus-collector and the two burps went with them?

    I wonder how many new recipes for Spot they’ll bring back?

    And speaking of SpottieQwhy don’t the Obamaphants follow his lead on that? The ASPCA terminates them anyway.

    Instead of throwing them in the trash bin they could recoup expenditures by providing the WH with a few semi-s a day. At least they’d be appreciated at one of the Obamassiah’s fundraisers for some DumperCrat or another.

    And it would be one less reefer-trailer of $200/lb beef needed each morning for The First Appetite’s breakfast!

    And before people complain: yes, I know only one less tractor-trailer load of beef each day doesn’t signify– but it’s a start!

    Every little bit helps!

  • Jack Deth

    Mark Halperin?

    Mark Halperin?

    Isn’t he the socialist, bed wetting spawn of former Clinton State Department hack, Morton Halperin? Who denied Army Rangers the use of armor and Gunships during the Mogadishu/Black Hawk Down fiasco?

    Evidently, he and Warren Christopher didn’t want US forces ‘upsetting the locals’.

    Sound familiar?

    It’s absolutely fascinating and disgusting how incestuous the relationship between Cabinet members, hacks and the media has become!

    And yet, all three categories are flabbergasted that none are taken seriously!

  • stuckinIL4now

    Like Obamuh, the libturd slimestreamers mistakenly believe they have a mandate so now they’re emboldened to be slimier, stupider, meaner, more despicable and deeper in their mockery of the right and anybody else who doesn’t worship at the altar of Baraka and the Mooch. Just remember–what goes around comes around and karma is a b-witch.

    • Pater Tempus

      “Just remember–what goes around comes around and karma is a b-witch.”

      It is, indeed. Actually, Obama IS the karma you ‘baggers have earned from foisting George W. Bush upon us…

      • Garth Haycock

        As my 10 year old would say, “that’s so funny I forgot to laugh.”

      • lainer51

        I’m impressed – foisting is a REALLY big word for a lib.

      • Toqin

        Admit it Pater, you’re a cool young hipster, and or you actually promote socialism and now for some reason, like the rest of the liberals, side with obama and want to put daylight between us and them and you are now anti-Israel, or have you secretly always been? Where did this hatred come from?

  • Gallatin

    mark hasbeen the freak show only wants to know about one thing at the moment, Benghazi. Is obowmao doing something important in Thailand besides eating Thai food that you only seem to care about. Your tweet above is exactly why we don’t turn to you for journalism.

  • digitalPimple

    I just turned off and block all these people. They are not worth the time or energy. They are frauds. Not ethical or serious journalists, they are Teenbeat following “talent”.

  • Wigglesworth111

    He couldn’t even name a Thai dish. He had to say “I like it all.” Same deal when asked about his favorite Chicago White Sox player. He couldn’t give a name because he didn’t know any of them. What a fraud!

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      That’s b/c his favorite are the canine Smoothies.

      Give him of o’those after a hard day erasing strokes on The Links & you ain’t barking up the wrong tree!

      ObamaCuisine: the answer to pet overpopulation everywhere!

    • lainer51

      how about when he threw the “first pitch”?

      Isn’t lobbing only used in tennis?

  • Jim Denney

    I noticed several uses of the term “groundbreaking” trip. This begs the serious question all the JournOlistas seem to be missing … which one has the honor of replacing the presidents divots on this trip?

  • Brett McMicken

    tea girls warm and so sweet, some set up in the chris matthews suite

  • Steve_J

    He answered a 3 AM call in Bangkok? I have two words for him Peni Cillin.

    • lainer51

      I think Bubba answered that same call in 1996

  • Garth Haycock

    One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble. What will happen to a pampered little sissy-boy like Obama?

  • TheOriginalDonald

    The scume de la scume of the press world in a
    Show with everything but Major Garrett

  • medicinewomantwo

    Keep him.He’s our gift to you.

  • lainer51

    didn’t Halperin call Bare a dick last year? Must have gotten a good spanking for that one!

  • philomena

    Another sniveling snipe attached to Obama’s behind. Halperin and the rest of the lefty idiots who masquerade as the press need only to remain firmly at Obama’s behind, which is their usual position, long enough to figure out what his favorite dish is.

  • Toqin

    and the reason he is there is because…..?
    Looks like Hilary is with him, delaying testimony and waiting to get ALL info so she knows not to discredit anyone she likes.