Sigh. The peddling of lady parts continues.

As Twitchy reported, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today to deliver the oh-so-shocking news that she’s not stepping down as House minority leader. On the plus side, she committed a hilarious and epic flub: She said that Democrats “still have the gavel.” Whoops!

But, wait, there was more hilarity to be had at the press conference. Evidently, all that was missing in the lady parts peddle-fest was some Code Pink style vagina costumes.

Men have cooties; can’t even bear the sight of them! But what about their Man-God Obama? The Patriarchy ™ is totally fine, natch, so long as he pats you on the head and pays (or makes someone else pay) for your birth control. Poor, helpless dears!

When you lose CNN’s Dana Bash …

Then the ladies started booing a male reporter. Luke Russert dared to ask a pertinent question, rather than worshipping at the altar of lady parts. Thus, he’s sexist. And agist. And whatever other “ist” they can come up with.

Libs on Twitter also freaked out. How dare he treat Nancy Pelosi as he would any other politician. Doesn’t he know that “empowerment” means being treated as a delicate flower who surely can’t be held accountable for anything. She’s lucky she can hold a gavel, much less remember if she has one or not.

But, wait. Don’t Progressives of Pallor always criticize the GOP for being the party of old white people? What’s good for the goose, toots.

Luke Russert took to Twitter to explain his question, which was a good one.

Bingo! But, you know, facts don’t matter. They have gender identity politics to wage. You’ve come a long way, baby!

A happy warrior puts the faux-outrage in a hilarious, ageism-mocking nutshell.


  • Aaron

    Dear Twitchy — there’s not enough eye bleach to deal with all the Pelosi posts today. Please stop!!

    If not, could you at least post pictures of kittens or something instead of her mug?

  • Steve_J

    I hope they stay forever.

  • ricci

    perfect picture of feminisim………….the thing about feminist is it allows ugly women a chance to actually find a date

    • $21367552

      Yeah, and other obnoxious things like allowing ugly and beautiful women to vote, get a job, not be sexually assaulted without her assailants facing justice, oh the horrors!

      • Penmar

        You think women are the only ones to be sexually assaulted? You are sexist.

      • ZoriahShepard

        And yet other obnoxious things like the downfall of traditional America, abortion, teen pregnancy, single parent households, the emasculation of fathers, the divorce rate, the desecration of the institute of marriage…yeah. Feminism is just so great.

      • Lisa Dean

        @diakonon:disqus ~ what about the feminist meme of being self reliant and self sufficient? What about the feminist movement that was supposed to give equal pay to women? I do believe that Obama’s female staff are paid less than their male counterparts. Don’t just sight the sexual and reproductive rights, mention the economic rights as well. I’m sure the first feminists weren’t thinking of being taken care of by the government economically when they were fight for economic rights. Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony would probably cringe at the enslavement to the government that libs and so called “feminists” of today seem to openly accept and want.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      I think a woman who calls herself a feminist is too afraid to stand up as an actual person with her own point of view and confidence. They say they are being oppressed. But as a woman of 45, the only people who tried to make my decisions for me were so called “feminists”

    • ceemack

      I think it’s more about getting jobs than getting dates.

      Unless they’re the kind of “feminist” who wears a flannel shirt to The Huntress on a Saturday night…

  • $22091572

    Nancy cant peddle lady parts..but she can step on them ..

  • irishgirl91

    BOOM! Luke sweetie, you were liked and because of pappa you got respect beyond your years. Now, for half a second you were seared with the hate that the Dems usually reserve for Repubs. Let that be a lesson for you and don’t do that again.

    • TugboatPhil

      There isn’t a Democrat or Progressive on this planet that could endure the savagery they have thrown at Sarah Palin the last 5 years and keep the dignity that she has. So much for “empowering women”.

      It’s kind of nice to see one of their own get the shiite sammich for a change.

  • yahneverknow

    Seriously. What is with the multicolored wall of posse? Will we see one for the President’s press conference in 9 minutes?

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    reverse that and put a female reporter in there with all men. think about it. If we are all equal, (which we are), why do “feminist” have to constantly do to other people what they think has been done to them? I’m all for equal rights for everyone. Pelosi and these women in this picture obviously don’t care about the rights of the reporter. Equal rights are equal rights. Maybe Pelosi is too old to get it.

    • TugboatPhil

      Teresa, you would get the same if you just had the questioner be Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter too.

      In Nancy’s world, all women are equal, but some women are more equal than others.

      • hdonovan

        While all men treat each other with equal respect??

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          oh so that’s what feminism is?? the boys are not acting right so the girls won’t act right either?? OH……that’s why i’m not a feminist.

    • Thomas Collins

      ” If we are all equal, (which we are)…”

      The diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not less an insuperable obstacle to a uniformity of interests. The protection
      of these faculties is the first object of government. From the
      protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property,
      the possession of different degrees and kinds of property immediately
      results; Madison

      Liberty and equality are sworn enemies. Where liberty exists, inequality results.

  • Jack Deth

    I must not have gotten the memo.

    Who decided to have a Troll, Witches and Old Crone convention in DC?

    • TugboatPhil

      I watched a British TV show and part of the plot involved a film company shooting a period film of the Middle Ages. Many of the extras were townsfolk dressed for the part. Right before a scene, the Director shouts, “I need more Hags and Crones over here!”

      I thought of that when I saw the picture above.

      • Jack Deth


        I forgot all about the Hags!

        Good catch, Tug.

  • SwTk

    I never thought I would actually say these words. IM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT LADY PARTS. Its only a wet hole – it aint made of gold.

  • Thomas Collins

    “Men have cooties;”

    If you say so; just don’t google the etymology of the word.

    Pelosi’s dream of turning the house into another menopause manor, after the senate. We’ll see how a matriarchal society turns out. We really shouldn’t have old women making laws for men to follow. Healthy men stop listening to women when they’re about 14 or so.

    If you want to see matriarch in action, look at our inner cities, with70% of families light a father. Obama himself conceived out-of-wedlock, raised by his grandmother, is really a good example of what we have to look forward to.

    “Pelosi say she’s staying ‘in order to continue work empowering women’ “.

    Legislation cannot “empower” anyone, but it can curtail the power of some. So by cutting into the freedom of men, women may appear to have gained, but in fact, we’ve all lost. If women were “equals”, they wouldn’t need federal legislation to make it so.

    • hdonovan

      Tom Collins – is that your name or what you consumed in excess before writing this post?

      • Thomas Collins

        Yeah, I use my real name. Really intelligent response, yours.

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          tom collins………:) That’s my favorite cocktail…..go irish


    Pelosi will be a strong voice for protecting critical programs in this lame-duck session. It’s too bad the House still has the ineffective Boehner who has given every indication that he will carry on with the Cantor-Ryan-Boehner-led obstruction in the House, as in, “not going to raise taxes on the wealthiest.”

    I can’t understand why the GOPTea are still loyal to Grover “never-raise-taxes” Norquist, and their failed leaders like Boehner and McConnell. The House gained +5 Democratic seats and lost -4 GOPTea seats; the Senate stayed in a Democratic majority with a gain of +2 seats. I guess last Tuesday’s election has taught the GOPTea nothing? We shall see.

    Applaud House Dem leader Nancy Pelosi for staying true to her values.

    • Guest

      It’s cute when a liberal thinks he/she has something important to say.


        So unimportant that you had to reply? Haha! I must’ve struck a nerve…

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          doesn’t strike a nerve…just proves how utterly sad and lonely you are. Poor, poor man/woman.

    • Danny Meeker

      To the statist Democrats, compromise means, “agree to everything we say.” Just ask Harry Reid, who made it clear that the Dems had no intention of working with Romney had he won. This facade of innocence that the Obama-zombies perpetrate is so sickening.


        Welcome to President Obamas world…When Mitch said he would try to make him a one term president,do you think he was talking about working with the Pres.? NO NO NO

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          yes but poor sad one, the election is over and Harry Reid is still up there saying he won’t work with Republicans. I think he’s sad like you. I should pray for him too.

    • Cold War Grunt

      Yes, it taught us that the electorate is a well indoctrinated mob of people that prefer free stuff to freedom. That believe it is better to take than to work, and that are completely ignorant with regards to economics, constitutionalism, and for the most part are willing to just roll over and watch Honey Boo Boo while POTUS Obama sells us out to the Russians, and literally sells us to the government of China.

      We learned that the rule of law means nothing to democrats, and that funny business in polling locations is ok, as long as it is beneficial to liberals. We learned that you can accidentally leave a box of ballots in a warehouse in Florida, and that it is ok for a poll worker to try to tell a candidate for office that she has to fill in a column of boxes (the democrat column) in order for the machine to accept the ballot correctly. We learned a lot … believe me, we did.

      Any other silly questions?


        Awwww, still hurt over the elections?

        Stimulants first, then depressants people. Hydrate. Cleansing breaths. Avoid sugar. Follow the protocols. You’ll get through this

        Tough break, Mitt Romney! No one could’ve predicted that lying about everything would backfire

        • Cold War Grunt

          No, the election was held, the results tallied. Freedom lost to free stuff and economy killing Keynesian economics. You leveled emotive claims that can’t be supported. I supplied a few facts. I understand that facts are difficult for progressives to handle. You continue to prove your ignorance and your ability to engage in meaningful discourse on substantive matters relevant to the topic or the questions you raise.

          In other words, you are just another drone in service to a state that you don’t understand other than through their indoctrination (public school) and propaganda machine. The funny bit is most of you don’t realize that you are dealing with corporatist fascists, you think they are socialist that care for the little guy.

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            Please name one “Freedom lost” ?

          • Cold War Grunt

            The right to choose what type of insurance I carry based on my financial situations, needs and religious beliefs.

            Got any more silly questions?

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            Wow, you actually believe that? You must be a republican..If you have insurance, you get to keep it…
            What other lies do you believe? Obamas a Kenyan, a socialist, a muslim? Stop being so gullable…

            What the GOP learned from ObamaCare and Occupy Wall Street: Nominate the plutocrat who created ObamaCare!

          • Cold War Grunt

            No I don’t. I am not a registered anything. Cost out of my pocket for insurance has doubled. I am now forced with a plan that has services I will never use, and I can’t opt out to save money. I have had to change several prescription medications in use by myself and my wife because they will no longer be covered by our Rx plan. My employer has doubled my deductible in order to even be able to keep the entire company insured.

            And queue the line about the me working for conservatives, actually I work at company that is rather liberal, owned by liberals, run by liberals. And I’m ok with that, I like working here.

            Again with the talking points. The only person in this conversation believing the lies is you. I’m living the nightmare of $3500 less money to save or take a vacation or cover an unexpected expense next year due to the Health Insurance Law. It has nothing to do with Healthcare.

          • GEORGE_W_TUSH

            C’mon now, lets be honest for once…If it were called anything but Obamacare, you’d love it…Just pretend its Bushcare, or PalinCare and Im sure you won’t complain so much about something one of his greatest achievements..

            Republican healthcare policy: Life begins at conception and
            ends in the emergency room

          • Cold War Grunt

            You are amazing. No, I wouldn’t like it under any name.

            Is there a rational liberal on this site? I am afraid I know the answer. Life begins at conception, and ends when no effort on the part of man will keep that individual alive. Any effort to terminate that life on a whim, without cause is unjust, and immoral.

            Stop putting words into my virtual mouth. If you aren’t going to engage in a useful discussion, don’t engage.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            In any case they should have read it before they passed it. And you’re defending it and you haven’t read it either. That’s really sad. You are sad. Someone should pray for you, sad person. You are so angry at nothing you must be really pitiful. Poor sad person with no love for anyone. I will pray for you.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            you are soooo fired up but you or the tax lawyer can’t prove anything you are saying. All you can do is call people Republicans?? That’s a compliment coming from trash like you. You aren’t even living in the present with your little made up name. Why are you trolling here? Got no former presidents to blame the economy on, so you’re bored?
            and we learned from Occupy Wall Street: People too lazy to do any thing of use to make their country better sit on their asses and point fingers.

        • Cold War Grunt

          No, the election was held, the results tallied. Freedom lost to free stuff and economy killing Keynesian economics. You leveled emotive claims that can’t be supported. I supplied a few facts. I understand that facts are difficult for progressives to handle. You continue to prove your ignorance and your ability to engage in meaningful discourse on substantive matters relevant to the topic or the questions you raise.

          In other words, you are just another drone in service to a state that you don’t understand other than through their indoctrination (public school) and propaganda machine. The funny bit is most of you don’t realize that you are dealing with corporatist fascists, you think they are socialist that care for the little guy.

        • Cold War Grunt

          oh, and please substantiate your claim that Mitt Romney lied about everything. Gee — look at the week or so since the election, so far everything is going so well for POTUS Obama, right?.

      • hdonovan

        Hmm, or that well informed persons prefer truth to lies I for one work, and as a tax lawyer, have proven to know a tolerable amount about economics, the constitution, and the law. I also know a bitter loser when I read one.

        • Cold War Grunt

          Ah, yes, a tax lawyer. Please refute one of my statements above. You can’t … they are facts. So you go straight to the ad hominem attacks.

          The federal government has no authority, based in the Constitution to tell the public to buy a product from a private company and what that product must look like. This is exactly what they have done.

          The government said “its not a tax”, and yet the SCOTUS said it is a tax. A tax is a levy against income, not a product to be purchased.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      ummmmm what values is that?? it’s hard to pin them down on that isn’t it?

  • CombatDiver

    Feminists/Feminism…. How cute.

  • FreedomRecon

    When I listen to Pelosi, all I can think is did the surgeon miss and botox her brain?

    • Kevin T

      and she gave Obama advice, to which hairdresser to go, to dye his hair.

  • Tabitha Taylor

    The democrats are setting back the equality movements of women & minorities 50 years. Guess they’ve come full circle.

  • Eric Panknin

    Too bad they didn’t lock the doors and throw the keys away with all them in there.

  • Guest

    With Pelosi remaining as minority speaker, the problem isn’t that it doesn’t allow leadership to be younger. The problem is that is keeps the leadership to remain incredibly stupid.

    • Kenna Neel

      Younger = smarter. SMH. The PROBLEM is that Pelosi is the Speaker, the PROBLEM is Dems in control. And Pelosi will sit in that chair, and fondle that gavel with her eyes rolled back in her head with lust until someone pries her lying self out of it. Truth: younger = inexperienced, easily lead, easily fooled, easily manipulated historically ignorant, reluctantly teachable.

  • Danny Meeker

    ….and not one binder or brain cell amongst any of them. Cackle on, mother hens!

  • Paul C.

    If you like your job you WILL do this photo-op, Polosi

  • bizzy bea

    I was embarrassed when I saw how those women reacted. They just discredited themselves, and all women, with a stereotypical, female response.

  • Danny Meeker

    OMG, it’s Castle Anthrax…..RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!

  • judy w. miller

    Pelosi staying to feed her need 4 power.