’s Dana Loesch tweeted a picture of a sign hanging inside a local business last night. And it’s beautiful.

Of course, a wilfully ignorant Twitter user had to trot out the “but … but … roads!!” nonsense.

He was swiftly given the business.

Zing! Teachable moments are hard.

Kudos, Wood family! We wish you continued success. You built that.

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    OMG, the liberals are so, what’s the word I’m looking for?… I don’t know of one that fits, but it reminds me of the old” this is your brain on drugs commercial” well this is your brain on Obama, they’re like freaken sponges just soaking it up and soaking up almost repeating his talking points line by line.

    • Lisa Dean

      Exactly @kimberlyoneal:disqus ~ especially the one with the egg being dropped into the hot skillet. Liberals are all sizzle until it effects them then they turn into limp, shriveled eggs.

    • writer59

      Could “zombie” be the word you are looking for? Or “brainwashed”? Or “gullible”? Or maybe “incapable of independent thought”? “Lacking in basic reasoning skills”? “Groupthink”? “Fanatics”? “Incapable of dealing with reality”? “More concerned with a team win than with what’s best for the country”? “Willing to ignore almost any policy failure in order to get the 2008 tingle back”? “Willing to take words that exist for anyone to hear on tape and deny that they were said” (see Dave Summers below)? “Use the same criteria to vote for president that they use when casting their American Idol votes”?

      If none of those were what you were looking for, I have thousands more to offer.

      When a Republican politician screws up, most Republicans (ones in the public eye and average voters) admit that he or she has screwed up (witness George W. Bush’s approval ratings in 2008 and the number of Republicans who stayed home instead of voting for McCain because of disappointment with the party). But not Democrats. They won’t admit their failures, won’t hold their politician to any standard at all, just spin the failures and keep repeating the party line (it wasn’t perjury because it was only about sex). For most Republicans, it’s about country first, party second. For most Democrats, it’s party first, second, and third, then control over everyone else’s lives, then their pet causes, then the global village, and somewhere way down at the bottom of the list–America as a whole.

      • lalavz

        They are teaching them early in school. My son had to write an apology letter to his art teacher. I asked him why. What did you do? He said it was not me, there are three boys that always act up (I volunteer for his class and I know who they are) they were making noises when the teacher turned her back and so the WHOLE class had to write an apology. I asked him if his teacher knew it was just a few of the students and he said yes but the teacher said they are a team. They must all stick together. Ughh! Teaching them to follow the crowd and not think individually. Stand up and say I did nothing wrong and WILL NOT apologize. These kids will never learn to take responsibility for their own actions if they are not held accountable.

        • bicentennialguy

          I would have paid that lovely teacher a little visit.

      • TugboatPhil

        Bob Hope knew way back when.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        I think “monomaniac” is a particularly apt word.

      • L M Harms

        OMGOSH!! We are having the zombie apocalypse……..

    • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading


      • IBXNJ

        They are The Borg!!!

  • $129448

    Liberals are still so dumb

  • Stop Lying Dave!

    What do you call an intelligent leftist? Who knows, they don’t exist.

    • vphilly

      a new conservative who just woke up.

  • Calboy

    actually he never said anything about building businesses… watch the whole clip and not the faux version. that this continues to be a conservative mantra reinforces the belief that the conservative masses cannot for the life of them think for themselves. now flame away.

    • carla5731

      It’s worse if you watch the entire speech. Obama claims that businesses are mooching off of everyone else because they benefit from infrastructure that’s paid for via taxes. (Elizabeth Warren believes this as well.) The problem is that many municipalities rely on property taxes to fund infrastructure, and most business owners pay far more in property taxes than someone who only owns or rents a home and earns a salary.

      In the area where I have my business, I pay county real estate taxes on the property where I house my business, which is six times the size of my home. In addition to that, the county also taxes all of the equipment and vehicles my company owns. My taxes did “build that,” and I built my business too.

      When it comes to the economy, Obama is functionally illiterate.

      • Michelle Blackwell

        So did my taxes, and your neighbor’s taxes, and taxes paid by other people in the town/county/state which went to the government to “build that” so you didn’t do that part alone.

        • carla5731

          The difference is that I’ve overpaid for what I use. Businesses are subsidizing private citizens, not the other way around.

          And where was Elizabeth Warren when some of those kids that I “paid to educate” smashed my windows in the hopes of robbing me? She wasn’t there, the cops weren’t there and I had to pay for the repair myself. I think the school system owes me a refund. They’re not holding up their end of the bargain.

          • Michelle Blackwell

            Where were the business owners when it was discovered that their practices were destroying the land and killing people. I guess the

            Cuyahoga River lit itself on fire, and superfund sites exist naturally? Isn’t that the game? Privatize profits and socialize the aftermath?

          • carla5731

            What in my comment made you think that I support socializing the aftermath?

        • Maria Seeger

          Which comes first, business or government? In this case, the answer is easy…businesses came before government. Learn your history, Michelle. There would not even *be* a United States of America without people coming here from other parts of the world and establishing towns first. There had to be enough population to make sure the town could survive and enough businesses to provide the services necessary that the town would keep growing. Look at pictures of towns in the old West, for example. You’ll notice that in a lot of cases, there are no real roads, just a path that was created by people chopping down trees or driving over it with wagons. Roads came much much later *after* the townsfolk had enough of a population to form a municipal government.

          And speaking of infrastructure, where is the government infrastructure for the folks in Staten Island? Didn’t Our Fearless Leader promise to cut all the red tape so that the victims of Hurricane Sandy wouldn’t have to suffer too long, and that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the conditioins after Katrina? I mean, isn’t he supposed to be better than Bush? I note that it’s private citizens who are doing most of the heavy lifting on that one.

          • Michelle Blackwell

            Isn’t that what you want more personal responsibility, less government intrusion, more private involvement? I’m not sure why you aren’t dancing a jig at the perceived lack of response. You can see how that is working right now and it sounds like you want more government involvement.

          • Osbhaimta

            And if govt would get out of the way and allow private citizens to do the work, services would have been restored before now. I’m in Alabama. If a tree falls, we don’t wait for FEMa, we pull out a chain saw, cut it up and burn the wood for heat. Then cook over the fire and feed the people who helped clean up the mess. And we are going to keep taking care of ourselves in spite of the govt.

        • TugboatPhil

          In most parts of America, roads, towns and people resulted ecause a business was “there.” Mill towns, Quarry towns, mining towns, factory towns came about because that was where the work was. Most of the time the business built the road themselves and the state later took them over because of THE TAX REVENUE THE BUSINESS GENERATED.

          I know you think government bureaucrats can decide where cities should be and how people should live their lives, but it doesn’t work that way. If you truly believe it, go live in North Korea for a few years.

          • Michelle Blackwell

            SO, now it isn’t who built that but who was there first?

          • carla5731

            Nope. Just more proof that commerce is organic and does not need government infrastructure to thrive.

          • redheadgrl

            Yes. There were businesses in America before we even had a government.

        • Gallatin

          The problem is 47% of the people in this country pay no Federal Income Taxes—so to use the words of obowmao—“they didn’t build that.”

    • Lisa Dean

      @facebook-1434701258:disqus ~ I have watched the whole clip. He does mention building businesses…”Success is not a result of someone working hard or being smart. If you started a business you didn’t build that yourself. You had help from teachers, roads and bridges that were built, the internet, it didn’t invent itself”. Maybe you should watch the whole clip…

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        What do you think you’re doing? Trying to teach a Demonrat something? Good luck there.

    • writer59

      If my business’s success isn’t the result of my intelligence, risk-taking, hard work, and ambition and is only the product of the roads and bridges that lead to it, why doesn’t everyone have a successful business on those same roads and bridges that we share, Dave? How come everyone that had Miss Phillips as a teacher for math in eleventh grade doesn’t own a small business, Dave, since she is the reason I have mine? If I’m nothing special, Dave, how come I provide jobs for 250 people and you provide jobs for—I’m guessing zero. Why is there a Little League team wearing my business’s name on the back of their shirts instead of having “Dave Summers built this” above the numbers? Why are there college scholarships at the local high schools sponsored by my business instead of “The Dave Summers You Didn’t Build This” scholarship fund?

      You, Obama, and his other supporters have never understood that small businesses are the engine of this country and the way you fuel that engine is by encouraging existing small businesses to expand while convincing potential entrepreneurs that owning a small business is a worthy and admirable goal. Why would anyone even consider starting a small business or expanding an existing one when they have heard for four long years that business owners are greedy, unremarkable, and selfish? We’ve gone from a country where striving to accomplish The American Dream on any level was admired to one where achieving The American Scheme (scamming for food stamps, disability, welfare checks, etc) is now bragged about on social media. Congratulations!

      I built my business, Dave, long before Obama was elected to anything.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Yes. He did. YOU are the deluded one.

  • Michelle Blackwell

    So, because some people see the government as providing the environment that allows a business to flourish, without discounting the work the individual puts in, that makes them on drugs?

    The inability of people to see that, roads, police, FDIC, zoning, licensing and even health inspections all play a part in business and are generally government functions is surprising. Without those you wouldn’t be able to get your goods from vendors, feel safe to open a business our have consumer confidence that your product is safe.

    I’m not discounting the hard individual work that goes into the growth of a business, and in those difficult times it can feel like you’re all alone, but even then tax payers and government are providing these services upon which your business relies.

    • Hiraghm

      There were businesses before governments built roads or provided police, certainly before there was an FDIC and zoning, licensing and GOVERNMENT health inspections are negative for business.

      First came commerce, then came government.

      • Michelle Blackwell

        I’m sure you would frequent a place that refused to have its location inspected to make sure they are adhering to basic health practices.

        Ever hear of snake oil salesmen? They existed before the FDA. I wonder if you would allow a doctor to give you a drug whose manufacturer refused to submit their drug for FDA approval.

        • carla5731

          “I’m sure you would frequent a place that refused to have its location inspected to make sure they are adhering to basic health practices.”

          Have you ever traveled overseas? This is a common occurrence in many countries.

          There are lots of people who want experimental drugs made available to them before they’ve been FDA-approved. I even know several doctors who advocated keeping Vioxx on the market because its benefits outweighed its risks for most patients.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Over-regulation by the FDA is one reason drugs are so expensive.

        • Gallatin


        • Gallatin

          Could you possibly be referring to the useless, waste of tax dollars Health Department that inspects restaurants. Let’s see these ass clowns work Monday -Friday 8-5, weekends and holidays off. So I guess it’s okay to have shoddy food practices during the busiest meal periods of the week—Friday night and weekends.
          Please name one food borne outbreak that any government agency has ever prevented? I would prefer to leave my safety in the hands of the private sector, thank you.
          And last but not least I’ve eaten in a restaurant in a third world country, the food was good, and I did not get sick.

    • Maria Seeger

      That doesn’t discount the fact that YOUR President said: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own… if you have a business you didn’t build that”.

      And if you’re a student of history, and you study how the American frontier was built, you’ll discover that settlements which eventually became towns didn’t start out with roads. First, you had to have the General Store, the livery stable, the saloon and the hotel/restaurant. Roads didn’t get built until those businesses were up and running and there was enough population to pay the taxes to make the necessary improvements. Government didn’t come first. Businesses did.

    • TugboatPhil

      You do understand that of all those government service you listed, they are not all controlled by the federal government? There is many levels of government that all want to make regulations, some of which often contradict those of another level of government.

      Here’s the difference between our ways of thinking. We want to have a happy, free range goose that lays golden eggs all the time. You and Democrats want to take the goose, kill it and have a party for one night. Without that goose, there is no welfare state.

      • Michelle Blackwell

        Unfortunately, federal law and regulations trump everything, so where there is direct opposition you look to federal law. Things get a little hazy in the grey areas, like immigration, but once immigration reform is passed at the federal level, other immigration laws will be supplanted by the federal law.

        As for your goose slaughtering analogy, I seriously doubt you believe more than half the country wants to destroy it. The other 53% of the country just has a different idea on how to get things done.

    • carla5731

      Is there someplace I can get free zoning, permitting and licensing services? I pay for all of that on top of my taxes.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      They DID build that.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      *sigh* You’re putting the cart before the horse again. Tell me what business sprung up and thrived BECAUSE of a government regulation.

  • Hiraghm

    Good luck Wood family!
    And actually, the roads were built by contractors who were paid with taxpayer dollars.

    • TugboatPhil

      Exactly! There IS no federal department of “building stuff.”

      • Michael Hampton

        Then what do you call it when the infrastructure, such as bridges and freeways, need to be repaired? Who do you think does that? Are you willfully ignorant or just so desperately sad that you have to keep trotting out the dumbest lie from Romney’s failed campaign over and over?

        • carla5731

          According to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, “Almost all roads, bridges, airports and transit systems in the U.S. are owned by state and local governments or government-created agencies, which are responsible for constructing and maintaining them.” The federal government “actually owns very little of the nation’s transportation infrastructure-mainly roads in national parks and forests, Indian reservations, and military bases.”

          • Michael Hampton

            I’m sorry, did you say state and local GOVERNMENTS? Is that the word you used?

          • TugboatPhil

            GOVERNMENTS don’t build roads. Private construction companies do. Cities and States that patch potholes do so with small equipment that rarely makes the surface any better. It is too EXPENSIVE to keep around equipment that won’t be used all the time.

          • carla5731

            Here’s the original comment you replied to: “Exactly! There IS no federal department of “building stuff.”

            Perhaps you missed the word federal when you wrote, “Then what do you call it when the infrastructure, such as bridges and freeways, need to be repaired?”

            The state and local taxes I pay as a business owner are far in excess of what someone would pay if they just owned or rented a home and earned a salary. That money goes into roads, bridges, schools and hiring teachers and firefighters–all of the infrastructure Obama claims I didn’t build. Businesses are subsidizing private citizens, not the other way around.

          • Michael Hampton

            YOU didn’t build it. The government did. Please stop making yourself look even more ignorant. Your taxes go to the government who is in charge of the upkeep of those services. You are not involved in those decisions.

          • carla5731

            “You are not involved in those decisions.”

            Really? I thought we had a representative government and that I was allowed to voice my opinion on the public works projects that I’m paying for. I’ll agree with you on one point: the government is a paper-pushing middle man. They don’t do any real work, they just facilitate the transfer of funds from one private entity (taxpayers) to another (contractors).

            By the way, if everyone decided to stop paying their taxes, do you know who would fund the infrastructure? Private investors. In fact, they already own several roads in the area where I live. They were built, and are maintained, without interference from the public sector.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            I’m not disagreeing that maintaining and/or building roads is not a legitimate government function. But a road isn’t built for the purpose of erecting a restaurant on it. A road is built to run between two things that are there already. Unless maybe you are putting up a whole new development, either housing or a shopping center. And in that case, ya know what? The roads are being built privately.

          • Gallatin

            And the government shouldn’t be involved either.

        • TugboatPhil

          Tell me what FEDERAL Department maintains and uses heavy construction and paving equipment? What FEDERAL Department builds large buildings? NONE!

          They contract work to privately owned companies.

          • Michael Hampton

            The states get money from the federal government to maintain interstate highways and infrastructure.

          • TracyJean

            And where does that money come from? OUR taxes. The government only has money because we are forced to give it to them.

          • Gallatin

            And your point might be?

        • Gallatin

          And it is way past time that the Federal Government got out of the infrastructure business.

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Largely correct, at least with regard to roads built as part of subdivisions or developments. In other cases, especially out here in very old parts of New England, roads grew naturally, and maybe later were paved and maintained by local government. Ben Franklin describes how in parts of Philadelphia, all the shops on a street would chip in and take turns making sure the street got swept up or repaired — they DID build it!

  • digitalPimple


  • Moose

    Here’s an irony that nobodies thought of yet.

    If the roads didn’t get built, the government wouldn’t be able to collect the taxes from anywhere moderately outside the city cause the tax collectors couldn’t get there.

  • Drea

    I was having a “discussion” about tax increases for the wealthy with a client of mine who happened to work on the Obama campaign. I was telling her that it’s not smart to put extra strain on the people who create the jobs in this country. FYI, I’m a hairstylist, not a business owner. She says back sheepishly, “but they got rich off the backs of poor people.” I had nothing else to say after that because it was plain to see that she had been indoctrinated with divisiveness and lies. Still makes me sick to think about it!

    • carla5731

      Next time ask why she won’t invest her money in opening a business in Detroit or some other part of the country that needs good jobs. She could employ people and improve their lives that way.

      Democrats are lazy. They want the government to take up their slack and they assuage their guilt with taxes.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Actually, most of the time, roads were already there. Sometimes the town or the state came along and paved them, but they were there already. The Federal interstate system is the only road system which was a Federal project from the start, and that killed as many businesses as it created. Of course, that wasn’t its purpose so I agree that’s not a fair charge to level at it, but it is true.

    Also, whenever a new housing development goes up, it is the contractor who is building the roads, not the town.

    Take back a bit — the Federal government did start the Post Roads too, going back to earliest days. Obviously, those were in service of a Constitutionally mandated government function.

  • FreedomRecon

    So there were no businesses until after 1776? I guess from 1492 until our government was created no one worked.

  • Josephine (D)

    This is an orchard in SE Michigan; Mom and I passed it going up to Detroit to visit Grandma a couple months ago. I don’t know if they still have the sign captioned like this, but it was awesome. The account is my Mom’s, BTW.

  • Sistervative

    It seems the key factor linking all liberals together are their lack of common sense, reality, and just plain old sanity. Their secondary linkage is their desire for government to handle (pay for) everything for them. They do not understand ownership, responsibility and good old fashion hard work.

    • TugboatPhil

      They believe that the government “makes” (not prints) money.

  • BorderLine Guy

    Looks like Seth pussed out and deleted his tweets.

  • irishgirl91

    This has been my #1 concern with the young (and judging by his twitter pix. the not-so-young). They don’t think anything through to it’s logical end, they just regurge. stuff they hear on Maher or the Daily Show. What about the roads? Business didn’t exist before roads? How did the gov’t get the money for roads? They don’t understand what gov’t is and what is exist for.

  • Ironhawk86

    Glad to see CBS’s college basketball commentators are as retarded as ever. Did this tweet come before or after a puff piece on what a clean program John Callipari supposedly runs?

    • carla5731

      Gotta love his tagline: “Everybody is entitled to my opinion.” Yeah, as if that’s worth anything.

      • Hiraghm

        THAT PLAGIARIST! I used to say that, decades ago…

  • WVS

    Still haven’t figured out why basic infrastructure means that we all owe our entire life’s work to the government. The roads, the bridges, the educational system (if it can still be called that)–those things are there for everyone’s use. That’s why we all pay our share of taxes. Just because some entrepreneur took advantage of them in a way you didn’t doesn’t make him indebted to you. Yes, businesses need roads to make profits. But don’t you need them just as much? You need them to get to work, if you’re so fortunate. You need them for access to goods. And guess what? You need those mean old businesses to do well, too. Because if they don’t, jobs go away. That’s happening now, and libs refuse to see reality. They actually have themselves convinced that businesses are laying off workers in revenge. Pathetic. Businesses in the Obama economy don’t have the luxury of playing petty games with their bottom lines.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    why hasn’t this argument died it’s ugly death yet? i hate stupid people…

  • Skinnythia

    If you look closely on the machinery of the paving equipment that are doing the road work, they will tell you the various companies from which they come from. I haven’t seen one yet that says ‘Government’. Maybe you have. This is our country at work. Not our government. It has taken all of us to create what we have as an economy, so we don’t have to provide everything for ourselves. But, we do step out on our own and build businesses without the government much of the time. We take control of our own destiny. If it flops, we are to deal with it. If it succeeds, we rejoice and profit. The current administration does not understand economics, and it seems many on the democratic side. They need to actually try to build a business from scratch. It would be a good lesson.

  • mkreider

    If we actually thought like liberals…we would still be hovering in caves waiting for someone to build the wheel. People do actually do things without or in spite of the government. I guess there will always be people that do not invent or build, they become the “julias”..

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Got to love Mrs. Loesch!!!