As Twitchy reported, sicko Chris Matthews hailed devastating and fatal Hurricane Sandy because he thought it helped Obama win re-election. What are lives lost when Obama has an election to win, huh, Mr. Tingles? He tried to backpedal on Twitter and then issued an on-air apology last night. Fox News’ Janice Dean, who lives in an area affected by the hurricane, isn’t giving him a pass. And rightly so. Earlier, she called him out for his insensitive remarks.

Insensitive is quite generous. We would go with soulless and cretinous. But that’s just us.

This Twitter user is also continuing to hold his ghoulish feet to the fire, and calls upon him to put his money, or his time, where his mouth is.

Indeed. Your move, Matthews.

  • digitalPimple


  • SansMercy

    He’ll probably go and work, but he’ll blame the right for making him do it.

  • Scott

    How very racial of y’all for expecting that jackass to do anything POSITIVE for someone other than himself or his BFF therock obammy . Shame on you for picking on tingles like that.

  • edward cropper

    check my blog for MATHEWS as he really is.

  • MmeBB

    Let’s push this! It will benefit those in need and might make him watch his mouth!?!

  • TocksNedlog

    If anyone in the affected area stops by the Irish pub, first round is on Chris!

  • Garth Haycock

    Folks, we all know that Chris Matthews won’t give a dime, nor will he lift a finger to help those who have felt the wrath of Sandy. He’s a liberal. He’s generous with others’ money, but will go to his grave hording his own.

  • JGMZ

    Matthews needs to get out of the beltway bubble and see how America really is. He has no idea how people really live and his comment proves this.

    NBC needs to send him on special assignment as a punishment for such a horrific comment.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Fact him.

  • Donna W

    “goulish feet to the fire”…I know this subject is not funny, but I can’t stop laughing at the visuals.
    He is truely one of the worst Trolls on earth – I thought Bill Maher had the title, but Matthews stripped it from Maher.
    Mr. Tingles Troll fits him very well – gouhlish feet and all 😉

    (By the way, Mr. Tingles Troll should be put on air broadcasting during the next SuperStorm that comes along. Or if a volcano erupts – he could stand on the edge and let us know how it’s goin.)

  • KefkaPelazzo

    and Maddow nodded affirmatively when he said it, yet another window into the husk of a disturbed, soul-less automaton.

    • Matt Robinson

      i thought maddow was the one that said “uhhh..uhhh no chris” which brought about the bs “in a political sense of course” remark. the only moment i pondered considering maddow a real american. should have known that couldnt have been true…

  • Socal71

    For once Matthews was speaking 100% uncensored about what he believed. So why all the outrage? We all knew what he said was true. Liberals were happy as a pig in sh$t for that storm. The storm “did” weigh in with voters and Christie’s praise helped to sway support to Obama. Exit polls “which are actual polls or fact” showed this.

    Karma is a bitch for New York and New Jersey. This is the President you voted for so shut up, stop whining and either die or get on with your miserable lives. The rest of us need our money to make it through the next 4 years.